Best Tanning Lotion: We Review 2019’s Top Indoor Sunless Tanners & Outdoor Self Tan Products

The Best Tanning Lotions to Help You Get Your Bronze OnBanish the white flashes that are blinding to not just you, but to everyone who has the traumatic experience of seeing your exposed, pale flesh!

Instead, tan it on up and bronze it on in with the best self-tanning lotions that’ll have on-lookers checking you out instead of regrettably checking on out!

Dazzle and sparkle your tanning experience this way as you filter out what lotion will give you maximum results in maximum time.

If you’re a tanning bed gal or guy or even just an indoor tanner, we have the best options lined up just for you. And, for you beach bums and sunshine chasers, the top outdoor tanning lotions have been reviewed and rated too!

But, for you serious tan-o-holics that are on the loose, we’ll reign you in and tickle you away with the hottest heat and sexiest buzz you’ll find in the market.


The Top Tanning Lotions

With so many tanning lotions to choose from, it can be a serious understatement to say you might feel overwhelmed. Well, sweat no more! The hard work has been done, and we’ll offer up the best tanning creams for each category right here!


For the Tanning Bed...

millenium-solid-black-100xIf the tanning bed is your choice of tan, then don’t do it solo! The Millennium Tanning Solid Black 100X gets the highest recommendation out of the line-up.

Its ultra-advanced 100X silicone bronzer with auto-darkening tan technology is a serious formula for those serious about adding the “dark” factor in the tall, dark, and handsome – or beautiful – equation!


Indoor Tanning...

millenium-paint-it-black-50xFor a general indoor lotion that works magic in stimulating and intensifying the much-desired bronze shade, the Millennium Tanning brand takes home the gold once again with the Paint It Black 50X lotion!

This is no surprise since it’s a best seller! It’s extremely popular because it’s not tanner-discriminatory – everyone can get their bronze on with this special darkening formula.