What is the Cost of Skin Tag Removal? Medical, Over-the-Counter & Home Remedies Explored

What is the Cost of Skin Tag RemovalHow can something so small affect your finances, physical comfort, and even your confidence and self-esteem?

Skin tags are no joke for people who suffer with them in irritating and inconvenient places like the face, neck, arm pits, and groin.

If you’re fed up with the tags and you’re pumped into action to get rid of them, here are the options and the costs involved!

From seeing the doctor to trying out a banana peel remedy at home, we’ve explored every way possible for you to get your complexion, comfort, and confidence back!


Medical Costs Disclosure

Because skin tags are benign, when medically removed they’re typically categorized as cosmetic procedures that insurance won’t cover.

However, depending on whether your doctor or dermatologist submits info to your insurance company showing that the skin tags are the cause of suspicious growth or the systematic cause of another underlying issue, it may be covered.

It’s important to do a little background investigating first with your insurance company to determine:

  • If skin tag removal is covered by them
  • If you need a preauthorization order prior to the procedure
  • What documents your doc or dermatologist needs to submit

Typically with health insurance covering part of the costs, you can expect to pay about $200 for the procedure. Without insurance coverage, you may be able to get a flat rate discount from doctors for around $100-$300. A typical consultation visit may cost $150 and then another $150 for the procedure. However, you can be expected to pay into the thousands depending on where you live, the experience of the doctor, and zero health insurance coverage.


Medical Skin Tag Removals

Going the medical route might be an option for you if you have no idea where to start. Also, your skin tags might be causing discomfort, pain, and bleeding to which you will need to see a professional to address skin tag removal. So here are the options and costs if you feel it’s your only hope!


  • Effective
  • Fast and immediate results
  • Medically monitored procedure
  • Rules out serious underlying conditions



  • High costs (co-pays, deductibles, non-insurance coverage, referral costs)
  • Multiple office visits
  • Indirect costs (commute, time off work, childcare services)
  • Certain procedures can be painful


1. Cauterization

Cost: $150+

Beware! This can hurt! The skin tag is literally burned off with either chemical cauterization or electro-cauterization. The surgery may be done with a local anesthetic to numb the pain, however this can cost more for the numbing effect. It’s effective since it can bring results immediately.


2. Cryosurgery

Cost: $0-$150+

If you happen to be in the doctor’s office for an unrelated issue, they could probably just quickly freeze it off for you with liquid nitrogen. It may be covered during this visit and won’t cost more than your initial co-pay. However, if local anesthetic is used, the after costs may be more. Without anesthetic, there’s an acceptable amount of discomfort but you’ll have immediate results.


3. Excision

Cost: $0-$150+

Skin Tag 220x165Yes, they’re going to cut it off! The degree to which the doctor surgically removes it will influence the costs. If it’s during an appointment for an unrelated issue, it mightn’t cost more than your co-pay. If there are several skin tags to remove, local anesthetic may be required. However, without anesthetic, it can hurt, there may be some blood, and definitely some discomfort afterwards.


4. Surgical Litigation

Cost: $0-$150+

This procedure is done by tying off the skin tag with a medical suture. Because of the simplicity of the procedure, many people attempt this at home with various OTC devices or even dental floss. However, without precision, you could end up being left with a stub instead of complete skin tag removal.


OTC Skin Tag Removals

There are many products that you can order online or pick up in the pharmacy section to remove your skin tag at home. We’ll explore just a few options and their costs so you can weigh up the decision for yourself according to budget and application preferences.


  • Lower cost than medical options
  • Can be done in the privacy of your own home
  • Discrete applications
  • Can treat on various areas of the body



  • Improper application can cause skin damage, scarring, and infection
  • Typically not safe for treatment of tags on eyelids
  • Generally takes several weeks for results


1. Micro TagBand

Cost: $20-$25

The tagbands are a form of litigation. That is, replacing the “tying off” method with a band that fits snugly at the base of the tag to cut off its circulation causing its death. It’s chemical-free, for the face and body, and easy to use once you get the hang of it. It’s definitely a set and forget-it type of device.


