Best Hot Air Brush in 2023: We Review the Top Rotating & Heated Curling Brushes

Hot Air Brushes That Will Give You the WOW Factor This YearYour hair deserves the utmost attention by all you grace your presence with.

Just a simple wave or an intricate curl can make you feel like a girl on fire – a hot, sexy, and confident woman!

Did we forget to mention that it will only cost a third of what you’d pay at the salon?

How about that you can now throw out the hair dryer that requires so much work and so much time?

With our line-up of the best hot hair brushes in the market, you’ll be free to do create the perfect headdress with one hand like a pro!

And, if you need the down-low on what it takes to get a premium heat brush into your grooming kit, we’ll spill the beans and dish up every feature and every benefit there is to make sure there’s not a single flyaway that can escape your intended purpose for it!

Our 3 Top Hot Air Brushes

Conair Infiniti Pro Review

conair-infiniti-proDo you want curls today or the classy straight? If you’re after versatility, then you won’t need multiple tools to get the job done. The Conair Infiniti Pro can get it done simply and fast because it’s the best rotating heat brush in the market!

And, if you’re worried about frizzy strays and hot spots, worry no longer! The Conair hot air brush uses true ion technology with 100X more concentrated ions from natural sources to give your hair ultimate protection, strength, volume, and shine.

Speaking of volume, the brush rotates in both directions to give you ultimate control over how voluminous you prefer your coiffure, even to master those tricky techniques needed to produce envious styles.

Tangles? A thing of the past! The rotating bristles will reduce static and work evenly through strands as you dry.

You can also turn the spinning feature off if you’re after a different do – the options are endless!

And, with the options comes 3 different heat settings and 2 speed settings. They’re easy to switch between with the ergonomic handle that you can use from any angle. Short, long, thick, and fine hair – it’s perfect for all!

Main Benefits:

  • Tangle-free anti-static
  • 100X more concentrated ions
  • 3 heat settings
  • 2 speed settings
  • 2-way rotating spin

Main Drawbacks:

  • No spin on cool setting
  • Barrel can’t reach baby hair

Customer Reviews

Several hundred reviewers say that the Conair Infiniti Pro is the closest you’re going to get to perfection when it comes to drying and styling! They say the bristles are high quality enough to pick up even fine hair.

But, the 2 inch barrel size does make it difficult to reach baby hairs, and the brush can’t spin when it’s on the cool setting.

Other than that, the Conair proves to be an affordable get-it-done hair tool for hair types of all lengths and textures!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

Is there a Smaller Barrel Size of the Conair Infiniti Pro?

Yes! This is the 2 inch barrel and there is also the 1 1/2 inch barrel available.

Does the Infiniti Pro have a Protective Cover?

It does come with a protective cover that rests over the brush not the entire tool.

Can the Brush be Removed from the Handle?

spin-air-rotating-styler-double-packIf you buy the 1 1/2 inch or the 2 inch brushes independently, the brush can’t be removed.

However Conair does have a Spin Air Rotating Styler Double Pack that allows for both the 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch brushes to be used on the same handle.

How Long is the Infiniti Pro Cord?

It’s 5 feet long.

What Voltage does the Conair Work With?

It works on standard American 110V power outlets. To be used internationally, you’ll need to purchase a separate power adapter.

Conair Infiniti Pro Features:

  • Removable filter
  • Multi-directional
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Limited 3 year warranty

John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush Review

john-frieda-salon-shape-hot-air-brushIf you’re looking for a budget-friendly air brush without giving up all hope on frizz-free and smooth hair, then you’ve found it! The John Frieda hot air brush has more to offer than just an attractive price tag.

The 500-watt brush has a 1 1/2 inch titanium ceramic-coated barrel that picks up every strand and dries it instantly!

It releases 50 percent more ions than other brushes leaving your hair silky, smooth, and shiny.

