Best Non Comedogenic Primers That Are Ideal for Acne Prone Skin

For long-lasting makeup, no balling, and no creasing, you’ll always need a primer – but, a quality primer at that.

The idea is to prep your skin, fill in creases and fine lines, and provide a smooth surface to apply the rest of your makeup.

You won’t regret buying a full-coverage primer because your makeup will last longer, stay bright and fresh, and it can even reduce pores and provide an even-looking skin tone.

Now, why would you go without one again? Say “never” to ignorance!

Take a look at the top non comedogenic primers on the market below!


Our 3 Top Non Comedogenic Primers

Loreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base Review

Loreal Paris Magic Perfecting BaseWe can see your fine lines! Hearing that makes you feel like you walked nude into a room full of strangers!

Well, without a quality primer to set your makeup, it’s like being half naked with clothes on backwards and falling off your body! But, not with the Loreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base!

The dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic primer instantly sets the stage for your foundation. Use it on your T-zone to mattify and tone down the shine, and use it everywhere else to smoothen and texturize your palette.

And, if you’re self-conscious about those fine lines and large pores, the primer takes care of that too! It glides on easily and smoothly and minimizes the appearance of pores, thanks to the lightweight and silky texture that’s so soft, it belies its cream-like consistency.

The 0.5 ounce bottle has a light pink color but it goes on clear. It won’t tint or change the effect of your foundation or blush. In fact, it’s so silky and absorbent that you can ditch the foundation and wear it alone! Now, that’s a twist on going nude!

Are you ready to brave the nude look or are you going to be clad in stunning shades?

Main Benefits:

  • Mattifying
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Silky, lightweight
  • Minimizes pores/fine lines
  • Studio Secrets Professional Series

Main Drawbacks:

  • Size

Customer Reviews

Hundreds of users of the Loreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base love that it goes on so smooth and clear that they often wear it alone or under a bronzer.

It provides an even tone so that if you don’t have time for a full non-comedogenic makeup regime, you’re set to go au natural!

But, the small 0.5 ounce size is a drawback, but don’t underestimate the benefits of small things with great power!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

Is there a Full-Size Version of the Loreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base?

This 0.5 ounce jar is the full-size version. There is one other size, the .17 ounce jar. That is the trial size version.

Is the Magic Base Compatible with Mineral and other Powder Foundations?

Yes! You can wear it with the finest foundation Loreal Paris has to offer or you can pair it under mineral powder foundation too – whatever floats your boat!

In what Order of a Makeup Routine do you Apply the Perfecting Base?

First, thoroughly wash and cleanse your face. Apply a quality moisturizer and wait for it to completely dry and absorb. Then apply the Perfecting Base. You can follow up with concealer, foundation, and powder if you wish.

Can the Magic Perfecting Base be used on the Eyelids and Lips?

While it’s not marketed for the eyelids or the lips, it’s extremely effective at smoothing creases and fine lines, so it can be used on these areas. It will also help to increase the duration of colored lipstick or eye shadow that you choose.

What Skin Types is the Loreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base Suitable For?

It’s safe and suitable for all skin types.

Loreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base Features:

  • Pleasant smell
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast-drying
  • Can use alone
  • For all skin types

Mary Kay Foundation Primer Sunscreen Review

Mary Kay Foundation Primer SunscreenYou don’t need to be part of the MLM structure of the hugely successful makeup business of Mary Kay to get their legendary cosmetic products! Available online, the Mary Kay Foundation Primer Sunscreen is a popular go-to for many makeup enthusiasts!

The 1 ounce tube of primer has an oil free formula that’s mineral-enriched for superior performance. And, those with oily and acne prone skin types, you’ll be ecstatic to know that this primer goes a step further and absorbs oil!

It also diffuses light to reduce the appearance of your troublesome skin issues, such as pores, fine lines, and wrinkles!

