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Harvest & Mill produces locally sewn and USA-grown organic cotton clothing, advocating for sustainable practices from seed to stitch within a fully traceable American supply chain.

Harvest and Mill

About Harvest & Mill

Harvest & Mill pieces together the narrative of sustainable American fashion by sourcing and sewing everything domestically.

Since 2012, this brand has been a fervent advocate for organic cotton, transparency in materials, and ethical local production.

Their garments, undyed and naturally colored, echo the brand’s ethos of environmental stewardship and a non-toxic promise.

Harvest & Mill’s approach is a testament to their commitment to a healthier planet and community, cultivating a fashion ecosystem that’s as pure as it is progressive.

Sustainability & Ethics Focus


Harvest & Mill’s materials demonstrate purity and sustainability, utilizing 100% USA organic cotton and fostering a dye-free and bleach-free garment lifecycle.


Committed to local economies, Harvest & Mill ensures fair wages and safe working conditions, enhancing community well-being through ethical manufacturing.


With a 100% domestic supply chain, the brand minimizes environmental impact, upholding strict EPA regulations to protect our natural resources.


Harvest & Mill designs with compassion, offering a product line that is entirely vegan and cruelty-free, holding PETA’s stamp of approval.

Product Showcase

Women's Organic Raglan Black Harvest and Mill
Organic Cotton Joggers and Tees Harvest and Mill
American_Grown_Indigo_Collection Crew Tee Harvest and Mill
Organic Unisex Tees Harvest and Mill
Womens Organic Hoodie Harvest and Mill
Organic Socks Harvest and Mill
Women's Organic Heirloom Joggers Harvest and Mill
Harvest and Mill_Lounge_Collection
American-Grown Indigo Unisex Crew Harvest and Mill
Cotton Hoodie and Joggers Harvest and Mill
Organic Lounge Pants and Raglan Harvest and Mill
Men's Organic Raglan Harvest and Mill

Design Aesthetic

Harvest & Mill’s design language speaks of minimalism and comfort, reflecting the raw beauty of organic cotton in its most authentic form.

Product Categories

The brand’s catalog features versatile loungewear and activewear, including organic shirts, pants, and shorts, crafted for conscious consumers.

As a member of Fibershed, PETA-approved, and an advocate for non-toxic fabric processes, Harvest & Mill is dedicated to upholding the integrity of their sustainable and ethical practices.

PETA Cert Logo

Community Impact & Engagement

Impact with Purchase

Every Harvest & Mill purchase reinforces the brand’s mission of ecological integrity and social responsibility, supporting a cleaner, fairer fashion industry.

Community Initiatives

Harvest & Mill’s local engagement extends beyond clothing, fostering community growth and participating in initiatives that promote sustainability.

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