Essential Oils for Skin Tags: 6 Top Oils You Must Try Today!

Essential Oils for Skin Tag RemovalA skin tag or two under the pits might not bother you during your Winter slumber, but come time to don the Summer bikini and it’s another story!

Spare the masses of seeing your unsightly skin tags and get removing them today without pain, blood, and gore!

If you think that’s dramatic, just try snipping one off! We promise it’s not a pleasant experience, that’s why you need essential oils!

If your tags have you more self-conscious than your crow’s feet and laughing lines, it’s time to pull up your sleeves with some simple dabbing and swabbing action! But, don’t get too heavy handed with the oils before you know what you’re doing! Check out what we mean by that down below!

6 of the Best Essential Oils for Skin Tags

Frankincense Essential Oil For Skin Tags

frankincenseWhen in doubt, use Frankincense! While that may always be the case for many health problems and emotional upsets, it’s definitely the rule when it comes to unsightly skin tags!

Frankincense is a potent oil, and it works by cutting off oxygen circulation to the tag and drying it out from the inside out. With just a dab a day, you can be skin tag free with essential oils!

What You’ll Need:

  • Frankincense
  • Petroleum jelly (optional)
  • Carrier oil (optional)

How to Use:

You only need a little to go a long way with Frankincense. Simply use a toothpick or cotton swab that the oil has been applied to. You may apply neat to the tag, but if you have sensitive skin, use the petroleum around the skin tag to prevent nearby areas from being affected by the oil.

You can also use a carrier oil if you wish. Dab the essential oil as close to the base as possible. Only applying to the skin tag will take longer to dry the tag out since it has to travel and further for absorption. Apply 1-2 times daily.

Melaleuca Essential Oil For Skin Tags

tea tree melaleucaMelaleuca or Tea Tree essential oil is well-known for its cleansing and purifying properties. But, what about skin tags? Well, it does that too! It’s so effective that you can expect successful results in a week!

According to Chinese medicine, skin tags (acrochordon) are the result of wet organs and dampness in the body. To dry things up and to reduce the physical manifestations of this condition, Tea Tree oil works to dry out tags and their oxygen life source with its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties.

What You’ll Need:

  • 3 drops of Melaleuca
  • Cotton ball

How to Use:

Clean the skin tag and surrounding area thoroughly. Wet the cotton ball with water and squeeze out excess water. Apply the Tea Tree oil and massage into the skin tag ensuring that you get to the base. Repeat this process three times a day.

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Oregano Essential Oil For Skin Tags

oreganoIf you’ve been unlucky enough to use this oil neat on any part of your skin, you know what it means when we say essential-oils can burn! This is a very potent and strong essential oil thanks to its antibacterial properties that are high in phenolic terpenoids components such as arvacrol, thymol and p-cymene.

This is exactly what you need to beat skin tags for good! With some TLC essential oil treatment daily, you won’t be able to recognize yourself as tag-free in a month!

What You’ll Need:

How to Use:

Combine both ingredients together and apply directly to the skin tag and base. Do this three times daily. You can sub the coconut oil for any carrier oil of your choice. Please do not apply Oregano oil neat!(undiluted). You’ll pay for it with red welts, burning skin, and possible severe irritation.

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Lemon Essential Oil For Skin Tags

lemonsIf you’re not in the mood to hand squeeze lemons two to three times a day, some 100 percent natural Lemon oil is the perfect substitute! The citric acid in the lemon oil naturally cleanses the area and stimulates, or rather, cuts off stimulation to the skin tags.

It aids in literally decomposing the cells of the tag while it heals and soothes during the removal process. Skip the cutting board and juicer and pull out the Lemon oil vial!

What You’ll Need:

How to Use:

Apply the oil to the cotton ball and smear over the tag and the base. Then use a band-aid to tape it to the skin covering the skin tag. Leave it there for a while to help maximize the drying out of the skin tag. Repeat two to three times a day. Avoid direct sunlight on this area since citrus essential-oils are phototoxic, unless a bad tan is the least of your worries!

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Lavender Essential Oil For Skin Tags

bottle of lavender essential oilNot only is your skin tag in need of being sedated, your mood might need it too! Lavender is a popular and time-honored essential oil with many medicinal benefits including its relaxing and sedating properties. In Latin, the name Lavender stems from the word lavare which literally means to wash.

Use all the medicinal properties that Lavender has to offer by washing your tag away with a spritz a day!

What You’ll Need:

How to Use:

Wash skin tag and the surrounding area thoroughly for maximum oil absorption. Drop the Lavender oil into the bottle spritz bottle and fill the remaining space with water. Shake well and spritz onto skin tag several times a day and allow to air dry.

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Rosemary Essential Oil For Skin Tags

rosemaryOf course a renown essential oil for the skin would work well for naturally removing skin tags! While it helps to regenerate new and healthy skin cells, stimulates hair growth, and repairs dry and patchy skin, it can also help to disintegrate skin tags.

