Best Non Comedogenic Makeup in 2022

The Best Non-Comedogenic Makeup (You Need to Know About)Did you wake up to a fright when you saw your reflection?

Did you end up cursing your makeup bag for it?

You’re probably right to blame it too, but who was the culprit?

Was it your unsuspecting primer, innocent-looking concealer, or your pleading ‘not-guilty’ foundation?

Maybe it was all of them!

If they’re not Non-Comedogenic, then you’re in a pickle! Trash them and read on if  you’re in desperate need to unclog those pores and start afresh!

When going non comedogenic makeup, you want water-based, mineral-based, and oil free products – no exceptions! It’s the only way to keep those pores from further irritation and your face zit free!

And, don’t forget to check out our Buying Guide if you need to brush up on the best brands, what ingredients to look for, and tips to create a customized, pore-friendly makeup routine!

Seriously – your complexion depends on it! It’s a matter of life and death… yes, we have a flair for dramatization and we love it!


The Top Non-Comedogenic Makeups

Best Non Comedogenic Primer

Loreal Paris Magic Perfecting BaseIs it time to switch out your acne-causing primer for a non-comedogenic one? Do all our primers seem like a worthy buy? Well, keep your cash on hand until we reveal the top non comedogenic primer from our line-up!

The all-round, outstanding primer award goes to the Loreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base! It does everything you need it to do to look stunning and glamorous all day long! Keep your makeup intact, your fine lines at bay, and the oil-shine down!


Best Non-Comedogenic Concealer

NYX Cosmetics Concealer WandConcealers are the make-it or break-it aspect of your entire makeup routine, and if you don’t get it right, you could look patchy, uneven, and like a cracking, antique vase! So, only deal with the best when it comes to covering up your flaws!

There’s only one concealer that offers everything a girl needs when it comes covering, blending, and providing a natural look, and it’s the NYX Cosmetics Concealer Wand. Not only is it a great, oil free non comedogenic concealer, it’s affordable, has a wand, and there are a ton of shade options! That’s why it gets the only spot in our recommended product for you!


Best Non-Comedogenic Foundation

COVERGIRL Advanced Radiance FoundationLight coverage, full coverage, dark, light… how do you choose? If it’s going to cause you to break a sweat, don’t bother. We’ll tell you which is the best oil free non comedogenic foundation from our line-up so you can get brushing today!

It has to be the CoverGirl Advanced Radiance Foundation! We, and neither should you, are able to resist the ingenious combination of CoverGirl and Olay teams that joined forces to create a force of power – your full coverage, age defying foundation! Well done teams!


Best Non Comedogenic Powder...

Bella Pierre Mineral FoundationAre you going for classy or trashy? Well, it all depends on the quality of your powdered foundation and how well you apply it! This takes us to recommending the top non comedogenic powder foundation in the market – and, only one made the cut!

You guessed it! It’s the Bella Pierre Mineral Foundation. It’s the highest rated foundation in our line-up because it deserves it! In powder form, it provides breathability, and it lasts for ages. Plus, if you can use a foundation with only 4 ingredients and still have it be natural and effective – it’s a no-brainer. This non-comedogenic powder foundation gets our vote – hands down!


Non Comedogenic Makeup Buying Guide


The Down Low on Non Comedogenic Makeup

This type of makeup is widely known among the acne prone and oily skin types. They’ve already got a clue to what this type of makeup can do for you. But, the beauty of it is, dry, sensitive, and normal skin types aren’t excluded from the club! So, let’s get you late bloomers up to date!

Non-comedogenic makeup is also referred to as non-occlusive makeup – sound familiar? Basically, it’s makeup that promises not to clog your pores, and while most of it is oil free, there are some certain types of oils that can be used and are especially effective and beneficial in non-comedogenic products. But, we’ll get into that in a minute.

FYI – While comedogenic sounds so medical and professional, it’s just the fancy way of saying “pore-clogging”.

There you go – cosmetic terminology defined for dummies! You’re very welcome!


Benefits of Non Comedogenic Makeup

Expect nothing but the best when you invest in non pore-clogging products. Hold the cosmetic industry liable and responsible for their claims. If it’s not marketed as non-comedogenic, forget it! Otherwise, your face will be liable for the consequences. And, you would be tricked and deuced by the system!

Back to the topic, here’s some reasons why you should be an excited and willing non-comedogenic convert!


Non Comedogenic Ingredients: to Embrace and Avoid

Just as important as what’s left out of a non-comedogenic makeup product is what’s put in it! Here’s some common ingredients to be on the look-out for.

While this list can go on for quite a bit, these are the more common ingredients. So, let’s explore ingredients you want to avoid like the plague!


Tips to Using Non Comedogenic Makeup Products

You may be wary of over-drying your skin, overuse, and stripping your natural oils. These are all legitimate concerns, and it’s why your entire makeup regime needs to be adjusted. You can’t just eliminate one product or add one item and expect brilliant results. Instead, try some of these helpful tips to get you blushing, swiping, and dabbing like a pro!


Cleanse Properly

Cleanse with a quality soap for your skin type for a germ-free slate before applying makeup. After all, your makeup is only effective with a clean slate.

And, if you’re active and working out, you really should do it au natural – no makeup, even non-comedogenic makeup! While sweat doesn’t cause acne, it does aggravate your skin, especially when you throw makeup in the mix! Wash your face immediately after your workout – nude or makeup-clad.


Stay Kissable

Have you ever had a lip pimple? Right there on the edge? It hurts! Personal experience talking! Watch what makeup gets applied to this area, especially when it comes to chap-sticks, balms, lip liners, and lipsticks!

You can blame petroleum and wax for the pore-clogging side effects, and the more shine and gloss it has, the more likely you’ll end up with un-kissable lips! Watch your mouth!


Suspect Your Hair Products

Hair sprays, gels, mousses, and pomades can easily irritate the hair line, forehead, jaw line, and cheeks. Never thought about it before?

You really need to style with care. Keep your face covered when spraying, keep hair tied up while hitting the treadmill, and better yet, use non-comedogenic hair products!


Use a Quality, Non-Comedogenic Moisturizer

A really good moisturizer can almost replace a primer – almost. But, moisturization should never be underestimated. Your skin needs the hydration and the moisture, especially when you’re packing on cosmetics. Don’t skimp!


Best Non-Comedogenic Makeup Brands

There’s the costly, inexpensive, the good, and the bad. But, that’s where we and the masses come in. We’ll give you a thumbs up for the best makeup brands with the most trusted and reliable non-comedogenic makeup products!



And, since foundation is the most widely used makeup product in the industry, the top non-comedogenic foundation brands are: Bella Pierre, Glo Minerals, L’Oreal Paris, Lola Cosmetics, and Physician’s Formula!

Let’s give these guys a round of applause! This covers affordable right through to your high end products.


Treat the Blemish!

While the best makeup products are awesome at hiding your flaws and blemishes, the best way to use makeup is to treat the underlying cause! Using makeup as a short-term coping method will catch up to you and may be your undoing.

So, our best tip for you? Use makeup to enhance your natural beauty but don’t get addicted! Being totally dependent isn’t sexy – being confident in yourself is!

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