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Brand Spotlight:

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Elvis & Kresse crafts luxury lifestyle accessories from reclaimed materials, embodying sustainability and ethics since 2005.

With a commitment to donating 50% of profits to charities, they redefine luxury with a conscientious spirit.

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About Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse emerged in 2005 after a revelation: London’s decommissioned fire-hoses were destined for landfill.

The brand transforms such materials into luxury accessories, all while upholding ethical practices and sustainability.

They have heroically reclaimed over 300 tonnes of material, partnering with the Burberry Foundation to innovate further in leather waste repurposing.

Their approach is simple yet profound: Rescue, Transform, Donate.

Each piece sold contributes to a narrative of change, supporting communities and the environment. Elvis & Kresse is not just about luxury items; it’s a beacon for environmental stewardship and social impact.

Sustainability & Ethics Focus


Elvis & Kresse upcycle decommissioned fire-hoses, parachute silk, and leather scraps into high-quality accessories, preserving resources and crafting with a conscience.


The brand’s ethical employment practices ensure a discrimination-free, well-compensated workplace, fostering a culture of transparency and kindness.


Every Elvis & Kresse piece sold diverts waste from landfills, exemplifying their commitment to a future without waste through innovative recycling.


Elvis & Kresse’s fire-hose collection offers vegan-friendly options, respecting animal welfare and catering to conscious consumers.

Product Showcase

Fire and Hide Small Tote Elvis 7 Kresse
Men's Messenger Bag Elvis & Kresse
iPad Case Elvis and Kresse
Fire Hide Belt Elvis & Kresse
Fire and Hide Clutch Elvis & Kresse
Travel Bag Elvis & Kresse
Disco Bag Elvis & Kresse
Leather_Cube Elvis & Kresse
FH_Purse Elvis & Kresse

Design Aesthetic

Elvis & Kresse’s design philosophy honors the originality of rescued materials with classic, durable aesthetics for timeless fashion statements.

Product Categories

The brand presents a diverse array of bags, belts, wallets, and homeware. Each category is a testament to sustainable luxury, offering both functional elegance and a narrative of transformation and hope.

Elvis & Kresse’s Certifications

Elvis & Kresse is a certified B Corporation and a Social Enterprise. They proudly carry the accreditation of a real Living Wage Employer and have a firm partnership with the Burberry Foundation, emphasizing their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in luxury fashion.

Certified B Corp
Living Wage Foundation
Social Enterprise Certified

Community Impact & Engagement

Impact with Purchase

Elvis & Kresse’s dedication to sharing success means that each purchase directly supports charities like The Fire Fighters Charity and Barefoot College.

Community Initiatives

Through thoughtful donations from sales, Elvis & Kresse empowers initiatives such as training women as solar engineers, enhancing both local communities and renewable energy efforts.

Elvis & Kresse Social

Discover the enduring elegance of sustainability with Elvis & Kresse.

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