As an astringent, it also causes skin cells to contract while its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties cleanses the surface area of bacteria that aggravates skin tags and that possibly encourages growth.

To cool down the area and kill the skin tag, you’ll need some Rosemary and a miracle gel to get started!

What You’ll Need:

How to Use:

Combine ingredients and use a q-tip to dab the mixture onto the skin tag and base. Apply three times a day until skin tag dries up and falls off.

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2 Essential Oil Blends for Skin Tags

Avo Essentials Tea Tree and Oregano Blend For Skin Tags

avo-skin-tag-removal-ringworm-treatment-toenail-fungus-and-psoriasis-blendThe blend of both Melaleuca and Oregano has been a perfect pair for centuries! While there are many household, medicinal, and anti-fungal benefits of this blend, Avo even recommends it for natural skin tag removal and the masses concur! Why use just one essential oil when you can have the power and punch of a blend?

How to Use:

Use the same method outlined for the single oil recommendations. Apply two to three times daily and wait for it to fall off like a scab!

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Ovvio Oils Frankincense Blend For Skin Tags

Ovvio Oils Frankincense BlendYou may think this is just a bottle of Frankincense but you’d be wrong! This unique blend incorporates two types of Frankincense, Boswellia Carteri and Boswellia Serrata.

The former is sourced from Egypt and the latter from India. It’s excellent for the skin and getting rid of skin tags. But, you can also expect a plethora of health benefits that includes relief from acne, eczema, anxiety, headaches, inflammation, respiratory disorders, and even warts, wrinkles, and blood pressure! With a double punch of the good stuff from the Frankincense family, be sure to dilute to only reap the benefits!

How to Use:

Use the same method outlined above for Frankincense oil and ensure dilution with a carrier oil. Repeat twice daily for maximum effectiveness!

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Side Effects of Using Essential Oils on Skin Tags

Everybody tolerates essential-oils differently. While many 100 percent all-natural, high quality essential-oils are safe for neat application, your skin may react negatively if you try to overuse the oil for faster results.

Most of the time, it’s a good idea to dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil, however, you may apply neat (undiluted) if your skin can tolerate it. You may feel burning sensations, skin sensitivity, and irritations.

If so, either quit use completely or ensure proper dilution ratios for maximum effectiveness while being gentle on the skin.

You should always skin test first to ensure you can tolerate any essential oil or blends for skin tag removal. Please do not use essential-oils to treat skin tags near the mucus membranes and on the eye lids. They are very sensitive areas and the oils will irritate and can harm the body through these passages.

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How Fast do Essential Oils Work on Skin Tags?

All good things take time. This is also true for certain essential-oils, specific health conditions, and the severity. When using oils to treat skin tags, you can expect a month long process for painless and blood-free treatment.

Using essential-oils twice daily is better than doing nothing at all, and it is by far a safe option versus enduring pain-staking pinching and blood-inducing snipping!

However, time frames do vary with consistency of essential oil treatment and the size of the tag. Larger and older ones will take longer while newer and smaller tags will be faster to remove. Avoid the scissors and agony and go natural with essential-oils!

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Essential Oils for Skin Tag Prevention

If you’re already an essential oil guru, then you might have these essential-oils on hand. Feel free to use them to prevent the onset of skin tags and to help repair skin and fade scars left behind by them!



Excellent for all skin types, especially the acne-prone, it works to fade those scars left behind by skin tags.

It also effectively prohibits the growth of bacteria and viruses that can encourage the growth of skin tags.


Maybe you know this oil for its cosmetic and beauty benefits, and skin tags fall right in line with cosmetics and beauty! It’s a very healing oil that works by restoring the cells to their youthful beauty as well as fighting off microbes from causing skin damage. It will also cleanse the skin and help to fade the marks left behind by skin tags, warts, and acne.


If you have sensitive skin, then you might want a gentle oil to help you in your skin-clearing efforts. It will make your skin smooth and moisturized.

Because it stimulates blood circulation and the growth of new and healthy cells, you’ll want Neroli to repair the damage that a skin tag has caused after it’s sloughed off.

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Alternative Skin Tag Removal Options

There are many other alternative natural methods to getting rid of skin tags. While essential oils are highly effective, you might want to try everything you’ve got to really hit the skin tag where it hurts without hurting yourself!

While we all know that ingesting apple cider vinegar is great for your health, did you know it can help rid of tags when used topically?

Certain types of fruit juices can help with that too, and don’t throw out your banana peel just yet! We’ll have you slathering it on your neck, pits, and anywhere else those tags are lurking!

But, for more creative, DIY, and painless recipes, check out our other related Skin Tag Removal articles for more on the matter!

Post the Eviction Notice!

It’s time to post the eviction notice and kick those skin tags out from where they don’t belong! It’s Spring Cleaning time to wipe away the tags, clear up the scabs, and fade away the scar damage that’s left behind.

You’re the landlord of your own body, tell your unwelcome tenants who’s boss!

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