Best Tanning Lotion: We Review 2017’s Top Indoor Sunless Tanners & Outdoor Self Tan Products

The Best Tanning Lotions to Help You Get Your Bronze OnBanish the white flashes that are blinding to not just you, but to everyone who has the traumatic experience of seeing your exposed, pale flesh!

Instead, tan it on up and bronze it on in with the best tanning lotions that’ll have on-lookers checking you out instead of regrettably checking on out!

Dazzle and sparkle your tanning experience this way as you filter out what tanning lotion will give you maximum results in maximum time.

If you’re a tanning bed gal or guy or even just an indoor tanner, we have the best options lined up just for you. And, for you beach bums and sunshine chasers, the best outdoor tanning lotions have been reviewed and rated too!

But, for you serious tan-o-holics that are on the loose, we’ll reign you in and tickle you away with the hottest heat and sexiest buzz you’ll find in the market. All promises are guaranteed!

Best Tanning Bed Lotion 2017 – Our Top 3

The best tanning bed lotions are the ones that provide a dark bronzing effect with moisturizing qualities to really deepen your tan. They’re best for use in short spurts of controlled exposure to UVA/UVB rays, and they work excellently to maintain and darken your tan if you already have an established base.

So lather up with the best tanning bed lotion for darkest tan possible before your 10 minutes in the bed are up!

Millennium Tanning Solid Black 100X Review

millenium-solid-black-100xIf you’re a tan-o-holic and you’re looking to keep or enhance your dark, golden, sun-kissed tan, then the Millennium Tanning Solid Black 100X lotion is going to drive it in and lock it in!

It’s an ultra-advanced 100X silicone bronzer with auto-darkening tan technology to really maximize your tanning bed session. Although it’s not a self-tanner, it’s the perfect accompaniment to your 15 minutes of peace while you’re in the bed – you’ll notice a deeper tan just after one session and a couple hours to really let it soak in.

The silicone bronzer gives you a nice tint while the auto-darkening technology helps drive it in layers deep to really accelerate the production of melanin. What you’re left with is an exotic, brown tan that resembles nothing like a ripened orange.

You won’t be left dry, flaky, and withering after your tanning session if you apply the Solid Black 100X lotion first. While under controlled UVA and UVB rays, your skin will soak up every last bit of lotion to moisturize and nourish skin cells. Since bronzer met Moisturizer, it has been the best relationship that tanners have ever wished for!

Your legs, arms, and torso are not the only parts of your body that will look like you spent days out in the sun. This is safe to apply to the face as well for an even, all-body tan.

And, if you’re on a budget and spending over $100 just doesn’t sound appealing at all, then you’re going to love the low cost of the Millennium Solid Black 100X tanning bed lotion! It’s right within the affordable range and you’re getting a full 13.5 ounces to really go to town with! You don’t have to ditch quality to snag value!

Main Benefits:

  • 100X silicone bronzer
  • Auto-darkening technology
  • All-body
  • Price

Main Drawbacks:

  • Smell

Customer Reviews:

There are seriously several hundred thrilled and tanned users of the Millennium Tanning Solid Black 100X lotion, and that’s because they’ve figured out how to apply it properly. When looking for that darkening effect on their tan-in-progress, they couldn’t be happier!

But, the flowery scent isn’t for everyone – evident by a few reviewer’s comments. However, the smell factor is subjective, and really, who doesn’t like Orchid Blush?

It seems overall that the 100X tanning bed lotion is the best tanning bed lotion for darkest tan possible, and with its low-cost price, you might never want to go back!

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Can you Shower or Sweat with the Lotion and Still Get Tan?

Can it be Used on the Face?

Millennium Tanning Solid Black 100X Features:

  • Easy to rub in
  • Squeeze head for desired amount every time
  • Nice consistency
  • Extremely affordable

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion Review

ed-hardy-coconut-kissesFor a luxurious tanning experience, the Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanner will intrigue you. Lather yourself in coconut milk and coconut oil that’s been blended with tanning intensifiers to really nourish, moisturize, and darken your skin for a beautiful golden shade.

Quad Tyrosine Blend and MelanoBronze tanning intensifiers work together to stimulate and enhance melanin production to accelerate the tanning process, even if you have ghost-like and banshee skin tones – oops, we mean fair to medium skin tones.

The intensifiers are what make it an excellent self tanner for tanning bed sessions. It helps to lock that tan in deeper and evenly to produce longer-lasting results. And, this tanning bed lotion even goes a step further too.

As an age-defying lotion, your new tan will be worn on skin that’s soft, well-hydrated, and moisturized. And, the coconut ingredients don’t get all the credit to themselves. The Coconut Kisses tanning lotion is also made with aloe vera juice, vitamin C, vitamin E, safflower seed oil, banana fruit extract, and cocoa seed butter. It sounds good enough to eat! Your skin will be left glowing, radiant, and sun-kissed.

But, the skin benefits don’t end here. If your body is endowed with body art, then there’s a special perk just for you.

You can preserve the radiance and life of your tattoos by using the Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses lotion too! It deepens, restores, and maintains colors while the BodyFit ingredient helps to reduce cellulite and firm skin so that your tattoo looks just as fresh as the day you got it.

