Best Cellulite Creams & Skin Tightening Treatments to Firm Your Body (That Work)

What’s the worst look in the world? Having your bumps and lumps out for the entire world to see – even through your tight jeans! We hope this hasn’t happened to you, and if it has, then you know how crucial it is to have a premium cellulite treatment cream on your side! If you’re still searching the market for one, we’ve got ’em lined up and waiting for you right here!

What exactly is cellulite? Do stretch marks have anything to do with it? Plus, why are all the muscle relaxant qualities necessary? We’ll answer all of your questions and more in our Buying Guide.

From gels and creams to advanced formulas and luxurious ingredients, our line-up will offer only the most effective & highly rated anti cellulite cream for you! They’ve been used and abused, tried and tested, and dabbed on and slathered on.

Now let’s get to the cellulite cream reviews to get shopping today!

Our Top 5 Best Cellulite Creams

Majestic Pure Anti Cellulite Hot Cream Review

Majestic Pure Anti Cellulite Hot CreamWhat’s the best excuse to buy an anti cellulite hot cream? You can get someone else to rub it in! The Majestic Pure Anti Cellulite Hot Cream qualifies as one of those!

The large, pump dispenser, 9 ounce bottle practically contains liquid gold. It’s a cellulite and muscle treatment that gets two jobs done in one!

After a long day at work or a tough routine at the gym, your muscles are probably aching and begging for relief. Grab your hubby and get him to take a minute to rub in the powerful and active blend of Peppermint, Pine, Chamomile, and Eucalyptus essential oils for instant, hot, and soothing relief.

The pure hot cream has an 87 percent organic mixture. Appropriate for the entire body, it minimizes the appearance of cellulite, firms and tones skin, and relieves tight and aching muscles.

Made without harsh chemicals, parabens, and artificial colors, it’s an excellent, natural massage cream to keep on hand.

For more cellulite-fighting benefits, it’s also chock-full of anti cellulite oils such as Grapefruit, Rosemary, and Juniper!

If you’re ready for some 2-in-1 action, it’s time to grab your partner and get it on! – suggestive pun totally intended!

Main Benefits:

  • Chemical-free
  • 9 oz
  • Hot formula
  • 2-in-1 benefits
  • Anti cellulite

Main Drawbacks:

  • Not for use with skin disorders

Customer Reviews

Female users of the Majestic Pure Anti Cellulite Hot Cream love the skin firming qualities! Reviewers say they can see and even feel a noticeable difference after a few treatments. Guys love the hot cream for their aching muscles! The 2-in-1 formula is a win-win for both men and women!

But, the tingling and hot sensations may not be for you, especially if you have eczema, dermatitis, and surface skin injuries.

However, if your belly, thighs, and booty are the targets, you shouldn’t really have any problems there – just tight skin that feels good!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

What does the Majestic Pure Anti Cellulite Hot Cream Smell Like?

It has a strong herbal/medicated smell similar to that of other muscle pain products.

Is the Hot Cream Vegan?

Yes! It’s cruelty free and completely safe for vegans.

Does the Majestic Pure Hot Cream Contain Alcohol or Caffeine?

While the hot cream doesn’t contain caffeine, it does contain a small amount of alcohol.

How do I use the Hot Cream for Cellulite?

Apply the hot jelly to the target area twice a day for maximum absorption, fat cell breakdown, and firmer and toned skin.

Where Should the Cellulite Cream Not be Used?

It shouldn’t used on sensitive skin with dermatitis, eczema, and skin injuries such as acne and breakouts. You should also avoid the eye area, mucus membranes, ears, genitals, nose, and mouth.

Majestic Pure Anti Cellulite Hot Cream Features:

  • Tingly
  • Relaxing
  • Made in USA
  • Pump dispenser
  • Cruelty-free

Luxe Spa Formula № 33 Review

Luxe Spa Formula 33 If you’re an avid fan of the modeling runway or you’re an addict of the Miss Universe beauty pageant, then you will want to get your hands on what the pros use!

The Luxe Spa Formula № 33 is your award-winning cellulite removal cream and a best seller in 2016!

This anti-cellulite cream needs only an eight week dedication from you, but results can often be seen much sooner! So if you’re prepping for that body-building meet, then you better get rubbin’!

