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KNOWN SUPPLY humanizes apparel by celebrating and honoring the individuals who craft our clothes.

Through ethical practices, fair wages, and organic materials, they reimagine production for social good and invite consumers to connect with the makers, truly personalizing the fashion experience.

Known Supply Meet the Maker Label


KNOWN SUPPLY is redefining the fashion industry with a focus on the people behind our clothing.

By introducing customers to the makers with every hand-signed piece, they foster a connection often lost in fashion.

Their collaborative approach extends to partnerships with Fair Trade Certified™ producers, ensuring fair wages and tangible pathways out of poverty.

KNOWN SUPPLY doesn’t just sell clothing; they sell stories of empowerment, dignity, and a commitment to bettering our planet through sustainable practices like using organic cotton.

They stand as a shining example for social entrepreneurship, inspiring change beyond the threads they weave.

Sustainability & Ethics Focus


KNOWN SUPPLY primarily uses GOTS Certified organic cotton, emphasizing water conservation and sustainable fibers to offer eco-conscious apparel.


The brand ensures fair wages and dignity for makers, fostering economic empowerment and community upliftment.


Committed to sustainability, KNOWN SUPPLY continually improves product inputs and partners with producers to enhance worker well-being and reduce environmental impact.


KNOWN SUPPLY does not have a stated animal welfare policy but the brand doesn’t appear to use animal fibers in their collections.

Product Showcase

Lesley Pant Known Supply
Sequoia Pant Known Supply
Amaris Dress Known Supply
Living Crew Known Supply
Cadence Overall Known Supply
Gemini Jumpsuit Known Supply
We Are All Connected Tee Known Supply
Jill Top Known Supply
Nolan Pant Known Supply
Only Human Tee Known Supply
Mars Sweater Known Supply
Boyshort Underwear and Bralette Known Supply

Design Aesthetic

KNOWN SUPPLY offers timeless quality staples, designed for longevity and everyday comfort, with a personal touch from the garment maker.

Product Categories

Their range spans from basics to graphic tees, sweaters, dresses, and inclusive collections like intimates and unisex options.

KNOWN SUPPLY Certifications

B Corp Certified, KNOWN SUPPLY meets the highest standards for social and environmental performance, with a commitment to transparency and accountability.

Certified B Corp

Community Impact & Engagement

Impact with Purchase

Each Fair Trade Certified purchase from KNOWN SUPPLY not only ensures fair compensation for the makers but also offers an option for customers to donate directly to Community Development Funds, further supporting the artisans and their families.

Community Initiatives

KNOWN SUPPLY contributes to Community Development Funds, which are used for impactful projects that benefit the makers’ communities and provide additional support to their families.


Discover the stories woven into KNOWN SUPPLY’s ethical apparel.

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