Made without bronzers, this lotion won’t leave you streaky or looking like a pumpkin ripe for a Halloween carving. Instead, you’ll be left looking like a coconut, smelling like a coconut that loves vanilla, all while drinking from a coconut. Doesn’t that just sound splendid?

Main Benefits:

  • Tanning intensifiers
  • Moisturizing and hydrating
  • Natural ingredients
  • Age defying
  • Tattoo protection

Main Drawbacks:

  • Weak color

Customer Reviews:

Hundreds of positive tanning bed lotion reviews show many tanned bodies are very happy with Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden. Almost everyone says it smells lovely and the fact that it doesn’t turn you orange – anywhere, is a huge bonus!

But, some reviews reveal that they think the Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses lotion is too weak, either not locking in the tan long enough or not developing dark enough.

But, for most people who are trying to develop a base tan for use in tanning beds, it’s a keeper!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

What does the Ed Hardy Lotion Smell Like?

Does it Have to be used with a Tanning Bed?

Is the Coconut Kisses Lotion Thick?

Does the Ed Hardy lotion contain silicone?

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Features:

  • Smells like vanilla
  • No streaks/turn you orange
  • Spreads easily
  • No greasy or sticky residue

Australian Gold Sinfully Black 15X Deep Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion Review

australian-gold-sinfully-blackHow does using the tanning bed as little as possible sound? You don’t have to give up trying to achieve the perfect brownness you so desire either. This is the goal of the Australian Gold Sinfully Black 15X Deep Dark Bronzing tanner – less time stuck in the tanning bed, healthy skin, and you – a natural brown.

And, it truly does have your best skin interests at heart. It has 15 times dark and deep bronzing power that’s been blended and infused with exotic ingredients such as Monoi De Tahiti Extract, Caramel, Black Walnut, Olive Fruit Oil, and Aloe Vera Leaf Juice. All these ingredients to give you the best lotion possible for your brown skin.

While tanning is the name of the game, it’s no secret that the tanning process is greedy for moisture. The typical results are, you get your brown skin, but you look like a broken-in leather belt. That kind of defeats the purpose of sexy, right?

But, the Australian Gold Sinfully Black tanning bed lotion re-hydrates your skin, not just so your skin is left healthier than before, but well-hydrated skin means deeper tanning.

The further down your skin tissue can suck in moisture, the deeper your tanning shade will be. It’s also made without the nasty DHA that turns you into a pumpkin! This is why it’s the top tanning lotion for fair skin – you’re left with nothing but golden shades of brown.

How does Sweet Berries sound to you? That’s the fragrance of the Sinfully Black 15X tanning bed lotion, and it works well for both women and men. It’s not overwhelmingly powerful, and it won’t be a dead give-away if you’re heading straight back to work. And, since it won’t stain your hands or your body, it won’t stain your clothes either! Bonus! No one has to know what you did on your lunch break – you were just as tan this morning as you are now, right? Wink wink!

Main Benefits:

  • 15X bronzing power
  • Natural ingredients
  • No DHA
  • Moisturizer

Main Drawbacks:

  • Thin consistency

Customer Reviews:

Reviews say that Australian Gold Sinfully Black 15X  is a life saver for the busy person with a hectic lifestyle! Requiring minimal time in the tanning bed to develop a base tan while on a lunch break happens to be its biggest attraction.

But, for such a small bottle with thin viscosity, it means you go through more product than you normally would with other self tanners. However, the fact that it’s not an orange-turning, Halloween lotion heavily outweighs any doubt of its tanning magic.

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What are the Moisturizing Ingredients?

Australian Gold Sinfully Black 15X Features:

  • Easy to apply
  • Allows for minimal time in bed
  • No staining
  • For fair to medium skin tones

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion 2017 – Our Top 3

The best self tanners all have one thing in common – getting a natural-looking, deep, and rich tan fast. And, the best indoor self tanners have been bought, rated, and tried by tan-o-holics just like yourself.

To stimulate the natural tanning process while moisturizing your skin at the same time, an indoor tanning lotion is the answer to your tanning prayers!

Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X Review

millenium-paint-it-black-50xIf you’re lost and in search of the best indoor tanner, then you definitely need to get yourself on the yellow brick road to find Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X.

As a best seller product, you can get giddy about the best indoor tanning lotion that’ll transform you from Tin Man pale to exotic beauty.

It won’t take a wizard in an Emerald City to get you your luscious brown tan either. Instead, it only takes rubbing in the specially-formulated 50X Auto Darkening Tan Technology lotion.

Sounds fancy? It combines both bronzing and tanning acceleration processes to deliver extreme darkening results. Say goodbye to tin-pale skin and hello to the golden shade of a lion!

And, even though the Millennium lotion has DHA in it, don’t worry about turning as orange as a ripe, sweet navel. The DHA-enriching effects will ripen and deepen your tan to a darker, bronzer shade if you’re applying it properly in a controlled setting.

The Paint It Black sunless tanner wouldn’t be a best seller if it didn’t nourish and moisturize your skin at the same time. Its silicone emulsion blend gives it a silky and smooth viscosity that feels absolutely indulgent on your skin.

The skin firming and ultra moisturization benefits sink in deep, and it lasts all day for super-hydrating results. No more scratchy, straw-like, and scarecrow-feeling skin.

The Paint It Black indoor tanning lotion has an excellent price and is very affordable if you are looking for a 13.5 ounce bottle online. Its price for volume ratio is a contributing factor to its best seller status.

