Organic Sustainable Lingerie – A Guide to Eco-Friendly Intimates

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Welcome to the comfy and eco-friendly world of organic sustainable lingerie!

We’re diving into nine awesome brands that are changing the game.

They’re all about using organic materials, making ethical choices, and designing lingerie that’s kind to both your skin and the planet.

Let’s get a peek at how these brands blend style with sustainability, offering undies that you’ll love wearing and feel good about.

Please note: Not all items from all brands are organic, check the item details

9 Top Organic Sustainable Lingerie Brands

1. Pact

Pact Organic Cotton Lingerie
Images via Pact

Pact focuses on eco-cool and comfy lingerie, using GOTS-certified organic cotton with a hint of elastane for that extra stretch.

This blend ensures their products are not only super soft but also kind to the planet. They’re dedicated to minimizing their environmental impact, choosing sustainable and responsible ways in their production and sourcing.

Pact is the ideal choice for those who value looking good, feeling great, and embracing ethical fashion practices.

Size Range: XS-XXL

Location: United States

Shipping: International Shipping to Most Countries

2. Eco Intimates

Eco Intimates Organic Lingerie
Images via Eco Intimates

Eco Intimates, crafted by Madonna Bain, excels in creating enchanting lingerie and sleepwear using a blend of 90% organic cotton and 10% elastane, alongside delicate lace and pure organic cotton.

Based in New South Wales, Australia, their design ethos is deeply rooted in natural and organic materials.

They produce in eco-friendly, small batches in Bali, upholding sustainable practices. Their commitment extends to supporting local artisans, championing environmental responsibility, and embodying slow fashion.

Eco Intimates seamlessly merges eco-consciousness with feminine elegance, celebrating the natural beauty of women.

Size Range: XS – 2XL

Location: Australia

Shipping: Domestic and International (to most countries)

3. Merri Intimates

Merri Intimates Sustainable Organic Panties
Images via Merri Intimates

Merri Intimates combines eco-consciousness with empowerment in their lingerie line. Their mission is to create ethical, beautiful lingerie using a blend of 93% organic cotton and 7% elastane jersey.

This choice of materials is part of their commitment to reducing waste and carbon emissions.

Merri Intimates strikes a balance between stylish design and environmental responsibility, offering intimate wear that’s both stunning and sustainable.

It’s about feeling amazing in what you wear and making a positive impact on the planet.

Size Range: 6-18 UK Sizes

Location: United Kingdom

Shipping: International Shipping

4. Subset

Subset Organic Lingerie
Images via Subset

Subset, formerly known as Knickey, offers sustainable lingerie that’s comfortable and inclusive in sizing.

Their lingerie is made with 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane, boasting GOTS certification for planet-friendly and skin-safe qualities.

They cater to a wide range of sizes for a perfect fit. Beyond using eco-friendly materials, Subset is committed to ethical production.

Subset utilize Fair Trade certified factories, ensuring fair treatment and wages for workers. For those seeking eco-conscious, comfortable, and ethically made lingerie, Subset stands out as a brand worth exploring.

Size Range: 2XS-4XL

Location: United States

Shipping: Domestic and International (to most countries)

5. Nisa

Nisa Organic Lingerie
Images via Nisa

Nisa, established in 2017 in New Zealand, is more than a lingerie brand – it’s a movement for change.

They offer employment opportunities to women from refugee and migrant backgrounds, focusing on empowerment, as suggested by their name ‘Nisa’, meaning ‘women’ in Arabic.

To date, Nisa has welcomed 29 women into their workforce, crafting not only lingerie but also swimwear and activewear.

Their products, made with 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane, and featuring mesh composed of 80% nylon and 20% elastane, embody quality, community, and support.

Size Range: XS – 4XL

Location: New Zealand

Shipping: Domestic and International (to most countries)

6. Known Supply

Known Supply Organic Lingerie
Images via Known Supply

Known Supply is a B Corp Certified brand and is a standout in sustainable lingerie, committed to ethical practices. They use 92% GOTS Certified organic cotton and 8% elastane, ensuring both comfort and sustainability.

Each lingerie piece uniquely carries the signature of its maker, adding a personal touch.

Known Supply’s approach is all about transparency and quality, bridging the gap between consumers and the creation process of their clothing, fostering a closer connection.

Size Range: XS-3XL

Location: United States

Shipping: Domestic and International (to most countries)

7. Organic Basics

Organic Basics Sustainable Lingerie
Images via Organic Basics

Organic Basics, from Denmark, champions sustainable fashion using materials that are gentle on the planet.

Their collection, made from 85% organic cotton, 10% recycled polyamide, and 5% elastane – all GOTS certified – includes underwear, activewear, and everyday items.

They prioritize ethical production, collaborating with factories that align with their sustainability ethos and fair labor practices.

Continuously refining their designs, they aim for greater inclusivity in sizing. Organic Basics is driven to minimize environmental impact and inspire positive change in the fashion industry.

Size Range: XXS – XXL

Location: Denmark

Shipping: Domestic and International (to most countries)

8. Juliemay Lingerie

Julie May Organic Lingerie
Images via Juliemay

Juliemay Lingerie combines luxury and sustainability in their lingerie line, using a unique Silk-Cotton Blend (78% Organic Pima Cotton, 22% Silk).

They prioritize the use of GOTS-certified organic cotton, ensuring high-quality, eco-friendly materials. Their focus is on creating lingerie that not only looks and feels luxurious but also aligns with sustainable practices.

Juliemay stands out for its commitment to both environmental responsibility and elegant design, offering a distinct choice for those seeking sustainable organic lingerie options.

Size Range: 8-18 UK Sizes

Location: United Kingdom

Shipping: International Shipping

9. Eleven44

Eleven44 Organic Cotton Lingerie
Images via eleven44

eleven44 is all about keeping things organic and ethical. Since 2008, they’ve been rocking GOTS Organic Cotton & Lycra in their cool, comfy wear.

Their gear ranges from basics to activewear, all with a neat urban twist. They stick to fair trade and work with family businesses, keeping it real and responsible.

Their style? Timeless and classic, but always with a modern vibe. They’re big on reducing waste and encouraging slow, thoughtful shopping.

Size Range: XS – XL

Location: Indonesia

Shipping: International Shipping

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