Cunard Capsule Cruise Collection: Blending 100 Years of Fashion with Sustainable Luxury

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In a landmark collaboration, the luxury cruise line Cunard and the renowned pre-loved styling service Circle of Style have unveiled the “Cunard Capsule Cruise Collection.”

This innovative collection stands as a testament to the growing intersection of luxury and sustainable fashion, celebrating 100 years of cruise fashion heritage with a unique, environmentally conscious twist.

Embracing the Past, Sustaining the Future

The Cunard Capsule Cruise Collection, meticulously curated by second-hand fashion pioneer Bay Garnett, offers a unique approach to sustainable fashion.

This limited-edition collection brings together ten distinct looks, each representing a decade of fashion from 1900 to 1990.

These ensembles not only honor the rich history of cruise fashion but also reimagine it for the modern wardrobe, highlighting the timeless appeal and versatility of pre-loved clothing, in true circular fashion style.

A Bespoke Experience in Sustainable Styling

Cunard and Circle of Style’s initiative goes beyond mere collection presentation. They are offering an exclusive styling service for the first 100 style enthusiasts who engage with their initiative.

This bespoke service allows individuals to have a personalized pre-loved wardrobe curated for them, echoing the styles of the Cunard Capsule Cruise Collection.

It’s an opportunity to own a piece of history and fashion, reinterpreted for contemporary relevance.
Cunard launches limited-edition capsule cruise collection with Circle of Style (Source)

Luxurious Sustainability: Designer Fashion Reimagined

The capsule collection and the personalized wardrobes will include pre-loved pieces from celebrated designers such as Chanel, Burberry, A.P.C, and Alexander McQueen.

By incorporating these high-end fashion pieces, Cunard and Circle of Style demonstrate that sustainability and luxury are not mutually exclusive.

It’s a bold statement in the fashion world, proving that designer fashion can be both eco-friendly and glamorous.

Katie McAlister, President of Cunard, emphasizes that this initiative is a reflection of Cunard’s commitment to maintaining its rich fashion heritage while adapting to the modern demand for sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

A Legacy Reinvented

For over a century, fashion has been a crucial element of Cunard’s heritage, hosting iconic figures and leading fashion trends in the cruising world.

The introduction of the Cunard Capsule Cruise Collection marks a new chapter in this legacy, intertwining the glamour of the past with the sustainability ethos of the present.

Discovering the Cunard Capsule Cruise Collection

For those interested in being part of this sustainable fashion journey, visit Cunard’s Circle of Style to explore the collection and learn more about the exclusive styling service.

About Cunard

Cunard, a luxury British cruise line with a storied 183-year history, continues to create unforgettable experiences across the globe. Known for its exquisite dining, diverse entertainment, and impeccable service, Cunard remains a symbol of sophistication in ocean travel. The fleet, including the upcoming Queen Anne, epitomizes the blend of tradition and innovation, setting new standards in the luxury cruise market.

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