lucysIf you’ve found us, then you must be looking for the best ways to improve your lifestyle and body to a healthy, fit, and beautiful one – both inside and out!  You know what they say, being healthy and fit is just as important as what your makeup can do for you!

So, to help you get there, we’ve created Lucys.net that’s dedicated to you and your journey to not only being gorgeous and dazzling, but to being as au courant and au fait with your health and beauty buys as possible!

Our team has provided a wide range of up-to-date information that covers product reviews and buying guides to helpful tips and DIY recipes that you can try at home, and so much more!

All of what we do here is to ensure that you’re left with as much useful information as you can get to be a well-informed buyer of a product that you’re familiar with long before you add it to your cart!

Our team has personally bought, tested, and verified many of the products we recommend.  But, we also verify with the masses to see what real people like you actually think of the product.  If it sucks – we’ll tell you!  You can count on our team to relay the latest gossip on the best and most practical products along with the truth!  Dare I even say that we’ve learned a new thing or two ourselves!

We’re in the business of making the health, fitness, and beauty industry much more user-friendly to understand, shop, and buy from!

When you put your faith in us to find the best products for your fitness goals, your health endeavors, and your beauty improvements, it’s well-placed.  Your trust goes a long way because we’re not only giving you what we’d recommend for family and friends, we’re giving you what we use too!

So, raise your glass to feeling beautiful – on the inside and out!


The Lucys Team x

What We Hope You Can Learn About…

We hope that we can provide you with as much useful tidbits about your intended product to help you out during your shopping process.  There’s few things worse than wasting money on a useless product or not realizing you’ve been deuced into being sold the wrong item!

And, when your skin, hair, and body is the target of the product use, the wrong, impractical, and ineffective buy can be dangerous, allergy-triggering, and just plain gross! – there’s no way that brown cream that’s supposed to be white is going near my pores!

So, we offer up our product reviews, buying guides, and product recommendations with information to…

  • Tell you what other users and paying buyers think.
  • Get you specific features and functions of the product.
  • Give you insider info on popular FAQs.
  • Provide you with 100% confidence in your buy.
  • Provide you with the knowledge on how to make the most of your buy.
  • To not only know the benefits, but the drawbacks too.

How Do I Read the Reviews?

Our product reviews are deliciously simple to read and digest.  We offer up a short and sweet overview of the product that’s followed by the main benefits and drawbacks.  Then, we’ll let you know what everyone else is saying, thinking, or complaining about.

To further provide a little more useful info, we offer up some popular questions that many users and potential buyers have about it, including its ingredients, functions, and any other necessary points of interest that apply.

The reviews are wrapped up with a short list of features that’ll show you how useful and practical it can be for you with an access link to the product itself.  We aim to make everything as easy and simple as possible!

Let Us Help You Find Information On…

With the horde of information that’s available online, you can easily feel dread at having to filter through it all until you’ve finally found what’s relevant to you… hours later.  So, to avoid finger strain from massive googling, we hope you can appreciate just a few of our very convenient categories.

'I want to...'

… learn more about DIY Beauty Products
… learn more about Hair Removal Products
… learn more about How to Improve Skin Care
… learn more about How to Improve Hair Care
… learn more about How to Use Essential Oils
… learn more about Fitness Products
… learn more about Lifestyle Products
… learn more about Health Care Products
… learn more about Kitchen Gadgets

How Do We Choose Our Products?

We search for the very best products across the board – online, personal use, and featured recommendations from media sources and retailer advertising.

But, don’t be surprised if we recommend an item that costs less than $10 or isn’t a name brand product.  That’s because we’re not in it to advertise for those top brands just because they have a weighty name and reputation – they too have to earn their place in our reviews.

We take into consideration many factors that includes…

  • Value, price, cost-effectiveness
  • Practicality, usefulness, and functionality
  • Relevance to the service needed
  • What real buyers and everyday users of the products say
  • Personal use and experience with the products

How Do Our Recommended Products Undergo Testing?

Some of the products we test out for ourselves, either by first owning them, purchasing them for review, or spending some considerable time testing it out in-person at the manufacturer or retail store.

Other testing may include mice in cages… just kidding!  None of that here!

Bad joke aside, if there’s a product we haven’t been able to get our hands on, our team will spend considerable effort, time, and study in researching the top authoritative sources of the product, reviewing studies, and drilling manufacturers about their products – often an interesting experience when done over the phone!

What If You Don’t Feature What I’m Looking For?

While we do our best to provide a comprehensive variety of products, there are some items and/or topics that might slip through the cracks.

In cases like that, we often recommend alternatives to the products that we’re featuring.  Sometimes, we’ll even go a step further and name other sizes, packages, or styles within that same line or we’ll compare it to another brand.

If we’ve failed to do any of those things, please throw us an email with a product request and details of your buying issues, and we’ll do our best to help you out!

How Will I Know When You’ve Updated Lucy’s?

You can check in to our site as often as you want, we won’t charge you for visiting – wink wink!

Currently, you can find and follow us on Twitter.  But, stay posted, we may yet have more ways for you to keep in touch coming soon!

Pictures of Product Testing in Action

Testing one of the Best Coffee Grinders for French Press
Testing one of the Best French Press Coffee Makers
Testing one of the Best Hair Straightening Brushes
Testing one of the Best Vitamin C Serums

Testing one of the Best Non-Comedogenic Moisturizers

Testing one of the Best Sulphate Free Shampoo and Conditioners

Testing one of the Best Sulphate Free Shampoos for Colored Hair

Testing one of the Best Electric Toothbrushes