Best Straightening Brush for 2023: Our 5 Top Hair Straighteners Revealed (incl Ceramic)

5 Sleek Hair Straightening Brushes to Help You Ditch the FrizzStop putting up with the frizz and whiz of unruly and un-tameable hair and put a leash on it! And, that leash would be a straightening brush that can work its magic on even the most unmanageable and damaged types of hair.

Don’t further weaken your already sensitive mane and instead make it strong, shiny, and resilient while looking spectacular at the same time. We’ll tell you how by looking at high temperatures, multi-functional features, heat-protected bristle tips, and additional setting features to really be able to identify the best brushes.

And, to get the most out of your straightener brush buy, we’ll make sure you know everything else there is to know about it. We’ve got all the good goss on all the best brushes right here!

Our 5 Top Hair Straightening Brushes

FemJolie Electric Straightening Brush Review

femjolie-electric-straightening-brushAre you ready to be noticed? Ready to be checked out by both guys and girls? No one can deny that it’s rather flattering to be seen, and you can have it all with the FemJolie Electric Straightening Brush.

You no longer have to pay outrageous prices for a style at the salon. Instead, this electric hair brush straightener has exclusive, innovative, and breakthrough technology to really tame down the mane. It’s an anti-static and anti-frizz brush that leaves your mop shiny and naturally straightened for an effortless look.

It has 3-in-1 technology that straightens, detangles, and massages all the same time. The ceramic plate is fast-heating and can get as hot as your sizzling bod on the San Diego shores – okay, hotter, like 450 degrees hotter!

But, wait! If it can massage and heat at the same time, it would pretty much be pointless to burn your scalp and have it look like a wasted field of ash, right? Wrong!

The tips of the hair brush are silicone and heat-proof at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. So, go to town on some much-needed vibration action for a real stress-free scalp massage.

And, don’t worry if you have flat, frizzy, bushy, or thick hair. The FemJolie brush has custom adjustable temperatures that will tend to each type of hair. So, there’s really no excuse to not have one in your grooming set.

If you thought the fantastic features end here, you’d be wrong – again!

It has an auto shut-off safety feature, a non-grip comfort handle, 360 degree swivel power cord, and an LCD digital display – everything you need for an easy, do-it-yourself professional hair straightener treatment at home.

With one of these under your belt, you’ll be wined and dined in no time!

Main Benefits:

  • 3-in-1 design
  • Custom adjustable temperatures
  • Auto shut-off
  • Silicone heat-proof tips
  • For all types of hair

Main Drawbacks:

  • Not for wet hair

Customer Reviews:

Many hundreds of reviews reveal how happy users are with the FemJolie Electric Brush. They love that it’s super fast at heating up, it doesn’t snag hair, and it’s very user-friendly and ergonomic.

But, it’s not recommended for wet hair use, and it may not get it as flat or styled as some reviewers confessed.

However, it’s an excellent, multi-functional brush that’ll prove you can’t go without if you want to look fab!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

What are then Lengths of the Bristles on the FemJolie Brush?

The tallest bristle is 1 inch. The shortest bristle is 2/3 inch. They vary in length to provide maximum coverage for your hair.

Can You Use Hair Products with the FemJolie Brush?

It’s safe to use heat protecting products that’s applied to the hair before using the brush. However, if any products make the hair wet, you have to wait until it’s dry to use the brush.

How Long is the Power Cord?


The cord is 77 inches/6.4 feet long.

How Should the Brush be Held for the Best Massaging Experience?

Hold the brush so that the bristles are 90 degrees to the scalp. Holding it at an angle on the side will bring the heated bristles too close to the scalp.

Is this Brush a FemJolie or Own Harmony Product?

For those of you that noticed the discrepancy in product photos, Own Harmony was the name of the brand at the first launch of the straightening brush. Later on, they re-branded as FemJolie.

FemJolie Electric Features:

  • Massaging feature
  • Provides natural look
  • Easy to use
  • No snagging

Asavea Portable Electric 3.0 Review

asavea-hair-straightener-brush-mchNo more bad hair days and no more frizz! Say goodbye to those runaway and rebellious strays and bring on the shine. No jokes – the Asavea Portable Electric Brush 3.0 is the go-to for transforming your appearance from lawless to gorgeous!

