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Amour Vert pioneers sustainable fashion with eco-friendly, innovative fabrics and ethical practices, ensuring timeless garments of superior quality and minimal environmental impact.

Amour Vert

About Amour Vert

Amour Vert, meaning “Green Love,” redefines eco-conscious style, rooted in innovative fabric development and environmental integrity.

By collaborating directly with mills, they have pioneered exclusive, sustainable fabrics that stand the test of time. From GRS-certified recycled sateen to regenerated wool and organic cotton blends, their dedication to using non-mulesed Merino wool and plant-based alternatives like Cottonseed Cupro underlines their commitment to ethical sourcing.

Each material, from bluesign® certified silk to FSC-certified Paris Rib, is a testament to their pledge for traceability and waste reduction.

Amour Vert’s approach marries timeless elegance with sustainability, ensuring every piece is both beautiful and kind to the Earth.

Sustainability & Ethics Focus


Amour Vert’s signature fabrics underscore a commitment to sustainability, showcasing GRS-certified recycled sateen and bluesign® approved silk.


Crafted with care at their San Francisco atelier, Amour Vert’s garments reflect a commitment to ethical labor practices and artisanal quality.


Amour Vert’s initiatives, like tree planting for every tee sold, demonstrate their dedication to a healthier planet and sustainable fashion.


Amour Vert chooses non-mulesed wool and plant-based alternatives, avoiding fur and exotic materials, to uphold animal welfare.

Product Showcase

Francoise_Marine_Stripe Top Amour Vert
Cindra Silk Dress Amour Vert
Gardenia Modal Jumpsuit
Renata_Squared_Up_White Blouse Amour Vert
Charlie_Black_Wide Leg Pant Amour Vert
Jillian_Black_ Rib Tank Amour Vert
Layla_Sweater_Ivory_Navy_Stripe_ Amour Vert
Colombe_Almond_Leopard_Knit Dress Amour Vert
Skylar_Black_Joggers Amour Vert
Meredith_Natural_Blazer Amour Vert
DEADWOOD_Joan_Biker_Jacket_Black Amour Vert

Design Aesthetic

Amour Vert’s aesthetic is a celebration of understated elegance, offering modern silhouettes and custom prints, perfect for the eco-conscious fashionista.

Product Categories

The brands collection ranges from luxurious washable silks to versatile tops and sustainable outerwear, ensuring ethical fashion for every occasion.


Amour Vert is committed to responsible sourcing, reflected in the choice of fabrics that meet rigorous environmental and ethical standards, including GRS certification for recycling and bluesign® approval for silk.

Community Impact & Engagement

Impact with Purchase

Amour Vert’s partnership with American Forests® exemplifies their commitment to environmental restoration, with a tree planted for every tee purchased.

Community Initiatives

Amour Vert extends its sustainable mission through community engagement, with reforestation projects and textile recycling efforts aimed at ecological restoration.

Embrace sustainable chic with Amour Vert’s thoughtful, eco-friendly fashion.

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