If you’re not so quick to bare your skin, a mom or a dad that wants to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars, this product is also ideal for you!

Its natural formula contains naturally-sourced Caffeine, Retinol, Organic and Pure Persea Patissima, Organic Seaweed, and 10 Organic and Pure Essential Oils!

It doesn’t stop here. The proprietary formula is also reinforced with Vitamins A, C, and E, and it also includes antioxidants, carotene, squatene, and essential fatty acids – incredible!

The Spa Formula is cruelty-free, alcohol free, and handmade. With no artificial ingredients, the organic fragrance can smell, soothe, and penetrate deep without consequence!

Main Benefits:

  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • Contains Caffeine
  • Contains Retinol
  • Clinically-proven results
  • Award-winning formula

Main Drawbacks:

  • Price

Customer Reviews

The Luxe Spa Formula № 33 is clinically-proven to work! Some before and after pics will blow you away!

Users love that it can practically work miracles on aged skin! The results are undeniable – that’s why it used to be a product that was exclusive to only dermatologist and physician-based medical spas. Now, you can have access to the glorified cellulite firming cream!

Boy is it expensive! For only 8 ounces, it sure has a heifer price tag! But, after being called a “miracle in a bottle” by many users, it more than pays for itself!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

How Long does one Bottle of the Luxe Spa Formula № 33 Last?

This really depends on how much of the body you intend to use it for. A size 14 user treating stomach and rear will use more than a size 6 user treating the neck.

If you’re wanting to treat most parts of the body, you will need at least a few bottles for the recommended eight weeks of use.

Are there Larger Size Options Available?

This is the 8 ounce product, but there is also the 16 ounce and 32 ounce pump dispenser bottles available.

Can the Luxe Spa Formula be used on the Breasts for Stretch Marks?

While users have reported excellent results for this area and this concern, it’s not entirely recommended by Luxe Spa Formulas. The product is highly concentrated with naturally-sourced caffeine, but they do state it’s your judgement call.

Is Continued Use Mandatory after the Recommended 8 Weeks?

Nothing is permanent, and that goes for surgery too. However, after the 8 week period, you can continue to maintain your results with the cream. It’s often incorporated into users’ daily skin care regimen.

Are there other Special Instructions for use of the Formula № 33?

Luxe Spa Formulas recommends exfoliation while in the shower 3-5 times a week. The cream should be applied twice daily in upward motions.

Luxe Spa Formula № 33 Features:

  • Fast results
  • Non comedogenic organic oils
  • Spa-like scent
  • Scar reduction remedy
  • Size options
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ReduxCell Paris Anti-Cellulite Gel Review

ReduxCell Paris Anti-Cellulite Gel Are you looking for a miracle cream that can enhance your fat-burning workouts? Well, you’ve found it! The ReduxCell Paris Anti-Cellulite Gel is more than just a cellulite cream that works!

The 4 ounce bottle of body slimming caffeine gel says it can help you to lose one inch of belly fat in one hour! If you just raised your eyebrows, here’s how it works.

The main active ingredient is caffeine that stimulates the lymphatic system to drain itself of toxins, accumulated fat, and unnecessary substances that cause you to dimple – and not the cute kind of dimpling.

By reducing water retention in the body, your skin will appear smoother and firmer. This is where the cellulite caffeine cream qualities step in to strengthen connective tissue, tighten and firm skin, and repair and restore elasticity!

Moving away from the formal chemistry lesson here, it’s also made with Hyaluronic Acid, Sea Grape, and various natural extracts to really get your skin into shape!

It’s odorless, non-sticky, and cooling. But, you really need to pay attention to the special instructions if you want to see any real results. Are you ready to slim down?

Main Benefits:

  • Active caffeine
  • Cellulite remover
  • Stimulates draining lymph systems
  • Reduces water retention
  • Vegan

Main Drawbacks:

  • Special directions

Customer Reviews

Users love to incorporate the ReduxCell Paris Anti-Cellulite Gel into their workout routines to help slim down and drop a size or two – everyone knows a gel isn’t going to produce overnight weight loss alone! They also love the cellulite removal results, even on tough areas like the thighs and buttocks.

But, the special directions can be time consuming and may be a deterrent to those with a busy lifestyle.