So, if you’re ready to find yourself charmingly golden and bronze with three clicks of online magic – search, add to cart, and buy – then it seems you’ve found the end of the yellow brick road.

Main Benefits:

  • 50X Auto-Darkening Technology
  • Bronzer
  • Skin firming
  • Silicone emulsion
  • Accelerator

Main Drawbacks:

  • Not for sensitive skin

Customer Reviews:

Straight from the lips of the reviewers, it seems that the Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X lotion is the best bronzing, tanning, and moisturizing lotion available – ever! They especially liked that it brought on a seemingly natural and deep tan after only a couple applications.

But, if you have sensitive skin you might want to test it out an a small area first just to make sure you don’t break out, itch, or react to the chemicals in the lotion. Otherwise, like many satisfied users, enjoy the dark and deep tan!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

Is the Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X for Indoor or Outdoor Application?

Does the Paint It Black Lotion have SPF?

Does this Work on Fair Skin Types?

Is the Millennium Paint It Black Lotion Waterproof?

Which Lotion is More Beginner-Friendly, the 50X or the 100X?

Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X Features

  • Silky and soft texture
  • Easy and smooth to apply
  • Excellent value
  • Fragrance is pleasant
  • Great to start a tan

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Lotion Review

australian-gold-cheeky-brown-tanningMade for both indoor tanning and some outdoor use, Australian Gold does it again with the Cheeky Brown Tanning Lotion that now includes natural bronzing agents! So, use it to start off your base tan or to deepen your existing tan – either way, you’ll look like a beach bum in no time!

As a tanning accelerator, you can effectively use it while you’re getting the perfect tan in a tanning bed or you can do it old-school style under the sun. Either way, you’ll get a fast tan without ending up like a burnt crumpet.

Apart from raking in a luminous and bronze glow, your skin will also appreciate the nourishing benefits. Natural and native Australian oils such as Tea Tree leaf oil make up the ingredients list to hydrate and moisturize your exotic tan. And, if you’re chemical-conscious, it’s a paraben and silicone-free self tanner too!

And, all the moisturizing, bronzing, and dark tanning benefits are fit for you fair-skinned types too. To really give yourself a kick-start in the tanning process, the Cheeky Brown is the perfect tanning lotion to get started with since it’s affordable, super easy to apply, and the tint isn’t too dark to leave you streaky.

Don’t waste your money on “higher-end” Salon products again. There’s nothing more rewarding than getting a perfect tan, with the perfect shade, in the perfect amount of time for perfect value.

Save yourself a kick in the butt, a white one too, by trying out the Cheeky Brown tanner – you could give yourself a pat on your own brown back.

Main Benefits:

  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Bronzer
  • Accelerator
  • Native Australian oils
  • Paraben and silicone-free

Main Drawbacks:

  • No SPF

Customer Reviews:

This is a high-in-demand tanning lotion for all those who want a dark tan fast. Pretty much everyone loves this all-time favorite sun tanning product – it smells great, works great, and lasts longer than most others.

It’s like pulling teeth to find something “wrong” with it, and the only thing to mention is, there’s little sun protection for it to be advertised as an indoor and outdoor product.

But, let’s not forget that it’s primarily an indoor tanning cream, and when used as that, the results will speak for themselves.

Popular Questions (and Answers)

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Does it Smell Burned After Using it in a Tanning Bed?

Can Men Use the Cheeky Brown Tanning Lotion too?

Where is the Expiration Date?

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Features:

  • Great value
  • Fast results
  • 8.5 ounce bottle
  • Convenient size for portability

Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion Review

australian-gold-jwowwYou don’t have to be a “Jersey Shore” fan to appreciate the slick, black and gold, 13.5 ounce bottle of tinted goodness that will have you dark, brown, and caramel in no time. The Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Self Tanner is going to be your base-tan Queen!

As a bronzer, you’re soaking in the best natural ingredients to really set yourself up for a golden, sun-kissed glow. The lotion is infused with Caramel, Walnut Shell Extract, Monoi de Tahiti, and Dark Natural Bronzers to dye out your blinding paleness to replace it with sexy brownness.

And, whenever you see Black Currant Oil and Hemp Seed Oil, you know you’re in for a super-moisturizing all-body treatment. Combine the natural ingredients with a concentrated combo of vitamins, Kukui Nut Oil, and Sunflower Oil, and you’ll be as soft as a baby’s bottom all day long.

Let this specially-formulated top tanning lotion soak into your skin before you hit the tanning bed to prep for the deepest and darkest shade possible. It’s extremely absorbent, won’t leave sticky or greasy residue behind, and you will see results as early as your first tanning session.

Wondering how it’s going to work for you? If you want to start your tan, this is the perfect product for you. On the flip side, if you’re looking to deepen the base tan you already have and you’ve plateaued with other tanners, this is also the best tanning lotion for you!

While the price is a little more than average for the volume you’re getting, it’s supportable that it’s worth every penny, especially when comparing it to other more expensive tanning lotions. You won’t be overpaying when you see your blackest tan ever!

Main Benefits:

  • Extremely absorbent
  • Highly moisturizing
  • Deepens plateaued tans
  • Starts base tan
  • Dark, natural bronzers

Main Drawbacks:

  • No SPF

Customer Reviews:

The first and foremost benefit that users of Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark praise are the fast results, if you want to know how to tan faster, this is one of the best tanning lotions for the job. Also, as many tanners experience plateaus with their tans, the Jwoww Black Bronzer really ups the game and goes a step further in the tanning process.

