Best Aphrodisiac Essential Oils for Romance: Add Spark to Your Love Life

Spice up Your Love Life With Aphrodisiac Essential OilsIs your bedroom activity lacking luster and passion?

Are you taking the initiative to rekindle the spark?

Perhaps age, stress, and work is taking its toll on you and it’s evident even when you make an attempt to be intimate.

While drugs and over-the-counter stimulants seem attractive, who wants to be caught in the store aisle buying them?

Essential oils allow for much more than just consumer privacy.

Perhaps you’ve never thought about using essential oils for romance. We’re here to tell you that you can! Get your confidence and sexy suit back on because tempting pheromones are on the loose!

Don’t forget you might need to know a few cautions before you get too excited since we don’t intend for essential oil use “down there”. Check out what we mean by that!

7 Top Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

Cinnamon Essential Oil

cinnamonCinnamon is one of the best romantic essential oils there is! It’s spicy, sweet, and warming – all the right traits to help you get into the mood!

Medicinally, it stimulates circulation to the genitals, increases desire, and calms the nerves. Interestingly, a study done on males observed that just the pleasant aroma of cinnamon buns boosted blood circulation “down there” – where you need it most, right?

How to Use:

Simply diffuse a couple drops of Cinnamon essential oil in the bedroom or you can add it to a small amount of water in a spritz bottle and spray over your bed linen.

Ginger Essential Oil

gingerIf you’re not only lacking passion and the desire to be intimate, but you’re also lacking an inability to attain an erection and the mindset to stimulate these physical reactions, you might need some more Ginger.

Its fragrance is a wonder in itself because it’s a natural aphrodisiac. It can also help to treat depression and promote happy feelings – also the other kind of “happy” feelings you need to get it on. Ginger will also boost circulation and help benefit erectile dysfunction.

What You’ll Need:

  • 20 drops of Ginger
  • 20 drops of Ylang Ylang
  • 10 drops of Cassia
  • 10 drops of Mountain Savory
  • 1 oz Carrier oil

How to Use:

Mix all ingredients together and slather your own and your partner’s feet and spine in the aphrodisiac and invigorating oils with a sensual massage.