It has Anti-Scald Technology Assurance features for maximum results without the scalding and burns that can happen with other brushes. And, Asavea achieves this with DuPont plastic materials, patented CE and FCC-certified designs, highest quality raw materials, and inspector certifications.

And, if time is of import, then you’ll be pleased to know that within a mere 60 seconds, your Asavea brush will be 365 degrees ready, temperature steady, and powerful.

Salon and professional results are what you should expect with its 23 expert-grade PTC ceramic heating components, slim design, and ceramic iron teeth to protect hair. The special design also allows you to straighten swaths at a time – don’t be deceived by its slim form, it can hold its own.

And, although there’s a lot of fancy features, it’s extremely easy to use. It has a temperature level indicator, temperature direction settings, and a power button. What more do you really need?

It even has a 360 degree swivel cord and six different temperature settings to really attack and domesticate any type of hair. So, put a bounty on yourself and let Asavea subdue your unruly mop.

Main Benefits:

  • 6 temperature settings
  • Rapid heat-up time
  • Anti-Scald Technology
  • For all hair types
  • Price

Main Drawbacks:

  • Button position

Customer Reviews:

The Asavea Portable Electric Hair Straightening Brush 3.0 is a favorite and affordable brush according to the innumerable amount of reviews. And, the thing they love the most is the rapid heat-up time. It gets hot fast and does a great job for a fast hair straightener.

Like most straightening brushes, the Asavea features its button settings in an awkward position where the thumb naturally wants to lie. But, with that aside, the Asavea 3.0 is a brush you won’t ever be able to go without again.

Popular Questions (and Answers)

Does the Asavea Brush Lose Heat During Use?

The expert-grade PTC ceramic heating components maintain a steady and consistent temperature throughout the entire time of use. It won’t lose or degrade in heat unless you deliberately turn down the temperature setting.

Does this Brush Provide a Pin-Straight Effect?

Due to the design of electric straightening brushes, it does get hair straight, but not pin-straight. It’s more of a natural, smooth, and soft effect.

Will this Burn Your Scalp if You Touch It?

The heating elements are on the inside of the brush where the bristles lie. The outer parts will not burn or scald your hands or your scalp, thanks to the design and safety features.

Does the Asavea 3.0 Have an Automatic Shut-Off Feature?

The brush will automatically shut itself off after 20 minutes.

What Color is the 3.0 Brush?

It’s a deep red and black.

Asavea Portable Electric 3.0 Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast to heat up
  • Doesn’t burn scalp
  • Straighten large swaths

Droiee Hair Straightener Brush Review

droiee-hair-straightener-brushAre you breaking and causing irreparable damage to your hair from a flat-iron? Well, stop settling for straw-like and broken hair for the sake of pin-straight. The Droiee Hair Straightener Brush is going to change the way you look at hair styling from here on out!

Nothing should come within ruler measure of your hair if it isn’t quality and if it isn’t a Droiee. That’s because this hair straightener is paraben and chemical free, and it performs at the highest standards of quality you would expect from a professional in a salon.

And, although it’s salon-grade with salon standards, it comes without salon prices and salon complexity. It’s so easy to use, with its three side buttons and LED display. Plug it in and you’re ready to get stylin’!

It’s a 4-in-1 brush that straightens, detangles, is anti-static, and anti-scald – no matter how messed-up you think your hair is! Just set the temperature setting you desire and get straightening – without the damage and breakage.

And, forget the blow dryer, you may as well throw it out. With the Droiee in your grooming kit, just let your hair air-dry and then do all your styling for a natural, straight look. Less work, less damage, and less time – it’s a win-win situation!

Main Benefits:

  • Auto shut-off
  • 4-in-1
  • Price
  • LED Display
  • Button position

Main Drawbacks:

  • Lacks high heat

Customer Reviews:

It seems the Droiee Hair Straightener Brush is very popular for those times you’re in a pinch and you need a quick job done. It’s low cost price tag was also a very attractive feature for buyers.

But, there are some users that feel it didn’t get hot enough to get a precise and thorough job done. On the flip side, most buyers were extremely pleased with the results of their affordable buy.

Popular Questions (and Answers)

Does the Droiee Have Recommended Temperature Settings for Types of Hair?