But, users do say that it would be more popular if it had SPF for sun-protection too. However, all indoor self tanning lotions don’t contain broad spectrum, so it’s not a specific negative on this bronzer.

But, for getting darker than just a glowing, golden shade, the Jwoww bronzer is impressive!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

How Long Should I Use the Jwoww Black Bronzer to get Really Dark?

Does the Australian Gold Black Bronzer Stain Clothing?

Can it be Used at the Beach?

Does the Jwoww Black Bronzer Protect Tattoos?

Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Features:

  • No greasy residue
  • Can use on face
  • Doesn’t stain clothing
  • Smells like sweet berries

Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion 2017 – Our Top 3

When it comes to tanning and sunscreen, it’s hard to get it right. You don’t want to block too much of the sun, but then you don’t want to end up crispier than a burned vegetable.

So, the best outdoor self tanning lotions will be a mix between sunscreens, sunless, and self-tanning hybrids. For the best line-up in tanners before you take the party outside, we’ve got it all right here.

Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen Protective Dark Tanning Lotion Review

hawaiian-tropic-tanning-lotion-with-spf-4If you’re into knocking down two birds with one stone, especially when it comes to tanning options, then the practical solution to your tanning desires would be the Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen Protective Dark Tanner. But, don’t let it’s drugstore appearance turn you off.

Although basic in appearance, the brown 8 ounce bottle of lotion is also a sunscreen protective with an SPF of 4. Why the low SPF rating? You don’t want to completely block the suns rays from kissing your skin, but you do want some level of protection while out and about.

The exotic botanicals and extracts such as Aloe Vera ensures your skin stays silky smooth without drying out while you’re laying out in the sun. And, as skin-nourishing antioxidants go to work to protect and nourish your tan, the tanning ingredients are doing double duty to give you a subtle, golden glow.

It also has the favorite and classic coconut smell that belies its sunscreen capabilities. Tropical, beachy, and Summery is exactly what you should expect to smell. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your vacation abroad.

You don’t have to worry about being sticky, icky, and greasy. The lotion goes on smooth and easily, and as long as you rub it in good, you’ll reap the tanning benefits that the sun so eagerly wants to endow upon you.

Since it’s a tanning lotion, it’s going to accelerate the tanning process whether you’re laying out on the beach, driving in an open convertible, or swimming in the pool. There’s now no reason to stay pale, get sun-scorched, or look like a streaky, white, and oily mess. Hawaiian Tropic Dark  will darken you while working its protective powers on your skin.

Main Benefits:

  • SPF 4
  • Tanning lotion
  • Sun accelerator
  • Fragrance
  • Price

Main Drawbacks:

  • Not enough SPF

Customer Reviews:

Everyone loves the two-in-one multitasking of Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen Protective Dark Lotion. Most users agree that the low SPF allows for maximum tanning!

But, there are some party poopers out there who forgot you should reapply the lotion if you want more sunscreen protection for an all day affair.

So, it’s fair to say that this Dark Tanning Lotion is a gold medalist in the tanning field and a winner in the sunscreen department – if you apply it correctly.

Popular Questions (and Answers)

Is Hawaiian Tropic Dark a Lotion or an Oil?

Is there Another Low SPF Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Lotion?

Does this Lotion come in a Variety that Caters to Fair, Medium, or Dark Skin Types?

Can the Hawaiian Tropic Dark Self Tanner Double as a Moisturizer?

Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen Protective Dark Features:

  • Low SPF for some protection
  • Pleasant smell
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients
  • Tans extremely well

Beauty by Earth Organic & Natural Sunless Tanner Review

beauty-by-earthFor a sunless and organic tanning option, you are going to love the Beauty by Earth Organic & Natural Self Tanner. It’s a “greenies” tanning dream come true!

While it’s not technically an indoor or outdoor tanning lotion, it is a sunless and self-tanning product that allows you to turn bronze and brown in the swipe of a few strokes of the lotion. It makes sense right? Natural ingredients equals a natural-looking tan.

And, speaking of natural ingredients, it’s made up of some well-known and highly-respected elements born from Mother Nature herself – Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, and Organic Green Tea Extract.

While Oompa Loompas are cute in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, the look shouldn’t be replicated on you – not if you want sexy and exotic. That’s where the natural tanning lotion that’s void of everything chemical and toxic comes in handy. Without the streaky and dying silicone’s and preservatives that turn you into Cinderella’s pumpkin coach, you can feel free to slather it on!

But, just because it’s a natural and organic product, it doesn’t mean that you should dismiss its potency. In fact, it’s a very powerful sunless tanning lotion. You should see a warm glow after just one application a few hours later. And, to go even darker, keep layering it on week after week.

The lotion is thick and creamy, and although it’s white in color, you’ll be able to tell where you’ve applied it because it does take some time to thoroughly rub it in. But, with no streaking, no orangeness, and no staining, you can go to town with it!

Main Benefits:

  • Organic
  • All-natural
  • Chemical and toxic-free
  • No bronzers
  • Potent tanning results

Main Drawbacks:

  • Price
  • Thick consistency is time consuming

Customer Reviews:

Tanning pros agree that the Beauty by Earth Organic & Natural Sunless Self Tanner is one of the best sunless tanning lotions around. No radiation and no chemicals required!

