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Rothy’s pioneers sustainable style with a flair, transforming eco-friendly materials into chic, machine-washable shoes and bags.

Focused on circular production, Rothy’s sets the bar high with responsible manufacturing and innovative designs for the eco-conscious consumer.


About Rothy’s

Rothy’s redefines sustainable fashion by crafting stylish, versatile shoes and bags from recycled and bio-based materials.

With a firm belief in circular production, Rothy’s products embody a commitment to the planet and people, boasting a LEED Gold and TRUE Zero Waste Platinum certified factory.

Through their in-house manufacturing and innovative 3D knitting technology, they strive for zero waste, offering consumers a chance to enjoy fashion that feels as good as it looks.

Rothy’s isn’t just selling products; they’re paving a path toward a sustainable future with every step.

Sustainability & Ethics Focus


Rothy’s fuses style with eco-consciousness, utilizing materials like recycled plastic, marine plastic, bio-based TPU, natural rubber, algae foam, castor oil-derived PU, and hemp fiber to create their durable, fashionable line of products.


Rothy’s advocates for inclusive and collaborative work environments, emphasizing employee wellness. Owning their factory ensures outstanding social standards, creating a community where innovation in sustainable manufacturing thrives, aligning with their vision of a zero-waste future.


Rothy’s is trailblazing in eco-friendly practices with a LEED Gold and TRUE Zero Waste Platinum certified factory. They’ve repurposed millions of plastic bottles and marine plastics, committing to circular production to keep their carbon footprint minimal and their environmental impact profoundly positive.


With materials like RWS-certified merino wool, Rothy’s respects animal welfare and environmental stewardship. Their use of natural and renewable resources reflects a dedication to ethical choices throughout their stylish and sustainable product lines.

Product Showcase

Pointed Toe Flats Rothys
Ballet Flat Rothys
RS01 Sneaker Men's Rothys
Rothys Mini Handbag
Wool Clogs Rothys
Chukka Boot Rothys
Kids Loafers Rothys
Braid Driver Rothys
Lug Boot Rothys
Daily Crossbody Bag
Square Mary Janes Rothys
Lug Loafer Rothys

Design Aesthetic

Rothy’s design aesthetic is sleek, modern, and mindful, offering everything from the timeless elegance of The Point to the casual comfort of The Loafer.

Each piece stands out with thoughtful details, embodying a chic simplicity that complements every wardrobe.

Product Categories

Rothy’s offers a rich selection of products including flats, loafers, sneakers, boots, and bags.

Their women’s, men’s, and kids’ lines showcase innovation with categories like The Square, The RS01 Sneaker, and playful kids’ loafers, each embodying the brand’s dedication to sustainable, fashionable versatility.

Rothy’s Certifications

Rothy’s sustainability commitment is certified; they’re SCS Recycled Content and OceanCycle certified, verifying their materials’ ethical and recycled origins.

Their factory’s LEED Gold and TRUE Zero Waste Platinum certifications underscore their environmental leadership, exemplifying their dedication to setting industry standards for sustainable production and responsible manufacturing.

SCS Recycled Content Certified
OceanCycle Certified

Community Impact & Engagement

Impact with Purchase

Each Rothy’s purchase represents a step towards environmental conservation, with products crafted from repurposed materials that reduce waste.

Consumers not only walk in style but also contribute to Rothy’s mission for a zero-waste future, supporting the brand’s innovative approach to circular fashion.

Community Initiatives

Rothy’s engages with the community through initiatives like The Loop blog and active social media presence, sharing sustainability progress and fostering a conversation around responsible living.

Their commitment extends beyond products to inspiring action and awareness in the community.

Rothy’s Social

Step into sustainable chic with Rothy’s

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