14 Plus Size Sustainable Lingerie Brands in 2024 Celebrating Curves with Eco-Conscious Style

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Ready to see what happens when style meets sustainability in the world of plus size sustainable lingerie?

We’ve got you covered!

Dive into our handpicked selection of 14 brands that are not just designing gorgeous lingerie for every body but are also leading the way in eco-friendly fashion.

These brands are all about celebrating your curves while caring for the planet.

Discover your next favorite sustainable lingerie that’s as kind to the earth as it is to your skin and style!

14 Top Sustainable Plus Size Lingerie Brands

1. Subset

Subset Sustainable Underwear and Bras
Images via Subset

Subset (you might know them as Knickey) is all about sustainable lingerie that’s comfy and includes sizes for everyone. They’re big on using organic cotton that’s GOTS-certified, which means it’s not only good for the planet but also super safe and gentle for you. They’ve got a variety of sizes, making sure everyone finds their perfect fit.

What’s really cool about Subset is they’re not just about eco-friendly materials. They also take ethics seriously in how they make their stuff. They stick to Fair Trade certified factories for their production, ensuring everyone making their lingerie is treated well and paid fairly.

If you’re hunting for lingerie that’s eco-conscious, comfy, and ethically made, Subset is definitely worth checking out.

Size Range: 2XS-4XL

Location: United States

Shipping: Domestic and International (to most countries)

2. Underwear for Humanity

Underwear for Humanity
Images via Underwear for Humanity

Underwear for Humanity really steps up in the eco-friendly fashion game, choosing sustainable materials for their underwear line.

They’re on a mission to slash carbon footprints and partner with ethically certified factories that support fair wages. Plus, they’re leading the charge in recycling undies down under, keeping an eye on reducing waste.

This brand is all about that green approach, right down to their recycled packaging.

Size Range: 2XS – 6XL

Location: Australia

Shipping: Domestic and International (to most countries)

3. Known Supply

Known Supply Sustainable Lingerie
Images via Known Supply

Known Supply is a B Corp Certified brand and is really making waves in the world of plus-size lingerie, thanks to their strong focus on doing things the right way.

They use GOTS Certified organic cotton in their lingerie, which means you get to enjoy both comfort and peace of mind, knowing it’s made sustainably.

What’s really cool about their pieces is each one comes with a signature from the person who made it. It’s like a little hello from the maker, adding a personal flair to your lingerie.

They’re all about keeping things transparent and high-quality, connecting you closer to the creation of your clothes.

Size Range: XS-3XL

Location: United States

Shipping: Domestic and International (to most countries)

4. ModiBodi

ModiBodi Lingerie
Images via ModiBodi

Modibodi is all about changing the game in the lingerie department. They’ve got this awesome range of leak-proof underwear that’s perfect for those period days, workouts, or just regular wear.

They’ve really thought of everyone, offering a bunch of sizes, including plus-size, and different absorbency levels to match your needs.

But here’s the cool part – Modibodi isn’t just about selling undies. They’re big on doing good, too. They’re helping women and supporting menstrual health through their work with charities, giving away underwear to folks who need them, and backing educational projects.

Basically, Modibodi’s not just another lingerie brand. They’re about comfort, taking care of everyone’s needs, and making a positive impact in the world.

Size Range: XS-6XL

Location: Australia

Shipping: Domestic and International (to most countries)

5. Mary Young

Mary Young Plus Size Lingerie
Images via Mary Young

Mary Young is all about cozy, inclusive lingerie and loungewear that respects the planet.

They choose OEKO-TEX certified bamboo rayon for their pieces, making sure they’re safe from harmful chemicals.

Based in Montreal, Canada, they’re big on ethical manufacturing, supporting local workers and minimizing waste.

They’re pretty clever with their low-waste cutting and use of deadstock fabrics, and they steer clear of single-use plastics in their packaging.

It’s all about making a positive impact, both for the wearers and the environment.

Size Range: XS – 2X

Location: Canada

Shipping: Domestic and International (to most countries)

6. Pansy

Pansy Plus Size Lingerie
Images via Pansy

Pansy is a cool, woman-run brand out of California, rocking the organic cotton underwear scene for all sizes.

They’re rated “Good” by Good On You, nailing it with their eco-friendly choices like organic cotton and reusing textile leftovers.

They keep things local for manufacturing, which helps cut down on their carbon footprint, and they’re all about recycled packaging.

While they’re doing great with the environment, they’re still working on upping their game in labor practices. So, if you’re looking for lingerie that’s kind to the earth and pretty unique, Pansy’s your go-to.