But, it’s expensive versus other lotions available, but then again, how much is organic and all-natural worth to you? Also, the thick viscosity of the lotion may be too time consuming for many impatient self-tanners.

However, no one can deny that this sunless self tanner actually works – and that’s with all the good-for-you, natural ingredients!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

Is the Organic & Natural Sunless Self Tanner a Cruelty-Free Product?

Which is the Best Way to Apply the Lotion Evenly?

How can You Remove Uneven Dark Spots From the Organic Tanning Lotion?

How Long Does the Beauty by Earth tanning lotion last?

Does the Beauty by Earth lotion contain SPF?

Beauty by Earth Organic & Natural Sunless Self Tanner Features:

  • Easy to apply
  • Pleasant smell
  • Tanning works well
  • No bleeding or staining
  • All-natural for body and face

Wickedly Bronzed Tanner Review

wickedly-bronzedFor a wicked and immoral person who wants a sinfully-attained tan, you don’t have to commit any more hellish transgressions. Just get your sticky mitts on a tube of Wickedly Bronzed Tanning Lotion to match your devilish behavior.

While it’s both an indoor and outdoor self tanner, you’ll be able to achieve that luscious, deep, and dark tan with the True Bronzer Technology to help reveal your natural bronze glow.

And, if you’re in a tanning plateau, say goodbye to all other products. The Wickedly wicked tanning lotion will bust you out of it with natural ingredients to boost the tanning process with White Tea Extract and Pure Coconut Oil to soak in the sun rays for a deeper tan.

Organic Aloe, Organic Shea Butter, Acai, and Ginger ingredients will nourish your skin like never before, and it will soothe the burn from the fires of your devilish nature. It’s a bronzer, intensifier, and accelerator all in one smooth, silky lotion.

Although it’s got quite the hefty price tag, a little bit really does go a long way. Besides, what would you be willing to pay for a product that actually works for while you’re laying out on the poolside or walking the sands of the beach?

Reward yourself and your wicked tanning intentions with the fruity fragrance of Wickedly Bronzed. While you drown yourself in the right amounts of pina colada dark tanning lotion, throw away reservations when downing pina colada margaritas as you tan under the sun.

While it’s a great product for use with tanning beds, it’s an excellent outdoor tanning lotion if you’re not the restful and “bed type”. You know what they say, there’s no rest for the wicked, so you must be all sorts of wicked! Wouldn’t you say you and this lotion make the perfect fit?

Main Benefits:

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Accelerator, intensifier, bronzer
  • True Bronzer Technology
  • Tattoo safe
  • Pina Colada fragrance

Main Drawbacks:

  • No SPF
  • Price

Customer Reviews:

There must be all sorts of wicked tanners out there because this Wickedly Bronzed Lotion is quite popular if you want a deep, dark, and rich tan fast, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

As an outdoor self tanning lotion, it gets a big boo bellow since it doesn’t contain any SPF at all! But, if you take the time and expense to apply an SPF lotion first before hitting the beach, your tan and your skin will thank you.

Say goodbye to angels and halos and embrace the dark nature that your sumptuous tan will invoke in you. Tan-o-holics say it’s a vanquisher of all others!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

Why Doesn't Wickedly Bronzed Contain SPF?

How do I Use it as an Outdoor Tanner?

Will the Wicked Lotion Turn You Orange?

Wickedly Bronzed Features:

  • Smells good
  • Attractive bottle
  • Easy to apply
  • Thin consistency
  • Tans well

Best Tingle Tanning Lotion 2017 – Our Top 3

The tingling sensation is what serious tanners are ever searching for, and the best tingling tanning lotions deliver it – wave after wave. They stimulate your melanin stores to naturally enhance, revive, and accelerate the tanning process by bringing blood to the surface, so don’t be alarmed at your initial red complexion – hold the vision and trust the process.

If you’re ready for all-over heat, buzzing, and tingling action, then don’t shirk away from the working magic of tingling tanning lotions.

Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Tingle Tanner Review

ed-hardy-obnoxiousNot for the faint of heart, beginners, or wussies. The Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Tingle Tanner is for the most dedicated and committed tan-o-holics around. You know the kind – they have a deep tan all year long and they’re often too hot to handle, just like the tingle self tanner.

Well, you can be one of them for a low cost that gets you a full 10 ounces in one bottle. But, just beware – it’s hot, and you won’t be disappointed.

The heat delivers tan results with its XXXtreme Bronzing Tingle Formula infused with magnesium. You’re going to be red, bright, and perhaps furious at first, but what you’ll be left with is a very deep and extremely bronze shade that belies your scorched feelings just moments ago.

And, while the blood’s pumping and hormones are raging, there’s no better time than now for Mangosteen to go to work and do its thang. Can you say “pause” to the aging process? How about “no more” to acne, skin blemishes, dry skin, and oily skin? It’s even going to repair some damaged cells all over your body.

And, that’s not all. A vitamin blend replenishes and nourishes your skin while your tan is hard at work. You don’t want that tan without some moisturization action too.

So, to the experienced tanner, go for it, you’ll look great with that dark tan! But, for beginners, go away… far away.

