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ABLE is dedicated to empowering women through fashion, creating stylish, versatile pieces while upholding ethical practices and providing a living wage for its artisans.

ABLE Clothing

About ABLE

ABLE is a fashion brand with a mission that transcends style.

Born from a vision to create more than just wardrobe staples, ABLE commits to ethical manufacturing and lifting women out of poverty.

Every garment, accessory, and piece of jewelry tells a story of resilience and empowerment, crafted by skilled artisans who are paid fairly and work in safe conditions.

Their holistic approach to fashion is a statement that beauty and ethics can coexist, providing a living wage to break the cycle of poverty and champion economic independence for women.

Sustainability & Ethics Focus


ABLE is deeply invested in the responsible sourcing of materials, ensuring their leather is a byproduct of existing industries to reduce waste. They emphasize the use of pure, plant-based alternatives, recycled sterling silver for jewelry, and 100% organic cotton for apparel. With an eye on innovation, ABLE is moving towards 100% recyclable packaging, embodying their commitment to sustainability in every element.


ABLE is dedicated to providing a living wage, partnering with manufacturers who align with their vision of supporting women’s economic empowerment. This commitment to fair employment practices is at the core of their mission, ensuring a meaningful impact on the lives of those who craft their products.


ABLE actively advances environmental stewardship alongside its ethical mission. With an internal sustainability team, innovative recycling programs, and GOTS-certified production, ABLE’s commitment to the planet is evident—from leather sourcing to apparel and packaging, ensuring their impact is as positive and sustainable as possible.


ABLE’s leather products are conscientiously crafted as a byproduct of the meat industry, which helps minimize waste. While they do not have a specific animal welfare policy detailed, they are mindful about their leather sourcing, striving for environmental responsibility and actively exploring plant-based alternatives to further reduce their impact.

Product Showcase

keepgoing necklace ABLE

Design Aesthetic

ABLE’s aesthetic is a celebration of simplicity and sophistication, designed to elevate everyday elegance.

Product Categories

ABLE’s extensive collection includes everything from casual tees to formal dresses, denim, outerwear, and a complete range of accessories and footwear.

ABLE Certifications

While specific certifications were not found, ABLE’s commitment to ethical fashion practices and sustainable materials is evident in their production approach.

Community Impact & Engagement

Impact with Purchase

Every ABLE purchase contributes to job creation and fair wage practices, directly impacting women’s lives.

Community Initiatives

ABLE’s commitment extends beyond fashion, engaging in community initiatives that support women’s economic and social wellbeing.

Discover the beauty of ethics with ABLE’s collection.

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