However, if it means 15 minutes of down time to get rid of your dimples, it’s really a small compromise!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

What are the Special Directions for use of the ReduxCell Paris Anti-Cellulite Gel?

When massaging, the treated areas must remain straight and massage must be consistent for 15 minutes without stopping. You also cannot drink any liquids for one hour after application.

Massage motions must be in circles in up and then downward rotations with thumbs applying pressure.

Does the Paris Anti-Cellulite Gel Provide Long-Lasting Results?

The results are only as good as your diet and consistent use of the gel.

Can the Anti-Cellulite Gel be used on the Neck?

It’s not recommended. The only recommended areas of use are the legs, arms, buttocks, and belly.

Does it really Help you to Lose Belly Inches?

While they say it does, it also states that results will vary. You should be incorporating a healthy diet and exercise regime to maximize results.

ReduxCell Paris Anti-Cellulite Gel Features:

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Pure Body Naturals Organic Cellulite Cream Review

Pure Body Naturals Organic Cellulite Cream If you’re zealous and you want every skin benefit in one product, then the Pure Body Naturals Organic Cellulite Cream won’t disappoint!

It’s a dedicated cellulite reduction cream, skin toning cream, slimming gel, and a deep muscle relaxation cream! All this in one 8.8 ounce jar!

Juniper, Sweet Basil, Rosemary, and Cinnamon oils create a powerful blend to make the best cream for cellulite! Rippled legs, a dimpled butt, and lined bellies will be a thing of the past.

If your body is aching for some attention, then give it some – in abundance! The anti-cellulite cream is also a hot cream to provide instant and deep relief to your body.

This 20 minute therapy jar is like bringing the spa home to you! It contains awesome and well-known ingredients such as Aloe Extract, Spearmint, Lemongrass, Pink Grapefruit, and even Vitamins A and C!

Staying competitive in the beauty and cosmetic industry, it has an 87 percent organic formula supplemented with very few other ingredients.

If you want it all, you can have it all! With a great price, it’s that much easier to get!

Main Benefits:

  • 87% organic
  • Natural ingredients
  • Hot cream
  • 8.8 oz
  • Price

Main Drawbacks:

  • Warming

Customer Reviews

The Pure Body Naturals Organic Cellulite Cream is a very popular product with users numbering into the thousands – that’s why it’s a best seller product! Users even say they’ve seen results after just one use! The price point couldn’t be better too.

However, users do warn if you use too much gel, it can get hot! Don’t overdo it is our advice, but at least you know it works right?

Popular Questions (and Answers)

Is the Sensations of the Organic Cellulite Cream Warming or Cooling?

The answer varies between users. Some say it has a cooling effect and others say it’s warming. But, both types of users say it definitely relives muscle pain.

What does the Pure Body Naturals Cream Smell like?

Many reviews report it has a pleasant smell that’s not strong or overwhelming. It has a whiff of essential oils that would remind you of a spa. This is refreshing for many users who don’t want to smell like an 80 year old arthritic.

What if I miss a few days of Application?

No need to worry! After consistent use, the results are long-lasting. If you forget a few days, cellulite won’t return immediately, but get back into the swing of things and you’ll maintain your dimple-free complexion.

Can the Naturals Organic Cream be used all over the Body?

Please don’t use the hot cream on areas with eczema, psoriasis, or skin irritations. Also, don’t use it on or near mucus membranes, around the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and genitals.

Will this make my Skin Sensitive?

You will have to spot test first with the hot cream before full applications to ensure you can tolerate the product safely.

Pure Body Naturals Organic Cellulite Cream Features:

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Body Merry Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream Review

Body Merry Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream If you’ve seen similar products on the market, then they’re what you would call “copy cats.” The Body Merry Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream is the O.G. product with a one-of-a-kind formula for treating everything from cellulite to cellulite!

You read that right, it’s specifically designed to target those ripples and dimples and nothing else. With that in mind, you can be sure the focus is right where it needs to be.

It works its alchemy magic with carefully-selected ingredients like Caffeine, Retinol, three types of Seaweed, Cayenne, Aloe, and Green Tea!

The 4 ounce jar offers up a gel-cream that’s lightweight and glides smoothly onto the body – no other retinol cream for cellulite can come close to comparing!