Main Benefits:

  • Gets you dark
  • Contains Mangosteen
  • XXXtreme Bronzing Tingle Formula
  • Infused Magnesium
  • Price

Main Drawbacks:

  • Not for beginners

Customer Reviews:

Expert tanners are in desperate need to break through that plateau when their tanning lotions aren’t working out, and all the reviews say the Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Tingle Tanner can get the job done!

But, is there really much to complain about when your self tanner gets you browner than brown? No, not really.

Obnoxious Extreme is a serious darkening formula for the serious, perhaps a little crazy, tanner.

Popular Questions (and Answers)

What is the Tingle Level of the Ed Hardy Tingle Lotion?

Does Obnoxious Extreme Contain Silicone?

What Color is the Ed Hardy Obnoxious Tingle Lotion?

What is the Consistency of the Tingle Lotion like?

Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Tingle Tanner Features:

  • Moisturizes skin
  • Produces excellent results
  • 10 ounces
  • Breaks through tanning plateaus

Bombshell 100XX Bronzer 2 Pack Review

bombshell-100xxIf you’ve got that base tan started, then let the Bombshell 100XX Bronzer tingling lotion perfect it. If you love to tan, then you’ve gotta set it on fire! Almost literally.

The Bombshell 100XX tingling lotion is one of the best dark tanning lotions out there, and is there really a better way to get your dose of liquid bronzing tan than in a 2 pack?

The pack comes with two 13.5 ounce bottles to get you through your tanning phase all year long. Seriously, you won’t need more than a little bit at a time, but go ahead and try a larger dab, it’s a dare… Just make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy.

The retro and funky design on the bottle immediately seems to promise red-hot and sizzling results, and you’ll certainly be left more than satisfied. Although the texture is creamy and somewhat thick, it’s extremely smooth and easy to apply as you blend it in well – an important step in encouraging oxygen and blood circulation.

As with most serious tinging self tanning lotions, this one is definitely not for the rookie. It won’t be funny to be sizzling alive while imagining “I told you so” ringing in your ears. But, that’s what you tan-o-holics love don’t you? – the burn tells you that the tan is coming and it’s coming in strong.

It’s super-absorbent and dries quickly, so there’s no need to linger more than necessary before you hop into the tanning bed for extra tanning intensification. Even after your initial 10 minutes under, you’ll be able to see some dark results.

And, it wouldn’t be such an in-vogue tanning and tingling lotion if it didn’t have hydrating ingredients too. Just embrace the burn and feel your spirits rise as your blood comes to the surface and the tan along with it.

Main Benefits:

  • Gets you dark
  • Contains White Tea Extract
  • Contains Soy
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast Results

Main Drawbacks:

  • Not for beginners

Customer Reviews:

Evident by the many reviews, the Bombshell 100XX Bronzer has made plenty pale drags brown beauties by the end of the day. There’s no doubt that you will be left a tan Goddess if you can survive the burn – but, what Goddess was ever great without some delightful heat?

And, if there’s a complaint to be made, it’s that it’s not for everyone. Beginners or those with no tan base should start with something else, or something more mild first.

But, if you’re a tanning pro, you’re going to enjoy the expensive, but so worth it tingling tanner.

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What does the Bombshell Tingling Tanning Lotion Smell Like?

How Long does the Tingling Sensation Last?

What do the Bronzers in the Bombshell Lotion Contain?

Bombshell 100XX Bronzer Features:

  • Fast tanning results
  • Fast-drying
  • 2 x 13.5 ounce bottles
  • Silky and smooth consistency
  • Easy to blend and apply

Swedish Beauty SCANDALOUS BEAUTY Extreme Heat Dark Bronzing Serum Review

swedish-beautyTingling tanning lotions seem to get sexier, more luxurious, and sultry with every product that hits the market and the Swedish Beauty SCANDALOUS BEAUTY Extreme Heat Dark Bronzing Serum is no exception.

So, if you want to up your appeal and increase your attractiveness with plush and golden skin, then you’ll be thrilled to have the Swedish Beauty guiding you as you increase your seductive and sensual prowess.

And, it doesn’t get more exotic than the melanin enhancing bioactive Brown Algae that’s been hand-picked and harvested from the Baltic Sea. Combine the most concentrated bronzers with DHA for a rich and covetous shade. Exotic ingredients for an exotic tan. You’ll be bronze and hot in a matter of a few well-blended strokes.

Leave the itching and burning at the door. Instead, look forward to a heating tingle with the odor of Sultry Affairs to really put you in the mood.

But, don’t be frightened if you look in the mirror and instead of seeing a brown Divine Being you shriek at the sight of a thoroughly cooked lobster – it’s all a part of the tanning process. In no time, you won’t even recognize your own reflection, you’ll be a rich, tan, and dark immortal – well, the immortal part is how it will make you feel… Untouchable, except in the good kind of way.

And, along with immortality comes the vibrancy and glow of youth. You have anti-wrinkle and collagen enhancing properties to thank for that bonus!

So, if you’re in it for the tan, just be prepared for the irresistible provocativeness that you’re going to exude. Don’t be afraid, be scandalous!

Main Benefits:

  • Exotic ingredients
  • Bronzing intensifier
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Collagen enhancing properties
  • Sultry Affairs fragrance

Main Drawbacks:

  • Fragrance not for everyone
  • Price

Customer Reviews:

Amazing color is what every user says about the Swedish Beauty SCANDALOUS BEAUTY Extreme Heat Dark Bronzing Serum. You won’t be sorry you spent your hard-earned cash on the tingling lotion.