No. However, you can heat up the straightener to whatever temperature setting you’d like for whatever hair type you have.

What are the Highest and Lowest Temperature Settings of the Brush?

According to Droiee, the highest temperature the brush can reach is 230 degrees Celsius/446 degrees Fahrenheit.

The lowest temperature the brush can operate at is 150 degrees Celsius/302 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does the Cord Swivel?

This particular Droiee straightening brush doesn’t have the swiveling cord feature.

What is Nylea?

Nylea is the parent brand of the Droiee Hair Straightening Brush.

Droiee Brush Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Basic in design
  • Entry level brush
  • For most hair types

Asavea Hair Straightener Brush MCH Review

asavea-portable-electric-hair-straightening-brushIf you’re looking for the newest and best hair straightening products to the market and you’re following the review trails, then the Asavea Hair Straightener Brush MCH is going to be on the top of your list!

It is astounding its loyal fan base with its MCH ceramic heat technology that promises high temperatures with consistency throughout your entire brushing experience… sounds attractive enough.

Its heat range starts at a hot 330 degrees Fahrenheit and maxes out at 450 degrees. You’re going to be smooth, frizz-free, and soft in significantly less time than what it would take with a flat iron. Now, that’s hot!

And, it doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, you can all achieve sexy status with the Asavea. With its multiple heat settings, ceramic heating elements, auto temperature lock, and temperature indicator, you’ll know exactly how to crank up the heat to turn your do from sad to fab!

And, this wouldn’t be an Asavea product if it wasn’t up to the highest standards of safety expected from users and licensors. The MCH straightening hair brush was made using the highest quality of DuPont plastic materials with a patented design that prevents scalding and burning – that’s good to know!

Expect the best when it comes to Asavea, and the MCH Technology and improved electric brush has been redeveloped just for you. It has a full 360 degree swivel cord, an auto temperature lock feature, and automatic shut-off.

But, beware, this Asavea brush isn’t for the faint of heart. You’re going to attract attention with your new-found do that leaves you with an aura of “beauty is effortless”. Are you brave enough to wear it?

Main Benefits:

  • MCH Technology
  • Auto temperature lock
  • High temperatures
  • Swivel cord
  • Auto shut-off

Main Drawbacks:

  • Not for wet hair

Customer Reviews:

Even though the Asavea Hair Straightener Brush MCH is still very new to the beauty product market, it’s stacking up abundant reviews like Oreo cookies! Loyalists to the Asavea brand rave about its straightening effectiveness, no frizz, and temperature control.

And, although it’s for dry hair only, most straightening brushes are, so we’re not holding that against it. All in all, this product just can’t be beat – it’s the best.

Popular Questions (and Answers)

What Comes in the Box with the Asavea Straightening Brush?

When you purchase your Asavea straightener brush, the box should include extra accessories.

1 Asavea straightener brush (with cord), 2 hair stickers, 1 user menu, 1 cleaning brush, 1 Instruction manual.

What is the Voltage of the Asavea Brush?

It has universal voltage. It comes with dual capabilities to fit 110 volt power outlets to 240 volts.

What is the Auto Temperature Lock Feature?

You can lock your temperature setting while using the brush. If you accidentally bump temperature change and power buttons during use, it will not shut off or affect your locked-in settings.

Where are the Buttons Positioned on the Asavea Brush?

They’re located on the front of the brush versus the backside like many conventional electric straightening brushes.

This is an improved design to prevent interference from where thumbs like to naturally lie on the brush.

Asavea MCH Features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use
  • Stays hot
  • Locks in settings
  • Gentle on scalp

Magnefiko Brush Review

magnefiko-hair-straightening-brushDo you have hair that can rival a Halloween witches wig? And, when we mean rival, we actually mean outdo! Don’t be an evergreen Halloween costume anymore and yoke in your hair to really portray who you want to be! And, to help you to transform yourself is the Magnefiko Hair Straightening Brush!

It follows the same trends that many amazing brushes have, so you should expect excellent results from the hair massager, the hair straightener, and the detangling comb. Its 3-in-1 design makes it a multi-functional product that will earn points for your score board.

Magnefiko even goes a step further and promises a huge time-saving advantage that all hair groomers are after – straighten with one pass. Right about now should be a well-earned low whistle if its claim is truly that of one stroke results.