And, it’s no stranger to cosmetic experts since it’s been dermatologist recommended! It’s also non-comedogenic and fragrance free to cater to all skin types, including the sensitive.

But, it’s real stunner benefits comes from its SPF 15 broad spectrum addition that gives you a little peace of mind while out and about.

The sunscreen is made up with active Avobenzone 2.5%, Homosalate 9%, Octisalate 5%, and Octocrylene 3%. How’s that for ultimate benefits in one tiny tube?

Main Benefits:

  • 1 ounce
  • SPF 15
  • Fragrance free
  • Mineral-enriched
  • Oil free

Main Drawbacks:

  • Size

Customer Reviews

The Mary Kay Foundation Primer Sunscreen is a hit with the users! And, it’s been highly rated for its fast-absorbing, lightweight, and sunscreen benefits. Reviews numbering into the hundreds love that it lasts a “really long time!”

And, because it’s long-lasting, it invalidates the complaint of the small size tube. A little really does go a long way!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

What is the Full Ingredient List of the Mary Kay Foundation Primer Sunscreen?

This can be a pain to find out because you have to contact a Mary Kay consultant.

Is the Mary Kay Primer Tinted?

No. The product is clear and colorless and is suitable for all skin tones and types.

Is this a Mattifying Primer?

It does provide some mattifying benefits, however, the Mary Kay Mattifier provides substantial oil blocking results.

Can the Mary Kay Foundation Primer Sunscreen be used in the Eye Area?

Yes! It can be used under the eyes to brighten and smoothen or on the eyelids to reduce makeup creasing and provide endurance to your eye makeup.

Can the Primer Sunscreen Treat Acne?

While the primer is non-comedogenic, it’s not designed to treat or prevent acne and breakouts.

Mary Kay Foundation Primer Sunscreen Features:

  • Velvet finish
  • Lightweight
  • Oil absorbing
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • For all skin types
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Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer Review

Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser PrimerIf you’re plagued by large pores, then you know how hard it can be for makeup to reduce the look of the dots on your face. But, that only happens if you’re not wearing Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer!

Treating pores is its specialty. And, the Maybelline Primer uses Blur Technology to visibly blur the appearance of your pores! Yes – it’s that simple!

The 0.67 ounce tube has a transparent gel formula that goes on clear. You can wear it alone or under your favorite foundation. Either way, it’s going to instantly smooth and refine your skin’s appearance.

And, if one tube isn’t enough for you, you can buy them in packs to make sure you’re never without it! Keep one in the bathroom vanity, in your purse, and in the car. Your pores won’t have a chance to ruin your makeup or your day!

Although it’s fragrance free, it does have Bitter Cherry Extract to emit a fruity scent for those like a whiff and puff of sweet goodness.

Main Benefits:

  • Fragrance free
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Blur Technology
  • Instant Pore Eraser
  • Gel formula

Main Drawbacks:

  • Scent

Customer Reviews

The Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer is an extremely popular primer! And, those with acne prone skin, even the dry acne types, love that it doesn’t break them out.

Plus, the results are excellent and fast, especially considering that you’re not breaking the bank for a quality primer!

But, apparently, not every one is a fan of the bitter cherry scent! They say it smells like gasoline! Is this subjective? Yes. Cherry or gasoline – will you find out?

Popular Questions (and Answers)

Does the Instant Pore Eraser Need to be Paired with another Primer?

You don’t have to, but some users found it was extremely effective at reducing pores while they used a thickened primer to do the rest.

Does the Maybelline New York Baby Skin Primer Cover Pimples and Blemishes?

No. It provides a smooth skin surface and minimizes pores.

Does the Maybelline Instant Pore Eraser Cause Breakouts?

This may depend on how your skin type responds to the ingredients in the primer. Some users adjusted their skincare regime to using this primer every other day to reduce the prevalence of a breakout from the product.

Is this Primer just for the Face?

It’s benefits are only seen when used only the face – not intended for lip or eye use.

Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer Features:

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