But, the fragrance can be a little strong for some tanners. Although, the strong, fruity smell matches the strong results.

All in all, it’s the sultry lotion that leaves you spicy and sexy, literally and figuratively!

Popular Questions (and Answers)

Will the Swedish Beauty Tingling Lotion get You Darker?

Will I see Immediate Results with the Scandalous Beauty Extreme Tanning Serum?

Is the tingling lotion expensive?

Swedish Beauty SCANDALOUS BEAUTY Extreme Heat Serum Features:

  • Great color results
  • Super silky
  • Age-defying benefits

Which is the Best Tanning Lotion for You?

With so many tanning lotions to choose from, it can be a serious understatement to say you might feel overwhelmed. Well, sweat no more! The hard work has been done, and we’ll offer up the best tanning creams for each category right here!

For the Tanning Bed...

And, if the tanning bed is your choice of tan, then don’t do it solo! The Millennium Tanning Solid Black 100X gets the highest recommendation out of the line-up. Its ultra-advanced 100X silicone bronzer with auto-darkening tan technology is a serious formula for those serious about adding the “dark” factor in the tall, dark, and handsome – or beautiful – equation!

Indoor Tanning...

But, for a general indoor lotion that works magic in stimulating and intensifying the much-desired bronze shade, the Millennium Tanning brand takes home the gold once again with the Paint It Black 50X lotion! This is no surprise since it’s a best seller! It’s extremely popular because it’s not tanner-discriminatory – everyone can get their bronze on with this special darkening formula.

Outdoors + Protection...

Taking the tanning party outdoors creates a different beast altogether, and the lotion needs to be your best friend if you’re braving the sun face on. So, for our top pick with SPF, low as it may be, the Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen Protective Dark Tanning Lotion is a great option.

Outdoors + All Natural...

But, it’s not so black and white here. Without SPF, Beauty by Earth is a winner in their own right. If you want organic and all-natural, the Beauty by Earth is your obvious choice, and it’s also the best self tanning lotions around.

For the Wicked at Heart...

For the truly wicked who want a wicked tan, the Wickedly Bronzed Tanning Lotion offers a Pina Colada treatment for your skin.

For The Expert Tanners...

From this point on, no beginners are allowed – it’s for expert tanners only! And, to get in the dark club, the Bombshell 100XX Bronzer – 2 Pack is your ticket in. For a sizzle and a jizzle, you’re going to be left titillated and in love with your deep, dark tan.

Don’t guess it alone anymore, you don’t want to risk streaks, blotches, and the ever-dreaded pumpkin halo. Be a sexy, brown beast of nature, not a pale ghost or a tanning try-hard. Amateur status – gone. Pro status – earned.

2017 Best Self Tanner Buying Guide

tanned woman in bikini

Tanning Lotion vs Tanning Oil

While no one is debating the benefits of tanning oil here, there is much to be said about the benefits of tanning lotion. While oil is tempting, the creams and lotions are much more preferred because you’re not left with a greasy or oily residue – the most popular reason for choosing lotion over oil.

Tanning oil is also largely for outdoor use, and since getting some extra vitamin D and sunshine isn’t always convenient or on the priority list, lotions win the race again.

So, we’ll make it easy on you and list out all our favorite reasons why lotion vs oil is really no debate at all.

  • No greasy and oily reside left behind
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Soaks into the skin versus sits on the skin
  • Hydrates deeps into pores and soaks into skin cells and tissue
  • Promotes hydration and moisturizing benefits
  • Dries quickly and doesn’t stain clothing
  • For all skin tones – fair and light to dark
  • Some have SPF
  • May be non-comedogenic and mineral oil-free

But, many experienced and pro tanners have found using both in combination can give extra dark and extra fast results. However, do you really want to use your complexion as a guinea pig?

Indoor vs Outdoor Tanning Lotions

Heck, did you ever notice there was even a difference? Well, now you do, so banish your ignorance in the dust of your tan heels! And, choosing between the two types can be the difference between an amazing shade of brown or no results at all.

Indoor Tanning Lotions

Indoor self tanners are typically made for use with tanning beds, and quite often, they’ll contain bronzers for an instant tint. The bronzer rating is indicated by a number followed by one or several “X” symbols. Usually 15X, 35X, 50X, or 100X are popular ratings.

But, they’re popular because they’re made to allow the controlled UV rays in a tanning bed to penetrate the skin for a luxurious tan in short spurts of time. So, instead of spending 3 hours laying out in the hot sun everyday for a week, spend a couple 8 minute sessions in a tanning bed for the same result. There’s really no argument against the logic here.

Plus, indoor self tanning lotions are made where they won’t damage the acrylic metal of the tanning beds. It also won’t leave a sticky film on the acrylic that ultimately prevents and interrupts the tanning process. Yeah, if you’re guilty of using an outdoor tanner in a tanning bed – tsk tsk.

Outdoor Tanning Lotions

But, outdoor self tanning lotions have their place too. Often, they can be enhanced with sunscreen to protect your skin from prolonged exposure from the sun. And, since you’re in an environment where you can’t control the UV rays of the sun, you have to remember to reapply as often as the manufacturer suggests.