It has 2 heat settings and a cool setting, but it also enhances user control by minimizing airflow for when you’re ready to style. No coiffure will be overdone by this beaut!

And, if you’re tired of being frustrated by tangling cords, the Salon Shape has a swiveling cord to remain tangle-free at all times. No more tugging, it’s easy to use from any angle, and the contoured handle makes it a delight to hold for long periods of time.

Main Benefits:

  • Titanium ceramic coated barrel
  • Enhanced air control
  • Cool and 2 heat settings
  • Swivel cord
  • Price

Main Drawbacks:

  • Difficult temperature control

Customer Reviews

The John Frieda Salon Shape Brush impresses its users because of the quality and power of the air versus the price. This factor is probably the reason that it’s a very popular brush and has earned a Choice Award worthy of recognition.

But, some users have said that it’s not very user-friendly when it comes to changing temperature controls – it could’ve been designed better to be easier to use.

However, if you’ve got fantastic hair and you’ve spent minimally, what’s there to complain about?

Popular Questions (and Answers)

Does the John Freida Salon Shape Brush Spin?

No. It has no spinning and rotating feature.

Can this Brush Dry Wet Hair?

It can, but for the best results, your hair should be damp, somewhere between 70-85 percent dry.

Is the John Freida Brush Noisy?

It still emits noise comparable to other air brushes, but it’s much quieter than a blow dryer.

Are the Bristles on the Salon Shape Brush Soft?

The brush contains two types of bristles: short and soft and also long and slightly harder. They sit next to each other on the brush for maximum coverage of strands.

Does the Handle get Hot?

Depending on the heat setting and how long you let it heat up and use it, the barrel can get very hot. However, the handle does not emit any heat itself, does not warm up, and is safe to use.

John Frieda Salon Shape Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to use
  • Versatile size barrel
  • Good for all hair lengths
  • Powerful blowing power

Helen of Troy Tangle Free Hot Air Brush Review

helen-of-troy-tangle-free-hot-air-brushThe Helen of Troy Hot Air Brush is a great, entry-level brush with some fantastic features that belie its price tag.

The first point of interest is its vented barrel that releases curls without tangling. The brush also has ball-tipped bristles that gently reaches the scalp to ensure no stray, baby hair, or strand is missed!

The brush itself can lock into place for curling and unlock for unwinding. If straight or curly is your type, the choice is yours!

The 8 foot swivel cord is plenty long enough to move where you move without tangling. And, it has a Pro Guard safety plug with test and reset functions for Immersion Shock Protection!

And, if you’ve got nasty hair balls ruining the effectiveness of the brush, the sleeve is removable for easy cleaning!

The Soft Grip handle is textured for a comfortable hold whether you’re using the high or low heat setting for all types of hair!

And, if this 1 1/2 inch barrel isn’t your size of choice, they also have a 1 inch size and a 3/4 inch barrel to suit your length and style preferences – no hair do is impossible to achieve!

Main Benefits:

  • Cool tip
  • 8 ft cord
  • Textured Soft Grip handle
  • Price

Main Drawbacks:

  • Not interchangeable with barrels
  • Can tangle hair

Customer Reviews

This is a favorite, easy to use air brush that many users are picking up and taking on vacation! The Helen of Troy Tangle Free Brush gets it done when you’re in a hurry without compromising on a fantastic do.

But, there has been some complaint of tangling when you curl too tight despite the curl release feature. And, while Helen of Troy does sell other barrel sizes, the brush isn’t interchangeable.

However, this is typical of most air brushes on the market, and users did say they’d buy it again!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

Does the Helen of Troy Tangle Free Brush have an Internal Lint Filter?

Yes. You can clean it out by removing the cap at the end of the handle.

Does the Helen of Troy Brush Spin?

There has been some complaint to misleading seller advertising, and to clarify, it doesn’t spin in the way you expect a rotating hot brush to.