Size Range: XS – 5XL

Location: United States

Shipping: Domestic and International (to most countries)

7. Parade

Parade Lingerie
Images via Parade

Parade is really stepping up in the lingerie game with a big nod to the environment. They’re doing things right by using recycled materials, earning a “good” environmental rating.

While they’re pretty savvy with eco-friendly fabrics, they’re still working on reducing energy use and emissions. On the labor side, they’re focusing on improving fair wages and conditions.

So, if you’re on the lookout for lingerie that’s not only stylish but also eco-conscious, Parade’s got you covered.

Size Range: XS – 3XL

Location: United States

Shipping: Domestic Only (USA)

8. ColieCo

Colie Co Lingerie
Images via ColieCo

ColieCo, led by Nicole Neaber, is a cool, sustainable lingerie label from Portugal. They’re all about fun, comfy, and sexy lingerie, using eco-friendly stuff like natural, recycled, and reclaimed materials.

Their team, treated fairly and working in a positive environment, crafts everything in-house.

ColieCo is big on reducing waste, using renewable energy, and even shipping carbon-neutral. Plus, they offer a free alteration service to make sure your lingerie fits just right.

Size Range: 2XS – 3XL

Location: Portugal

Shipping: Domestic and International (to most countries)

9. Proclaim

Proclaim Sustainable Underwear
Images via Proclaim

Proclaim, hailing from Los Angeles, is all about inclusive and sustainable lingerie.

They use cool earth-friendly materials like Cupro, organic cotton and hemp blend, and recycled polyester. T

hey’re big on cutting down waste and make their stuff locally in LA, supporting a BIPOC-owned family factory that’s all about fair pay and safe work.

Proclaim is really committed to ethical manufacturing and supports the local economy in a sustainable way. Plus, their packaging is super eco-friendly and totally compostable.

Size Range: S – 3X

Location: United States

Shipping: Domestic and International to Canada, UK & Australia

10. Eco Intimates

Eco Intimates Lingerie
Images via Eco Intimates

Eco Intimates, dreamt up by Madonna Bain, is all about dreamy, natural lingerie and sleepwear.

They’re dedicated to using natural and organic materials and create their products in small, eco-friendly batches in Bali. The design magic happens in New South Wales, Australia.

They’re big on supporting artisans and the planet with their slow fashion approach. Their mission? To blend eco-awareness with a feminine touch, reminding women of their natural beauty.

Size Range: XS – 2XL

Location: Australia

Shipping: Domestic and International (to most countries)

11. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective Sustainable Lingerie
Images via Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is all about making activewear that’s both eco-friendly and inclusive. They recycle stuff like old water bottles and fishing nets to create their gear.

Big on ethical production, they partner with factories that are super serious about fair wages and safe work environments.

As a sustainable fashion brand, they’re transparent about their processes, from how they recycle to how they handle wastewater in dyeing.

Size Range: XXS – 6XL

Location: United States

Shipping: Domestic Only (US, AK, HI, PR, GU)

12. Nisa

Nisa Sustainable Lingerie
Images via Nisa

Nisa is more than just a lingerie brand; it’s about making a difference. Started in 2017 in New Zealand, Nisa’s mission is to give job opportunities to women from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

They’re all about empowerment, as their name ‘Nisa’ means ‘women’ in Arabic.

Nisa has employed 29 women so far, making not just lingerie but also swimwear and activewear.

The brand is all about quality and creating a sense of community and support through their work.

Size Range: XS – 4XL

Location: New Zealand

Shipping: Domestic and International (to most countries)

13. Hopeless Lingerie

Hopeless Lingerie
Image Credit: @thefrenchybabby & @cheyennegil

Hopeless Lingerie, an Aussie brand since 2008, focuses on making ethical and sustainable lingerie.

They use eco-friendly fabrics like Lenzing Modal and produce everything in Melbourne.

Big on recycling, Hopeless Lingerie opt for compostable packaging to lessen their eco-footprint.

They’re also about inclusivity, offering adjustable, custom-fit lingerie.

Size Range: XXS – 5XL

Location: Australia

Shipping: Domestic and International (to most countries)

14. Organic Basics

Organic Basics Lingerie
Images via Organic Basics

Organic Basics, hailing from Denmark, is all about sustainable fashion that feels good and does good. They’re big on using materials that are kind to the planet – think organic and recycled stuff – for their range of underwear, activewear, and everyday essentials.

Ethical production is their jam, so they only team up with factories that get their sustainability vibe and treat workers right. They’re also pretty tuned in to what their customers want, constantly tweaking their designs for better inclusivity in sizing.

Their goal? To make as little environmental impact as possible while giving the fashion world a positive nudge.

Size Range: XXS – XXL

Location: Denmark

Shipping: Domestic and International (to most countries)

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