Best Hair Dryers for Fine Hair – Add Volume & Body to Fine Hair

Fine hair types are very finickity to deal with when it comes to producing the perfect, long-lasting hair style. And, it all comes down to your blow dryer.

The trick is mastering the cool setting to get a fast drying time without burning and singeing hair cuticles and strands.

With our line-up of the best blow dryers for fine hair, you’ll never underestimate the power of a cool blow again!


Our 3 Top Hair Dryers for Fine Hair

Remington Studio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Review

remington-studio-salon-collection-pearl-ceramic-hair-dryerWho says fine hair can’t be full-bodied, silky, and irresistible? And, if that’s what you’re after, the Remington Studio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Blow Dryer is the best dryer for it!

We’ve all heard of ceramic technology, which the Remington has, but it even goes a step further than just controlling consistent temperatures and even heat distribution, it also provides Pearl Technology.

Ceramic infused crushed pearls release micro-conditioners that are activated via heatflow which are transferred into your hair. This helps to seal and lock in silkiness, nourishment, and moisture while drying for ultimate shine and softness.

And, all this is done with a salon-grade AC motor that’s 40 percent more powerful than other dryers to cut drying time and is guaranteed to last 3X longer than regular motors!

But, for fine hair types and those wishing for a locked-in blast of cool air, the Remington also has a Cool Shot feature to do just that!

Pearls, cool shot, and ions makes for an equation that equals hair you can’t stop touching!

Main Benefits:

  • Pearl technology
  • Ceramic technology
  • 40% faster air flow
  • Lasts 3X longer
  • Cool Shot feature

Main Drawbacks:

  • Heavy

Customer Reviews

The Remington Studio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic is one of the best rated dryers in the market by other women with fine hair. And, we daresay the Pearl Technology is what converted skeptics to believers!

But, just like most hair blow dryers, it’s a heifer!

However, the wrist strain is more than worth it to have the pleasure and goosebumps of feeling a handsome man’s fingers run through your hair!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

How do Users with Fine Hair Like the Remington?

Those with fine hair more than love the Remington! This is their go-to buy, even over other authoritative dryers that are more than twice the price! Volume, shine, and softness is promised to fine hair types.

Can the Ion Technology Generator be Turned On or Off?

There is no switch to control this feature. While the blow dryer is in use, you will always reap the benefits of ion technology.

Can you use your own Salon-Grade Diffuser with the Remington?

If the diffuser attachment fits a 1 3/4 inch grille, it can fit. However, the Remington does come with a diffuser attachment and other accessories.

What's in the Box When you Purchase the Studio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Dryer?

1 Remington blow dryer, 1 diffuser, 1 concentrator, and an instruction manual.

Is there a Warranty on this Remington Dryer?

Yes! It’s backed by a 4 year warranty from Remington.

Remington Studio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Attractive
  • Fast drying
  • Quality, salon-grade results
  • Durable and long-lasting

John Frieda Full Volume Hair Dryer Review

john-frieda-full-volume-hair-dryerIf having voluminous, thick, luscious hair is something you dream of, but instead you’ve been cursed with thin, fine, and weak hair, then you need an expert in your corner.

The John Frieda Full Volume is an easy-to-use blow dryer. And, when it comes to fine types, use low heat, low speed settings and you can get the height, shine, and silkiness that you deserve.

It can also be fully customized to suit average, thick, treated, coarse, and even difficult to style hair types.

But, thin hair types are prone to hairdos falling out within a matter of hours. Sound familiar? Well, John Freida can take care of that too.

It has a locking cold shot feature to blast your hair in place after you’ve styled it. No falling out, loose curls (although that’s gorgeous too!), and flyaway strays!

Speaking of strays, the blow dryer has a Titanium Ceramic-coated grille with a high-voltage advanced ionic generator that releases 10X more naturally-sourced ions to lock in moisture, silkiness, and smoothness.

With 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings, diffuser, 2 concentrators, an 1875 watt dryer, and professional rocker switches, any hairstyle is possible – the finest hairdos for fine hair types!