The Body Merry Cellulite Cream incorporates a customized blend of organic and natural ingredients to create a formula that can’t be duplicated. It’s why it’s been coined the “Holy Grail of Cellulite Creams!”

Fast results are expected when you help it along with diet and exercise – even seen in as little as a week! If you want a tight booty, trim bod’, and ripple-free thighs, Body Merry is one-of-a-kind!

Main Benefits:

  • Organic ingredients
  • Natural
  • Anti cellulite cream
  • Proprietary formula
  • Contains retinol and caffeine

Main Drawbacks:

  • 4 oz

Customer Reviews

The Body Merry Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream is a massive success among its users! Results are fast, skin firming and toning is noticeable, and it glides on easily.

But, there are complaints of the small jar and this might have legitimacy. While it can be long-lasting, if you’re treating multiple areas, you will need to purchase often to keep up with your skincare regimen.

However, if you’re getting results, why are you complaining?

Popular Questions (and Answers)

What are the Typical Results of the Body Merry Cellulite Cream?

Most users see results within three days. However, it’s a generality that a cellulite removal cream should be used for a period of 8 weeks before full results can be seen.

You should note that when you cease use of the product, cellulite may return.

Should a Regular Moisturizer be Used After the Gel-Cream?

It’s not necessary to use a follow-up moisturizer. The gel-cream provides moisturizing benefits.

What is the Consistency of the Body Merry Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream?

The gel-cream has a sort of runny-gel consistency. This is normal.

What is the Percentage of the Retinol?

It contains 0.4 percent of retinol.

What is the Percentage of the Caffeine?

It contains 3 percent caffeine.

Body Merry Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream Features:

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Which is the Best Cellulite Cream for You?

How do you know which ones actually work? How do you part with your hard-earned cash on something that could be a scam? Well, if you’re here, you won’t have to worry about either of those things.

We’ve only considered the best products – a cellulite cream that works! From our awesome line-up, we’ll help you filter out which one is meant to be in your bathroom sooner than later.

Enhance Your Weight Loss Efforts...

Without being suckered into wild claims, there are creams that can help you to get rid of cellulite and lose some belly inches too! One such caffeine cellulite cream is the ReduxCell Paris Anti-Cellulite Gel! While you may be skeptical, it seems it’s wildly popular for those who are already active and well on their way to weight loss!

Get Your Caffeine Fix Here...

If you’re looking for a cellulite cream with caffeine, the Body Merry Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream will bring a smile to your face. It’s also a retinol cream for cellulite, so you know it’s filled with all the good stuff! Highly popular, highly effective, and in high demand! Don’t let your dimples miss out on this organic and natural gel-cream – you might be sorry.

For the Guys...

If cellulite is on your mind but you’d rather not admit it, then the Majestic Pure Anti Cellulite Hot Cream is your perfect excuse! Since it’s an excellent muscle relaxant for your aching body, you don’t have to tell a soul that you’re really trying to beat your booty dimples. If you get caught, it’s for your muscles right?


If you’re strapped for cash but you still want the best anti cellulite cream you can afford, the Pure Body Naturals Organic Cellulite Cream is it! You’re getting a large bottle for the price and a little goes a long way. Plus, you get some bonus benefits in there too.

Our Top Pick...

Our top pick is definitely going to be the one that has proven its worth, the Luxe Spa Formula № 33! There’s no getting around the price, but it does pay for itself. If getting rid of those dimples, minimizing scars and stretchmarks, and tightening your skin is worth anything to you, you’ll be writing a check for this cream right now! Because it really is efficacious, it’s got our full support and full recommendation behind it!

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Cellulite Cream Buying Guide

Cellulite vs Stretchmarks

Is it cellulite or stretchmarks? It’s the same thing right? Wrong! While you might be baffled by the two, since they are different, they have one thing in common – they destroy and eat your self-esteem and confidence in one bite! Here’s how to identify the two.

Cellulite Signs and Symptoms:

Cellulite Causes

It might be embarrassing, but cellulite occurs because of fat deposits right under the skin. When it’s placed there, the connective tissue expands and pushes up. This is why it takes on a dimply, orange-peel appearance. Let us get something straight – it’s not always because you’re fat! Fat deposits accumulate here and occurs because of your metabolic processes, hormonal changes, and your lifestyle choices.