Conveniently, the brush is also following the trend of buttons on the side instead of the back. Say goodbye to accidental shut offs and temperature changes!

But, if you’re worried about being accidentally burned, the bristles are embedded in an insulated inner sleeve that’s anti-scald. The outer shell of the brush itself also prevents burns and high heat temperatures with its high temperature heating materials.

So, throw a 360 swivel cord in there, an easy to read LED display, and heat insulated tips, and you’re no longer be a walking zombie or bedhead. The brush has your best interests at heart, otherwise, there’s going to be that kid that asks if you’re ready for Halloween, and it’s March – it’s bound to happen.

Main Benefits:

  • 3-in-1
  • Anti scald
  • Anti frizz
  • High temperatures
  • Swivel cord

Main Drawbacks:

  • Doesn’t flatten hair

Customer Reviews:

As a very new electric brush straightener, the Magnefiko is starting off with a bang! Reviews are pouring in about how easy it is to use, its high end features, and its gentle but effective results.

However, if you want flattened hair like what a flat iron provides, you’re going to be disappointed.

But, since the natural, straightened look is gaining popularity, the Magnefiko is just that – magnificent!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

Is the Magenfiko Brush Safe for Children to Use?

While adult supervision is always recommended, the anti-scald technology will prevent accidental burns and the easy operation is simple enough for a child to understand its use.

Still, adult supervision must be administered.

Is this Electric Brush as Effective as a Flat Iron?

Although most brushes have ceramic components, the effect is going to vary because flat irons use ceramic plates on both sides of the hair strand.

A more natural, straightened, frizz-free effect is the result of a brush versus the pin and flat straight effect of a flat iron.

Will the Bristles Burn if they Touch the Scalp?

No, the bristles or teeth are anti-scald and they’re also tipped with red, heat insulated caps.

Magnefiko Brush Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read display
  • Heats up quickly
  • Side button position
  • Prevents accidental burns

The Best Hair Straightening Brush For You?

It’s hard to narrow down by budget when it comes to this kind of beauty product because most brushes are relatively in the same price range. So, to figure out which is the best hair straightener for you, take into consideration features, temperature effectiveness, and of course, reviews!

Lowest Price...

However, speaking of budget, there was one that was priced lower than the rest in this line-up, and that’s the Droiee Straightening Brush! It’s a great starter tool and will definitely prove to be a great entry level buy.

The Droiee has excellent value, especially when you take into account the Magnefiko Brush that’s about the same in quality and features as the Droiee, but it’s tagged at double the price.

Great Value...

Now, the FemJolie Hair Straightening Brush and the Asavea 3.0 are excellent products in their own right. They’re both sexy, stunning, and sleek brushes that are equal in features, quality, and price. Either buy will be a worth-it investment.

Our Top Pick...

But, the top straightening brush should transform your reckless and rowdy mop of straw into a silky, smooth, and completely tame do. And, if your budget allows you to spend a little more, then the best pick of the entire lot is the Asavea with MCH Technology.

It has everything you want to see in a straightening brush, and it also reflects its superiority with its excellent feedback and ratings to stand behind its back. There is no hesitation or batting of the eyelids here – the Asavea is your ultimate hair make-over tool.

Hair Straightening Brush Buying Guide

Don't further weaken your already sensitive mane and instead make it strong, shiny, and resilient while looking spectacular at the same time. We'll tell you how by looking at high temperatures, multi-functional features, heat-protected bristle tips, and additional setting features to really be able to identify the best brushes. And, to get the most out of your straightener brush buy, we'll make sure you know everything else there is to know about it. We've got all the good goss on all the best brushes right here!

Brush vs Flat Iron

If you have frizz, whiz, and jizz for hair then you’re probably wondering if a brush will work for you or if you’re doomed to using a flat iron forever. So, we’ll weigh up the advantages for both so you can make the most informed decision possible!

Flat Iron Advantages

  • Very pin-straight results
  • Works excellently for all types of hair
  • Operates at high temperatures
  • Can be for both dry and wet hair
  • Provides long term styling

While the results of flat ironed hair are very pleasing, it’s obvious that the hair can experience extreme damage when clamped between the high-temperatured ceramic plates. Split ends, dryness, and weak hair is usually the price to pay for flat ironing.