If you’re a water bug and you’ll be swimming and splashing all day long, reapplication is the key to resembling a beautiful kiwi fruit and not a horrid beet.


This aspect depends entirely on your style of tanning. Indoors are we? Tanning beds, self-tanners, and sunless tanners don’t have any broad spectrum/sunscreen for skin protection. Why not? Because, you’re not tanning and exposing yourself to the naked sun.

But, outdoor lotions are a different story, and more often than not, it’s difficult to get sunscreen and tanning lotion “right”. That’s because the sunscreen elements tend to leave a sticky and filmy reside on the skin that can be difficult to rub in thoroughly. And, the white, streaky tell-tale signs of sunscreen aren’t too attractive.

So, the bottom line here is, if you’re an inside type of tanner, don’t worry about SPF. Perhaps your daily moisturizer has SPF in it anyway. But, if you’re addicted to the outdoors, either pull up your big girl panties and go with an SPF tanning lotion or apply an SPF first before applying your self tanner.

There’s a very fine line between burnt and leathery versus supple and brown.

Bronzer vs No Bronzer

This debate can also fall into the chemical or natural tanning lotion category because bronzers are usually the target of unfair misconceptions. So, let’s go over the types of bronzers that exist in your self tanners.

  • colorless tanning agent
  • develops over a couple hours
  • needs to be exposed to air
  • stimulates skin proteins to develop bronze pigment

Natural Bronzers
  • immediate results
  • no streaking
  • no staining
  • natural ingredients – henna, fruit and nut extracts, etc

No Bronzer
  • contains other accelerator additives
  • often contains tyrosine
  • naturally stimulates melanin

While DHA tanning lotions are more often known as self-tanners, it can also be just one element in a lotion. It can be combined with tanning accelerants and intensifiers to help enhance the tanning process.

But, natural bronzers are best known for the stain and streak-free reputations. While DHA lotions may not streak or stain as well, you should practice proper application methods to ensure an even and stain-free tanning experience – that’s the trick to the no orange hues allowed.

DHA, natural bronzers, and no bronzer tanning lotions all try to achieve the same goal – for you to have a natural-looking tan. However, it really depends on your individual tanning goals, ability to tan or not tan, and how often or not you may want to apply the lotion.

Face and Body Tanning Lotions

It’s no secret that tanning the face can be such a worrisome experience – it’s what everyone has to see everyday, besides you of course. And, the hardest struggle with tanning is getting your face to match the rest of your body.

And, luckily for you, there’s more than a few options that you can explore.

  • Invest in a quality bronzer – not a tanning lotion bronzer, but a make-up powder that gives your face that sun-kissed glow in an instant.
  • Buy a dedicated face lotion or moisturizer with tint or that naturally tans your face over time and use. You’ll most likely get SPF benefits too.
  • Buy a specific self tanner for your face. The tanner could conveniently match the same brand and lotion that’s meant for the body – it’s just the facial version.
  • Wing it and try your all-body lotion on your face as well. Some tanning lotions are promoted as being safe for the face, and who knows, maybe it’ll work. But, if you mess up… let it run its course or it may be time to include tonic in your facial regimen.
  • Tan towels! They’re just brilliant! For a fast application with no streaks and no mess, the miniature towelettes are concentrated with a self-tan formula that’ll work wonders on your face. Seriously, they’re worth checking out!

Choose Moisturization

Every tanner needs to burn this tid-bit into their tan brains – hydrated and moisturized skin tans better than dry, flaky skin.

And, tanning tends to dehydrate the skin because it’s moisture-greedy. The more long-lasting hydration you offer your skin, the easier it will be to tan and the longer you get to keep it.

Moisturizing ingredients are a dime a dozen when it comes to the tanning lotion world, but some of the most popular ones are Aloe Vera, Shea and Cocoa Butters, Vitamin E, Hemp Seed Oil, and even Silicon.

Hydrated, smooth, and moisturized skin also helps to slow down sun-damaging effects and the signs of aging. It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 65, make sure you’re getting the multitasking benefits of moisturization when you buy your self tanner.

Beware of Fake Products

It goes without saying that whenever you find something good, be aware that there’s probably a knock-off replicate waiting to take its place.

And, what’s even sadder is there are many sellers that are more than willing to take advantage of you.

So, arm yourself with knowledge of your product by doing a ton of reading up and research on tanning lotion reviews to really know what to expect when you do get your lotion. If you can, get your hands on a sample to test it out first before daring to spend any amount of pennies on the actual product.

But, most of all, buy from a trusted seller and website. This can’t be emphasized enough. Not only is your credit information at risk, a waste of money is at stake.

And, worst of all, your bod will have to endure the damage of who the heck knows what’s in it. Best scenario possible, no results. Worst case scenario, identify stolen, money gone, and face and body are destroyed. Okay, we have a flair for the dramatic, but how else are we to get your attention? Don’t buy from anyone you don’t trust!

Achieve a Natural Tan Fast Using 2017’s Best Self Tanner Lotion

With a plethora of tanning lotions at your very fingertips, you don’t have to be buried with all the options. Filter, sort by type, and figure out what you want to achieve. Then embrace the seductive, bedazzling shimmer of a golden, bronze tan that has everyone jealous.

You can safely lie and say that the Bahamas cruise you never went on was amazing or you can flat out say, “No, this tan is natural, it’s all me!”

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