Instead, there is a spin control feature that unlocks and releases hair when you have it around the barrel so as not to pull or brush the curls out.

Can the Hot Brush Overheat?

No. When the Helen of Troy Air Brush gets too hot, it will automatically shut itself off, anywhere between 5-10 minutes.

Is the Barrel Made of Metal or Plastic?

It’s made of heavy duty plastic.

Can the Brush be Removed from the Handle?

It can be removed for easy cleaning or for releasing deeply tangled hair by removing the top cap off the brush. Removing it releases the brush from the handle.

Helen of Troy Tangle Free Features:

  • Tangle free 8 ft cord
  • Very affordable
  • Various barrel sizes
  • Soft bristles
  • Easy to use

Which is the Best Hot Air Hair Brush For You?

It’s hard enough trying to narrow down the features for short, pixie, bob-cut, long, thick, and fine hair. So, we’ve filtered out the heat brush reviews to reveal the best, versatile, and fully functional air brush to cater to all heads with all hair types!

Perfect for Touch Ups...

The Helen of Troy Tangle Free Brush is a no fuss, get it done kinda tool – great for trips, overnighters, and last minute touch ups! And, for such a low cost, you’re catching some extra perks like the removable sleeve, the 8 foot swivel cord, and the curl release.

One of Us...

If you want to get in with the crowd and buy what they love, then the John Frieda Salon Shape Air Brush is your ticket in! Everyone loves the quality and the results for the price – especially when you can own a name brand tool for yourself! With one of these in your grooming kit, you’ll easily fit in with the crowd, you’d be one of us.

Our Pick...

The Conair Infiniti Pro is by far the best buy for the features! It doesn’t just spin, it has a multi-directional feature, and with 3 heat settings and a cool setting, you can style your hair however you want!

Plus, with 100X more concentrated ions garnered from natural sources, there’s really no competition here. This is the best rotating air brush in our line-up!

Hot Air Brush Buying Guide

A woman using a hot air brush to style her hair.

Hot Air vs Straightening Brush

This is a toughie, and we don’t think there’s really an end game here. Both tools are excellent to have, and it really depends on your preferred method of styling your hair. So, let’s go over the benefits of both.

Hot Air Brush Benefits:

  • Spinning feature
  • Blows air to dry hair
  • Simultaneously detangle and brush
  • Negative ions remove static
  • Combines brushing and drying in one tool
  • Relatively affordable
  • Time saving
  • Excellent for daily and frequent styling
  • Variety of styles and techniques possible with barrel brush

Straightening Brush Benefits:

  • You don’t need to clamp hair vs a flat iron
  • Uses ionic technology to detangle, defrizz, and remove static
  • Simultaneously detangle and brush
  • Various heat settings
  • Less damage to hair

While the benefits of both are excellent and almost similar, the main differences come down to its physical construction and purpose. The straightening brush is perfect for those who prefer to give their hair a straightened style most of the time. But, it’s difficult to work with to achieve other various styles including waves and curls.

The heat brush on the other hand is shaped with a barrel that allows for twisting those long or short tresses around the barrel to be blow dried, heated, and curled into place. If you want straight, don’t twist the hair, just brush as it dries. You have more room to explore styles with an air brush.

Rotating vs Non-Rotating Brushes

Ahh, this is a feature that makes it or breaks it for many potential buyers who are seeking it. And, one of the most popular reasons to want a rotating barrel brush is because it’s what gives the heat brush its straightening prowess.

Rotating Brush Benefits:

  • Excellent for straightening hair
  • Provides a natural look
  • Allows for one hand usage
  • Provides volume
  • Picks up hair from the root
  • Automatically rotates and dries

While rotating brushes sound quite dandy and like they’re the no-brainer buy, there is a catch…

What You Should Know When Buying a Rotating Hot Air Brush:

  • On/Off
    If you’re going to buy a rotating brush and you know you’ll feel like some curls or waves a few days a week, then you want to make sure that the spin feature can be turned off and on at your behest.
  • Non-Rotating Benefits
    While non-rotating brushes might seem simple in design, they actually give you the ability to manually rotate and therefore control the tightness of the curl, how straight you want your hair, and how loose you want your waves.
  • Dry or Wet Hair?
    With rotating brushes, to get the best results your hair already needs to be about 75-85 percent dry. If you’re going straight from shower to grooming, you might want to pull out your best hair dryer first.

