Best Quiet Hair Dryers for When You Need a Whisper Quiet Blow Dry

Getting ready for date night, girls night out, or simply for a day at work, you don’t have to wake the kids, disrupt your roommates, or send your dog running for the hills. And, the best blow dryers are the quiet ones.

Without compromising on quality and motor power, you can still get ready for the day without the added noise!

Our 3 Top Quiet Hair Dryers

Andis Quiet Hangup Hair Dryer Review

andis-quiet-hangup-hair-dryerThe Andis Quiet Hangup Dryer is unique in its own way since it’s a wall-mounted blow dryer with many terrific features to make styling fast and easy for all types of hair!

It’s very easy to install since it comes with a paper template and metal plate. The two screws are hidden by the dryer as well as the excess cord which can be unsightly!

Speaking of the cord, you can use as much of it as you want, even if it’s only a few inches while the rest is hidden in the base.

And, if you’re a night owl, the Andis Hangup is quiet and doubles as a night light! The LED unit is energy efficient and runs off the electric power supply, so you don’t have to worry about burnt out bulbs, bumping around in the dark, or awaking others within close proximity.

Another neat feature is the built-in Lifeline Shock Protection! The 1600 watt motor is long lasting and is quiet. And, when it comes to styling, it has 3 position switches – 2 heat settings, 2 speed settings, and a Cool Shot feature.

Main Benefits:

  • Hang-up design
  • Night light
  • 1600 watt
  • Lifeline Shock Protection
  • Energy efficient

Main Drawbacks:

  • No LED adjustable features

Customer Reviews

There’s plenty to rave about when it comes to the efficiency, the extra perks, and the quietness of the Andis Quiet Hangup! It’s so quiet that users have bought it just because of the low noise level!

But, since it is a night light after all, users would like to see adjustable settings such as controlling brightness/dimness as well as a color option to suit preferences.

However, no one can dispute how convenient it is to have a blow dryer readily accessible at all hours of the day – or night – and out of the way!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

Can the LED Night Light be Turned Off?

No. However, during day use the night light is automatically disengaged from use. During night use, the night light automatically turns on.

What Color is the Night Light on the Andis Quiet Hangup?

The LED emits a green light. There is no option to change and set color and brightness settings.

How Long is the Cable from the Mounting Plate to the Outlet?

The cord is fairly short. It’s 26 inches/2.17 feet long.

Does the Dryer have a Hot Wire Installation Option?

You can’t directly connect the unit to an electrical wall box. It only allows for plug in to a wall socket.

Can the Dryer Turn Off Automatically?

Yes! When placing the dryer directly back into the base, it will shut off automatically.

Does the Purchase of the Andis Hair Dryer Include Mounting Hardware?

All hardware required for the dryer is included, such as the paper template, metal plate, and screws.

Andis Quiet Hangup Features:

  • Very quiet
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install
  • See easily in dark
  • Solidly built

Revlon Perfect Heat Fast Dry Speed Hair Dryer Review

revlon-perfect-heat-fast-dry-speed-hair-dryerEvery girl has a bad hair day, but it doesn’t have to be every day! The Revlon Perfect Heat Fast Dry Speed is so affordable that even the college student on a raamen-noodle diet can buy one!

And, it’s not lacking in features either. It’s made from Triple Baked Ceramic components for Ionic Technology to give ultimate shine, smoothness, and volume every day of the week!

The professional rocker switches control speed and heat settings separately – something not commonly seen on cheap hair dryers. And, it also sports a Cold Shot button to blast cool air to set that de-frizzed style in!

Although the Revlon Perfect dryer doesn’t have a hang hook feature, it does sport anti-skid bumpers that make it a breeze to set down in between use and parting hair. This element makes it easy to use and wield to achieve any style, up-do, and coiffure you can think up.

It’s 25 percent lighter than other top hair dryers and is super quiet. While it’s not silent (let us know when you find one!), it’s much more ear-friendly than other standard dryers – you won’t be left deaf after using Revlon.

