bottle of aphrodisiac essential oil
If you've never thought of using Essential Oils for romance, then you need to read this! Discover 7 essential oils for libido and 2 romantic blends.
A cold pressed juicer and glass of orange juice
Discover the many benefits of a cold press juicer. Plus, get help deciding which is the best juicer for you with our extensive buying guide & review of the Best Masticating Juicers.
energetic female
Are you looking for a natural energy boost? Learn which stimulating essential oils are best, including some great oil blend ideas to get you using Essential Oils For Energy.
woman with allergies blowing her nose
Whether minor food reactions, hay fever or skin allergies are getting you down, there is an essential oil that can help. Discover the best ones here with tips on how to use them.
woman suffering a headache
Don't let migraines, tension or sinus headaches drag you down. Treat them early with essential oils and get on with your day. Discover the best essential oils for relief of headaches right here.
woman covering mouth while coughing
Discover which 8 essential oils are best for cough and congestion. Plus, get recipes ideas for turning them into your own homemade balm or medicine for cough relief.
Discover the wonderful world of essentials with this complete reference guide. With tips on using & choosing oils plus the health benefits & uses of 117 popular essential oils.
woman nursing arthritic knee
Discover recipes to create DIY rubs, lotions and teas that harness the pain-relieving benefits of essential oils for arthritis right here.
woman scratching arm
You don't need to resort to expensive creams, make your own soothing lotion using a combination of healing essential oils for Eczema. We reveal the best of them here.
woman holding sore throat
Discover the best essential oils for a sore throat plus recipes to help you use them for fast relief from throat pain.
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