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VEERAH is a trailblazing designer vegan shoe brand that fuses ethical craftsmanship with innovative, sustainable materials.

Their chic, versatile footwear empowers the modern eco-warrior with style and conscience, ensuring luxury without compromise.

Stacey Chang – Founder


Founded by Stacey Chang in 2016, VEERAH emerged from a desire to create beautiful, cruelty-free footwear.

Rooted in the Sanskrit word for ‘warrior,’ VEERAH is for those who stride with purpose, merging high fashion with high ethics.

Their shoes are made with innovative materials like apple leather and recycled plastics, are PETA-approved vegan, and designed for versatility and comfort.

With a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, VEERAH is redefining luxury for the conscious consumer.

Sustainability & Ethics Focus


VEERAH utilizes innovative materials like USDA certified apple peel leather and recycled plastic textiles, driving forward a sustainable luxury that respects both the planet and animal welfare.


VEERAH upholds ethical practices, ensuring safe working conditions and dignity for workers, in accordance with international labor standards.


Emphasizing eco-friendly production, VEERAH limits production runs, advocates for small-scale artisan craftsmanship, and continually seeks to reduce their environmental impact.


VEERAH’s PETA-approved vegan shoes reflect their commitment to animal welfare, utilizing cruelty-free materials and avoiding any animal products.

Product Showcase

Frida Pointed Toe Pump Black Veerah
Lucy Loafer Mule Black Veerah
Venus Stiletto Sandal Gold Veerah
Frida Pointed Toe Pump Pink Veerah
Florence Peep Toe Pump Red Veerah
Maya Kitten Heel Veerah
Frida Pointed Toe Pump White Veerah
Vicky Flat Black Veerah
Frida Pointed Toe Pump Blush Veerah
Lupine Crystal Brooch Shoe Accessories Veerah
Dian Block Heel Sandal Black Veerah
Hedy Ankle Boot Black Veerah
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Design Aesthetic

VEERAH’s design aesthetic marries classic silhouettes with modern versatility. Their shoes, named after female icons, embody strength and femininity, providing warriors with a sustainable choice that does not forsake luxury or comfort.

Product Categories

EERAH’s range spans pumps, sandals, flats, mules, bridal, and boots, complemented by a unique selection of shoe accessories like brooch clips, straps, and tassels, catering to various styles and occasions.

VEERAH Certifications

VEERAH’s commitment to sustainability is evidenced by their PETA-approved vegan certification and efforts to obtain GRS certification for their recycled materials, showcasing their dedication to responsible fashion.

PETA Cert Logo

Community Impact & Engagement

Impact with Purchase

VEERAH allocates at least 1% of revenue to social causes, demonstrating their commitment to community and social responsibility with every purchase.

Community Initiatives

VEERAH empowers their team with 10 paid hours per quarter for volunteering, and for every 100 customer surveys, sponsors a one-year scholarship for a She’s the First girl scholar.

Join the VEERAH movement—where compassion meets couture (use LUCYS10 for 10% off).

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