Best Non Comedogenic Makeup in 2019

The Best Non-Comedogenic Makeup (You Need to Know About)Did you wake up to a fright when you saw your reflection?

Did you end up cursing your makeup bag for it?

You’re probably right to blame it too, but who was the culprit?

Was it your unsuspecting primer, innocent-looking concealer, or your pleading ‘not-guilty’ foundation?

Maybe it was all of them!

If they’re not Non-Comedogenic, then you’re in a pickle! Trash them and read on if  you’re in desperate need to unclog those pores and start afresh!

When going non comedogenic makeup, you want water-based, mineral-based, and oil free products – no exceptions! It’s the only way to keep those pores from further irritation and your face zit free!

And, don’t forget to check out our Buying Guide if you need to brush up on the best brands, what ingredients to look for, and tips to create a customized, pore-friendly makeup routine!

Seriously – your complexion depends on it! It’s a matter of life and death… yes, we have a flair for dramatization and we love it!


The Top Non-Comedogenic Makeups

Best Non Comedogenic Primer

Loreal Paris Magic Perfecting BaseIs it time to switch out your acne-causing primer for a non-comedogenic one? Do all our primers seem like a worthy buy? Well, keep your cash on hand until we reveal the top non comedogenic primer from our line-up!

The all-round, outstanding primer award goes to the Loreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base! It does everything you need it to do to look stunning and glamorous all day long! Keep your makeup intact, your fine lines at bay, and the oil-shine down!


Best Non-Comedogenic Concealer

NYX Cosmetics Concealer WandConcealers are the make-it or break-it aspect of your entire makeup routine, and if you don’t get it right, you could look patchy, uneven, and like a cracking, antique vase! So, only deal with the best when it comes to covering up your flaws!

There’s only one concealer that offers everything a girl needs when it comes covering, blending, and providing a natural look, and it’s the NYX Cosmetics Concealer Wand. Not only is it a great, oil free non comedogenic concealer, it’s affordable, has a wand, and there are a ton of shade options! That’s why it gets the only spot in our recommended product for you!