2. Skinprov Advanced

Cost: $30-$70

If you’ve heard of using Blood Root to get rid of skin tags, then you’ll love this ready-to-go topical cream! It contains Zinc and Blood Root to target the skin tag and its cells. It disintegrates the tissue that causes the tag formation to a point where the body rejects the skin tag all together causing it to slough off. You can find it online at a great steal of a price, but at full cost, you’ll be looking around paying $70.


3. Revitol Skin Tag Remover

Cost: $40-$250

RevitolRevitol Skin Tag Remover 98x99 is known as an expensive treatment but one that actually works! It does take a while to work, about 4-6 weeks, but when weighing the time frame against other DIY methods, it’s about the same but guaranteed to work! It’s sold in monthly packages to ensure maximum value and tag-free results! Additionally, it’s a discrete lotion, smells great, and prevents scarring.


4. Doctor’s Choice Medical Ice Freeze Spray

Cost: $25

If freezing your skin tag off sounds tempting but you don’t want to pay for the doctor’s visit, then this is your home remedy skin tag removal spray! It’s a medical grade freeze spray that only requires about two weeks of applications before the tag will fall off. However, some prep work will be required since the nozzle is less directional than consumers would like.


Home Remedies Skin Tag Removals

The cost of using home remedies for getting rid of skin tags is relatively low. From various pantry items to essential oils and even your makeup kit, it shouldn’t cost you more than a few bucks!


  • Lowest cost versus all other options
  • Discrete applications
  • Natural, chemical free, and eco-friendly methods
  • Prevents scarring
  • Low risk of adverse side effects



  • More room for error and incorrect application
  • Potential risk for skin infections
  • Generally takes several weeks for results


1. Essential Oils

Cost: $10

avo-skin-tag-removal-ringworm-treatment-toenail-fungus-and-psoriasis-blendIf you’re new to using essential oils in general, it might cost you a little out of pocket to get started with an oil kit or member start-up fees. However, some of the best oil brands keep costs down to $0 for start-up fees and offer low cost oils for no more than $10. For a list of the best, high quality brands, check out our 7 of the Best Essential Oil Brands!

Using essential oils on skin tags is a proven and effective method to cleanse the skin, target the cells that form skin tags, and heal and smoothen the skin after it’s come off. It’s safe, anti-microbial, and pain-free!


2. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Cost: $5-$16

Long touted as a miracle liquid, it can even help to get rid of your unsightly skin tags! With just a nighttime treatment of the main component, acetic acid, you’ll be tag free in just four weeks! While that seems like a long time, ACV is affordable and you don’t need more than two tablespoons for a nighttime treatment. Besides, what’s a month when you can be skin tag free for a lifetime? For the specifics on using ACV for skin tags, check out our detailed article on it right here!


3. Food Remedies

Cost: $10

A straw basket full of garlic cloves.From onions, garlic, lemons, pineapple, and Castor oil, you can be sure to find something in the pantry to help get rid of your skin tag for good! While costs for these items are generally only a buck or two, you’ll need enough of a supply to last you the entire round until your tag comes off. While an onion may only cost a buck, when you’re using half an onion a day, you might end up spending $15 total for a four week period. Besides, $15 is far cheaper than visit to the doc’s office!


4. Nail Polish

Cost: $2

It’s unconventional for sure, but it’s far better than duct tape! The idea is to seal in the skin tag and prevent circulation. Use a clear nail polish for maximum discreteness and apply 2-3 times daily. A bottle of clear nail polish is only around $2 and you can get several applications from one vial. So if dirt cheap is your budget, this might be an option for you!


You Name the Price!

Each method of getting rid of skin tags holds its own unique set of benefits and risks. But, with a budget in mind, you can effectively pick and choose which ones you want to try and those you want to skip.

Be sure to check out our detailed articles on skin tag removal for the dos, don’ts, and even the alternatives! Zapping away your tags might just mean a dab and swab a day!