5 Top B Corp Running Shoe Brands for Eco-Conscious Runners

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Many brands claim to be sustainable, few walk the talk.

Below are the brands producing ethical and sustainable runners, backed by B Corporation certification.

These are the B Corp running shoes you can count on.

Top 5 B Corp Certified Running Shoe Brands

1. Allbirds

Allbirds, a California-based B Corp since 2016, is revolutionizing the running shoe industry with its commitment to sustainability.

Known for their eco-friendly running shoes, Allbirds uses natural materials like wool, tree fiber, and sugar cane to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, targeting a near-zero impact by 2030.

Emphasizing regenerative agriculture and renewable materials, they offer a range of runners for women, men, and kids, available in sizes Men 8–14 and Women 5-11, including vegan options.

With a B Impact Score of 96.5, Allbirds demonstrates a deep commitment to environmental responsibility in the fashion industry.

  • Styles: Running, Casual, High-Tops, Flats
  • Vegan Options: Yes. Allbirds offers vegan-friendly shoes using materials like tree fiber and sugar cane.
  • Who For: Women, Men, Kids
  • Size Range: Men 8–14, Women 5-11
  • B Impact Score: 96.5
  • B Corp Certified Since: 2016

2. Vivo Barefoot

Vivobarefoot, a B Corp since 2020 with a B Impact Score of 119.3, excels in producing minimalist running footwear that promotes natural movement and foot health.

Their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is reflected in their use of eco-friendly materials and innovative designs aimed at reducing environmental impact.

Offering a range of styles for running, hiking, and everyday use, Vivobarefoot caters to men, women, and kids with sizes from Men US 7-15 to Women US 4.5-11, including vegan options.

  • Styles: Running, Hiking, Training, Lifestyle
  • Vegan Options: Yes
  • Who For: Men, Women, Kids
  • Size Range: Men US 7-15, Women US 4.5-11
  • B Impact Score: 119.3
  • B Corp Certified Since: 2020

3. Veja

VEJA, a B Corp certified since 2018, specializes in sustainable running and casual sneakers.

Crafted in Brazil, their footwear incorporates organic cotton, Amazonian rubber, and recycled materials, showcasing a commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

VEJA’s focus on ethical production and reducing environmental impact is reinforced by their B Impact Score of 84.2.

Catering to men, women, and kids with sizes ranging from Men US 9-14.5 to Women US 4-10, they also offer vegan options, emphasizing their dedication to both style and sustainability.

  • Styles: Running, Sneakers, Casual
  • Vegan Options: Yes, Vegan Options for Adults & Kids
  • Who For: Men, Women, Kids
  • Size Range: Men US 9-14.5, Women US 4-10
  • B Impact Score: 84.2
  • B Corp Certified Since: 2018

4. Hylo Athletics

Hylo Athletics, a B Corp since 2022 with a B Impact Score of 104.3, is a frontrunner in crafting sustainable, vegan running shoes.

Manufacturing is based in Putian, China, and they prioritize ethical labor practices and low emissions in production. Their running and training shoes, including the machine-washable hylo LIGHT and hand-washable hylo RUN, are made using locally sourced materials.

Committed to environmental responsibility, Hylo Athletics offsets transport emissions and offers well-fitted footwear for men and women, with sizes ranging from Men’s US 7-14 to Women’s US 5.5-11.5.

  • Styles: Running, Trainers
  • Vegan Options: Yes, All
  • Who For: Men, Women
  • Size Range: Men’s US 7-14, Women’s US 5.5-11.5
  • B Impact Score: 104.3
  • B Corp Certified Since: 2022

5. Icebug

Icebug, a B Corp certified brand founded in 2001, revolutionizes running with shoes designed for exceptional grip, especially in slippery conditions.

Based in Jonsered, Sweden, Icebug is committed to sustainability, striving to minimize environmental impact in every pair of runners.

The brand’s transparency in its sustainable practices is shared through the “Follow The Footprints” initiative.

With a vision to reduce the CO2 footprint to 6 kg per pair by 2030, Icebug not only produces innovative running shoes but also champions a balanced relationship with nature, emphasizing responsible consumption and ecological mindfulness.

  • Styles: Running, Walking, Hiking, Safety, Orienteering
  • Vegan Options: Not Specified
  • Who For: Men, Women
  • Size Range: Men’s US 7-15, Women’s US 5.5-11.5
  • B Impact Score: 93.9
  • B Corp Certified Since: 2022

Comparative Overview of B Corp Certified Running Shoe Brands

BrandStyles OfferedVegan OptionsTarget AudienceSize RangeB Impact ScoreB Corp Certified Since
AllbirdsRunning, CasualYesWomen, Men, KidsMen 8–14, Women 5-1196.52016
VejaRunning, SneakersYesMen, Women, KidsMen US 9-14.5, Women US 4-1084.22018
VivobarefootRunning, HikingYesMen, Women, KidsMen US 7-15, Women US 4.5-11119.32020
Hylo AthleticsRunning, TrainersYes, AllMen, WomenMen’s US 7-14, Women’s US 5.5-11.5104.32022
IcebugRunning, WalkingNot SpecifiedMen, WomenMen’s US 7-15, Women’s US 5.5-11.593.92022

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