Stretchmarks Signs and Symptoms:

Stretchmarks Causes

Rapid skin stretching is the cause of stretchmarks. Pregnant women, body builders, and those who have lost a ton of weight are all familiar with these ever-present lines. When overstretching occurs, collagen production is inhibited causing a loss of elasticity. This can also happen during puberty as well.

While both skin marks are not cause for medical concern, they can be a cause for immediate distress – to your self-esteem that is! While there’s not a cure for either of them, there are ways to help minimize their appearance and also lifestyle changes to prevent and even improve your condition.

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Cellulite Myths or Truths?

Slim and fit women don't get cellulite!

True or false? This is a big fat lie, and even slim and fit women can get cottage-cheese thighs! The truth is, almost 90 percent of women deal with cellulite at some point in their lives.

Men don't get cellulite.

Another lie. While cellulite is more common among women, men can occasionally deal with cellulite too. The common causes, hormonal imbalances, and metabolic changes are all likely to plague men as well. In fact, about 10 percent of men will deal with cellulite.

Toxins cause cellulite.

Lie. Many over-the-counter cellulite remedies often market their products to remove toxins from the body helping to eliminate cellulite. While the removal of toxins and other waste is helpful for your overall well-being, it really has nothing to do with fat deposits that have weakened connective tissue and made their way to the surface.

If you’re opting for one of these cellulite removal creams, ensure you’re adapting your lifestyle to help minimize the appearance of them.

Aging makes cellulite worse.

Sadly, this is a truth. When women age, less estrogen is produced which means less circulation. With poor circulation, not enough new collagen is produced to repair and replace the already broken-down, older connective tissue.

It's in your genes.

True. If you have a family history of cellulite, then you’re more likely to get them too! But, don’t stress too much since exercise, a healthy diet, and a healthy weight can help to ward off severe cellulite.

Exercise can cure cellulite.

Lie! While exercise is vital, it’s only one piece of the cellulite puzzle. Cardio workouts won’t help with treating cellulite either. Strength training is needed to firm and tone your muscles which in turn firm and tone your skin helping to reduce the appearance of those dimples.

Skin firming cellulite creams can cure cellulite.

Myth. If there is a miracle cure, then you need to let us know! However, cellulite firming creams, especially a retinol cream for cellulite, can help to contour the skin which can minimize the obvious look of your bumpy skin. Again, they don’t work alone, you have to make some changes to your lifestyle.

While we can go on and on in this category, we think we’ve provided plenty for you to muse over. You should now be able to pick and choose the best cream for cellulite to help you get your confidence back!

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Cellulite and Muscle Aches

Some of the best anti cellulite creams may have you confused when you see muscle relaxation and pain reliever qualities in them. What’s the connection? While it’s a nice benefit to relieve those sore muscles, there’s actually another reason for the pain-relieving benefits.

Did you know that cellulite can be painful?

Nodules and raised areas on the skin can be very tender when sitting or laying down a certain way. Poor circulation to these areas can also increase sensitivity. But, it doesn’t happen overnight. There are three stages to cellulite.

Stage 1

No visible signs of cellulite unless the skin is pinched and compressed.

Stage 2

Cellulite is only seen when standing.

Stage 3

Cellulite is visible and easily seen whether standing or sitting. It may also be painful and changes in skin texture may accompany it.

Stage 3 cellulite occurs because you may be carrying an excessive amount of weight. What do you do? This is where those relieving, cooling/warming, relaxation qualities in anti-cellulite creams come in handy. While your muscles are getting some attention, those extra fat deposits are being scolded to calm down. Use quality cellulite reduction creams, start a fitness regimen to lose weight, drink plenty of H2O, de-stress, and eat clean!

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If You Can’t Fight ‘Em, Join ‘Em

Sometimes you’re predisposed to get cellulite – darn those genes! If you’re determined to wage war on them, a quality anti cellulite cream will stay by your side until the very end!

But, not all cellulite is something to be ashamed of. Some of it may be the results of bringing your babies into the world which is a badge of honor – wear it proudly. It’s all about your mindset. Are you beautiful with and without cellulite? Hell yes!

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