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Carve Designs crafts sustainable, stylish clothing for active women, marrying eco-conscious materials with a passion for adventure.

Born from a love for the beach, it’s a brand that cares deeply for our planet.

Carve Designs Founders
Jen & Thayer – Co-Founders

About Carve Designs

Founded by friends Jen and Thayer on a surf trip, Carve Designs sprung from the need for boardshorts that could keep up with adventurous women.

Since 2003, the brand has evolved into a comprehensive beach lifestyle label, dedicated to creating feminine, effortless clothing for real women.

With a commitment to sustainability, Carve Designs uses organic, recycled, and upcycled materials, ensuring that 95% of their line supports a healthier planet.

Their approach is rooted in the belief that it’s not enough to enjoy the outdoors—we must also protect it.

Sustainability & Ethics Focus


Carve Designs embraces materials like recycled plastic bottles, organic non-GMO cotton, and innovative coconut balsa fabric, transforming waste into high-quality, sustainable fashion.


The brand honors the bold and adventurous women it dresses, ensuring that every piece reflects the diversity, strength, and beauty of its community.


With 95% of products made from sustainable materials, Carve Designs actively reduces waste, conserves water, and supports a healthier environment.


By utilizing fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, Carve Designs reduces oceanic waste, indirectly protecting marine life. Their commitment to eco-friendly materials also ensures a chemical-free approach that benefits all creatures.

Product Showcase

Design Aesthetic

Carve Designs offers a relaxed yet chic aesthetic, perfect for those who find joy in both the waves and the everyday.

Their clothing line celebrates comfort, function, and style in equal measure.

Product Categories

The brand’s diverse range includes swimwear, organic denim for the earth-conscious, dresses and tops that blend in with the beach vibe, versatile pants, tights and joggers, stylish shorts, and essential beach accessories including hats, all designed to support an active lifestyle with a light environmental footprint.

Carve Design Certifications

While specific certifications are not mentioned, Carve Designs’ commitment to sustainability is evident in their extensive use of eco-friendly materials. With a high percentage of their products made from recycled and organic materials, their dedication aligns with global sustainability standards.

Community Impact & Engagement

Impact with Purchase

Every Carve Designs purchase supports the brand’s mission to protect our planet, with a significant portion of products made from materials that promote environmental health and sustainability.

Community Initiatives

Carve Designs celebrates the connection between its wearers and the environment. While specific community initiatives are not listed, the brand’s commitment to creating a positive impact is evident through their sustainable practices and eco-friendly product line.

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Dive into Carve Designs and dress your adventures sustainably!

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