Main Benefits:

  • For all hair types
  • Ionic technology
  • Titanium Ceramic grille
  • Rocker switches
  • Price

Main Drawbacks:

  • Heavy

Customer Reviews

The John Frieda Full Volume is an affordable option for those with all types of hair textures and length! Reviews say that it dries very quickly and they love smooth, frizz-free results.

But, while John Freida says it has a lightweight AC motor, actual users say otherwise.

However, the weight and noise of the dryer are nothing compared to the results and fast drying time!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

What are the Professional Rocker Switches?

The rocker switches is the type of switch system used to control on/off and temperature settings. The rocker system is easy to use and can be used in any combination for various setting options.

Does the Diffuser Fall Off When Attached to the John Freida Hair Dryer?

While this can be a common problem for many blow dryers, John Freida has made an expertly, tight fit for the diffuser so that it will never fall off during use.

Does the Cool Setting on the John Frieda Work Well?

The cool setting is made to be very efficient for fine hair types that don’t want to damage their hair with high heat. It’s an excellent option to dry fine hair in a matter of minutes (depending on length of hair).

Does the Full Volume Blow Dryer have a Removable Filter?

Yes! The filter can be found on the back that’s easily removable for cleaning by taking off the cap. It has two screens to provide ultimate motor protection.

How does this Dryer Provide Volume?

This hair dryer has ionic technology, a strong 1875 watt motor, and an efficient blow drying system that provides static-free results.

The powerful air flow lifts hair strands as it dries, faster than other top hair dryers, to provide silky, smooth, and volumized hair.

Does the Cord have a Retractable Feature?

While the convenient 8 foot length cord provides easy maneuvering, it doesn’t have a retractable feature.

John Frieda Full Volume Features:

  • Long cord
  • Extra accessories
  • Fast drying
  • Anti-static
  • Easy to use
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Opulent Care ProDryerX Series Review

opulent-care-prodryerx-series-hair-dryerIf you want the professional, blow-out look, then you can have it without a trip to the salon! With the Opulent Care ProDryerX Series blow Dryer in your bathroom, all the frizz-free, smooth, hair-protectant benefits can be yours!

This product stands to impress, even those with fine hair types, with its 1875 watt motor and Tourmaline infused Ceramic components to improve moisture retention and reduce static for shiny and healthy hair.

And, it won’t take you salon time either to get the perfect dryness and style. In fact, it’s designed to be ultra fast drying to cut that time in half! You won’t have to worry about further damage since it protects cuticles and hair shafts while it dries.

Since this is the Professional Series blow dryer, it has everything from 3 heat settings, a Cool Burst setting, and 2 speed settings. There’s nothing you have to go without when you have the Euro-style ProDryerX taking care of your do!

Main Benefits:

  • Ion technology
  • Ultra fast drying
  • Tourmaline and ceramic
  • 9′ cord
  • Price

Main Drawbacks:

  • Heavy

Customer Reviews

The Opulent Care ProDryerX Series is a new, but extremely popular blow dryer! Users love that it can get very hot for those who like and can stand the heat. But, for those who prefer cooler temperatures, they sure do appreciate the Cool Blast feature.

But, this isn’t your small and travel hair dryer – it’s heavy.

However, other than that one drawback, there’s not a single thing to complain about when it comes to the effectiveness and results of the professional hair blow dryer!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

How do you Remove the Air Filter on the ProDryerX Series?

Simply twist the plastic piece until it rotates off and pull it out. Clean it out and place back on.

How do you Use the Cool Burst Feature?

To prevent damage and over-drying, it’s recommended that you dry your hair with heat to 80 percent dry. Use the Cool Burst switch to put the finishing touches on the hair to lock in your style as it will simultaneously dry the rest of the way.

How Long is the Cord?

The cord is 9 feet long. It doesn’t get tangled and gives you more freedom to move around during use.

How Long is the Neck on the Hair Dryer?

It’s 6 inches from handle to dryer end.

What is the Width of the Grille Nozzle?

It’s between 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 inches.

Opulent Care ProDryerX Series Features:

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