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The Classic T-Shirt Company revitalizes the timeless wardrobe staple with ethical production and organic materials.

Each premium tee embodies comfort, sustainability, and style, while supporting fair wages, reducing environmental impact, and advocating for better fashion industry standards.


About The Classic T-Shirt Company

Proudly made in the USA, The Classic T-Shirt Company, founded by Paul and Olga Garibian, is pioneering the sustainable fashion movement with its organic, luxury T-shirts.

Born from the desire to perfect a wardrobe staple, the brand combines ethical labor practices, eco-friendly materials, and enduring quality.

Each T-shirt is a testament to the brand’s commitment to local production and support for American manufacturing.

Beyond crafting comfortable, versatile tees, the brand stands for organic farming, fair wages, and reduced waste, reshaping the industry towards a more conscientious future, all while maintaining production on American soil.

Sustainability & Ethics Focus


The Classic T-Shirt Company uses 100% organic cotton from India, ensuring non-GMO fabrics and low-impact dyes, aligned with the stringent GOTS certification for a smaller environmental footprint.


Fair wages and safe working conditions are non-negotiable for the brand, reflecting a deep respect for the artisans behind every T-shirt produced.


With a commitment to organic materials and ethical manufacturing, the brand significantly reduces water usage and combats the high environmental cost of conventional cotton.


Their all-organic approach protects natural habitats and ensures the safety of wildlife, mitigating the harmful effects of pesticides and pollutants on ecosystems.

Product Showcase

Women's Long Sleeve The Classic
Men's Short Sleeve The Classic
Women's French Terry The Classic
Men's French Terry Joggers
Women's French Terry Track Pants The Classic
Women's Short Sleeve Tee Teh Classic
Men's long sleeve The Classic
SKY_BLUEFRONT Short Sleeve The Classic

Design Aesthetic

Simple yet sophisticated, The Classic T-Shirt Company’s design ethos is about timeless appeal and understated elegance, echoing a commitment to quality and sustainability.

Product Categories

Offering a range of men’s and women’s organic cotton T-shirts, the brand’s collection extends to French Terry loungewear, exemplifying comfort and responsible fashion.

The Classic T-Shirt Company Certifications

GOTS certified, The Classic T-Shirt Company not only meets high environmental standards but also ensures the organic integrity and social responsibility of their products from field to fashion.

GOTS Certified

Community Impact & Engagement

Impact with Purchase

Each purchase supports ethical practices, with 1% of profits contributing to initiatives like safe water access, tree planting, and ocean cleanup.

Community Initiatives

The brand is invested in positive change, pledging support to environmental and social causes, striving for a healthier planet and community.

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Experience timeless style and conscious comfort with The Classic T-Shirt Company

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