Small or Large Barrel Size?

How long is your hair? Are you going more for volume and body or for those cute Shirley Temple locks? If you can decide what you’re after, you’ll know what barrel size you need. So, we’ll break it down into two categories to help you decide what size is right for you.

1 1/2 Inch and Smaller

The diameter of the barrel is what decides how much of a curl you’re going to get, and the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl. You can also achieve very intricate curling hairstyles with a smaller barrel, but less volume and body is the compromise.

Also, if your hair is shorter than shoulder length, you’ll want to stick with a smaller barrel to make sure it can pick up all strands of your hair.

2 Inch and Larger

Less about locks here and more about body, volume, and waves. Larger barrel sizes are excellent for blowing out your hair and lifting it to rival even a Southern Belle’s coiffure.

And, if your hair is on the longer side, this is definitely the size for you.

Must-Have Features

It’s true… extra features can raise the cost of the brush and just barely push it into budgets you’re not willing to tread. But, if you’ve ever felt the stroke of an ionic brush or the softness of a cushioned handle, you’ll find that it might just be worth it to splurge just a little. Here’s some features that you just can’t go without!


Now this can be anything from Tourmaline Technology, Ion Technology, and anything else the hair marketing industry can think up! There’s an old name, a new name, and reused name all selling the same feature.

But, it comes down to looking for the brushes ability to heat up quickly and release concentrated ions to turn positive ones into negative ones. This reduces static, flyaways, and frizz.


How annoying is it to be literally stuck to the side of the wall whenever you want to do your hair? Sometimes, you need a little more room to get the style you want or even to deal with really long hair.

So, make sure you look for swivel, tangle-free cords. This feature will be extremely helpful for when you find yourself cursing because it got caught on the vanity or it twisted itself into a mess. Also, the longer the cord, the better. You won’t always have to be restricted to the bathroom.

Cushioned Handle

Never underestimate the value of comfort. For those with intricate styling to do, thick, difficult to deal with, or really long hair, you could be styling for quite some time. The great thing about heat brushes, is it gets two jobs done in one.

But, a soft, cushioned, well-made, ergonomic handle with buttons that are easy to reach and well-placed will make all the difference. No finger stain, wrist stress, and frustratingly accidentally turning it off on and on! Trust us on this!

Ceramic Hot Air Brushes

These are by far the best, but they usually come with a significantly higher price tag. They dry hair must faster than a traditional blow dryer, and they also release negative ions to give your hair that anti-static, frizz-free, and shiny do.


Have you ever snagged and tangled your hair in a brush before? Ouch! It hurts. Ball-tipped bristles prevent snagging and tangling, and plus, it also feels good on the scalp… a little scalp massage here is a nice touch! But, you’ll want to be careful because some bristles heat up and a burn to the scalp and ears also hurt.

Wide-placed and long bristles are also best for long hair dos, whereas shorter and finer bristles are best for shorter hair dos.

Also, if you want the most scalp-friendly hot air hair brush around, look for a nylon bristle brush. It will feel good and you’ll avoid much-dreaded scalp abrasion.

You Deserve a Crown

Every woman’s, and there are men too, whose hair is their crowning glory! It can make or break your entire look and sadly, not even your Guess shoes can make up for a poor coiff.

So, if you’re ready to cut some time, add shine and body, and even beat the salon system in their own game, then a heat brush might just be crowning joy you need to create the most glorious crown that even Kings and Queens would envy.