Straightening Brush Advantages

  • No clamping necessary
  • Detangling and brushing is done simultaneously
  • Excellent option for daily and frequent styling
  • Provides a more natural-looking result
  • Negative ions remove static
  • Can massage scalp
  • Less dryness and damage to hair and roots

The last advantage is a huge benefit if you’re choosing the brush over the flat iron. And, because of this advantage, you actually have hair left that’s worth styling!

Electric vs Non-Electric

The most effective hair straightening brushes are going to be electric. They’ll need to be heated to high temperatures to get rid of kinks, curls, and waves to really provide a straightening effect. So, what kind of non-electric brushes are there?

The most obvious non-electric straightening brush is actually a combination of hair tools – the long-time hair dryer and round barrel brush. While your hair is wet, you comb first and apply the hair dryer to dry as you go.

This straightening process is usually sufficient for some people with generally straight or thin hair – but, for those who have been “cursed” with course, thick, and very wavy hair, electric brushes are going to work wonders.

Types of Straightening Brushes

Many types of brushes can be used to volumize, curl, and style hair, other than just straightening. Some can be motorized to rotate and others can can emit warm air and vent away moisture.

Hair Straightener Brush

This is the most common and popularly-used type of straightening brush around. It looks just like a hair brush, the bristles and inner pad of the brush are typically heated with ceramic components for straightening and smoothing out hair. But, you typically have to have dry hair to use it effectively.

Double Pronged Ceramic Plated Brush

Think of two bristled brushes facing each other like a flat iron. Some models may require that you also use a hair dryer with use and some models don’t. This also presents the option of wet and dry use.

Hot Air Brush

The best hot air brushes (like these) have a barrel type design and they actually blow warm air through the vented barrel. This system combines both the brush and blow drying process that’s mentioned in the “Electric vs Non-Electric” section.

Features that Make or Break a Straightening Brush

Barrel Material

While ceramic is the most commonly used heating element for brushes, you can also find tourmaline and titanium brushes that are rapid-heating as well.

Bristle Material

How well it handles high heat, how effective it is at transferring heat, and if it’s really a detangler are definitely factors you want to consider, especially when filtering through the hair straightening brush reviews. So, for this specific feature, we highly recommend you look for brushes with nylon bristles.

High Temperatures

This might be the make it or break it feature as high temperatures are needed to reign in and straighten hair. 300 degrees Fahrenheit should be the lowest temperature, and this heat is recommended for thin, fine, flat, and relatively easy-to-work-with hair.

For more difficult types and thicker hair, you’ll want something that can get 350 degrees or higher. The more customizable settings it has for types of hair – the better.

Anti-Static and Anti-Frizz

Hair is full of positive and negative ions. And, the more positive ions there are, the more frizz and strays you’re going to have – see, it’s not entirely your fault you have difficult hair!

The ultimate straightening brushes are going to release negative ions to tame down and smooth out those rebels.

Auto Shut-Off

This is a major feature that every brush should have! There’s nothing worse than having your counter-top or your house burn down thanks to your forgetful memory. And, your OCD tendencies can rest at ease knowing the brush is smart enough to turn itself off.


Getting the ends of your hair with a slight curl or even being able to add volume while straightening is a big plus! So, look for brushes that have a versatile design to DIY it, or a brush that has the ability to do it all!

Tips to Use a Straightening Brush

  • For the best results, make sure your hair is dry.
  • Ensure you’ve prepped your hair with heat protectant products.
  • Separate your hair into sections for easier managing and uniformity.
  • For straightening, guide the brush from root to tip, preferably with inward motions pulling down.
  • For natural waves, guide the brush and slowly twist in outward motions.
  • Longer or thicker hair may take 20-40 minutes.
  • For larger curls and waves, opt for a rotating and larger size barrel brush
  • Once you’re done, for a smoother and silkier finish, guide the brush from the ends first and roll up the length of hair and pull out gently as hair goes through the bristles.

Don’t get steam-rolled with lemons and duds!

Instead, buy something that’s proven to work and has been used by even the frizziest and most insubordinate hair types by getting up to date on the latest straightener brush reviews!

Your do depends on it.