Main Benefits:

  • Triple Baked Ceramic
  • Tourmaline Ion Technology
  • Anti-skid bumpers
  • 25% lighter
  • Price

Main Drawbacks:

  • Short life

Customer Reviews

New users and even loyal product users of the Revlon brand were impressed by the quality and professional results they got from the Revlon Perfect Heat Fast Dry Speed! That’s why it has happy users numbering in the thousands!

But, users were surprised to find the product didn’t quite last a year of use.

However, that’s still a year of bad hair days being a thing of the past!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

What is the Button Beneath the Rocker Switches?

It’s not a button, it’s an ion indicator light. When in use, the bulb should be lit to activate negative ions to reduce frizz. If the light doesn’t come on, your unit may be defective.

Does the Revlon Perfect Heat Blow Dryer contain any Latex Components?

It’s made of ceramic and hard molded plastic, no latex.

Does it have a Retractable Cord?

No. However the cord cable is 6 feet long allowing for movement when in use, and it doesn’t twist or tangle.

Does the Revlon Perfect Suck Hair into the Fan/Rear Vent?

According to reviewers, this has never been an issue.

Revlon Perfect Heat Fast Dry Speed Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Extra accessories
  • Long cord
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Andis Micro Turbo Dual Voltage Review

andis-micro-turbo-dual-voltage-hair-dryerAndis is known for making some of the best, quiet, and compact blow dryers in the hair industry! So, it’s no wonder the Andis Micro Turbo Dual Voltage is a high-rated favorite among users who are constantly on the go.

And, to cater to those who are on the go with a fast-paced lifestyle or even traveling abroad, the Andis Micro is the perfect micro hair dryer to take with you.

While it’s small and compact, it features a 1600 watt motor – powerful enough to dry hair in a jiffy but quiet enough to not disturb others in the adjoining hotel room or your sleeping baby.

Overseas travelers will love the dual voltage features that can be switched between 125V and 250V!

It’s super simple to use with 2 heat settings and 2 speed settings, and because of its simplicity, it’s extremely affordable!

And, because it’s an Andis, it’s covered with a 5 year warranty. Don’t throw your money away when it you can get it back with several satisfied hair dos!

Main Benefits:

  • Compact
  • Dual Voltage
  • Lifeline Shock Protection
  • 5 year warranty
  • Price

Main Drawbacks:

  • Poor dual voltage switch build

Customer Reviews

The Andis Micro Turbo Dual Voltage is exactly what traveling, noise-sensitive, and busy people need! There’s no question which dryer is the best if you travel and you want your grooming time to be a discreet and personal affair.

But, some users have experienced the plastic dual voltage switch falling out. However, even with this flaw, it doesn’t affect use or its ability to be effective.

Besides, with a 5 year warranty, they’d probably send you a new one!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

What are the Dimensions of the Andis Micro Turbo?

It’s 6.5 inches in length and 3.5 inches across. It’s the perfect size for traveling and packing, and it also comfortably fits in the palm of your hand.

Does the Dryer have Ionic Technology?

It doesn’t emit negative ions to reduce frizz to keep costs down.

How Much does the Andis Turbo Hair Dryer Weigh?

The dryer itself weighs a mere 9 ounces. With the cord and plug in tow, it weighs 13 ounces.

Is this Good for all Types of Hair?

Yes! Thick, fine, curly, and short hair types can reap the most benefits from this dryer. However, if your hair is relatively long, you might want to consider a more powerful dryer.

Is the Andis Dryer a 3 or 2 prong Device?

It has 2 prongs with a GFCI box. The GFCI box protects the user and the appliance from overheating by automatically shutting off if detects an ambiguous current flow.

Where is the Hair Blow Dryer Made?

It’s made in China. Users reveal the 5 year warranty is valid and Andis customer service will replace your unit without charging shipping costs.

Andis Micro Turbo Dual Voltage Features:

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