Wolf & Badger Leads the Charge in Ethical and Independent Retail

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In a world increasingly conscious of sustainability and ethical consumption, Wolf & Badger has emerged as a shining example of how businesses can thrive while adhering to these values.

The pioneering retail platform, dedicated to supporting independent brands with ethical values, has proudly reported robust performance throughout 2023, marking a significant achievement in the realm of sustainable and ethical retail.

Wolf & Badger Performance Highlights of 2023

Wolf & Badger’s journey through 2023 has been marked by significant achievements:

  • 15% Year-on-Year Net Revenue Growth: This impressive growth is a testament to Wolf & Badger’s appeal and expanding customer base, especially in the US. It reflects a growing consumer preference for sustainable and ethically produced products.
  • Record-Breaking Festive Trading: The 2023 holiday season was a historic milestone for Wolf & Badger. The platform became a premier destination for unique and ethically-sourced gifts, underlining its commitment to responsible shopping.
  • Consistent Profitability: Despite challenging market conditions, Wolf & Badger maintained profitability throughout the year. This resilience showcases the strength and viability of their business model, focused on ethical and sustainable practices.

The Ethical and Sustainable Choice for Consumers

With the increasing demand for alternatives to mainstream e-commerce giants, Wolf & Badger has positioned itself as the go-to destination for shoppers seeking unique, ethical fashion and lifestyle choices. Their commitment goes beyond mere transactions; it’s about offering a platform where each purchase is meaningful and aligns with the consumer’s values.

Expansion and Future Outlook

As we enter 2024, Wolf & Badger continues to explore expansion opportunities, further cementing its position as a leader in the ethical retail space. George Graham, CEO & Co-Founder, notes that the company’s success is a result of the team’s dedication and passion for promoting independent, ethical brands. Wolf & Badger’s goal is to be a fair and viable alternative in the retail industry, providing a curated experience that resonates with conscious consumers.

Wolf & Badger Los Angeles Store
Wolf & Badger Los Angeles Store (Source)

About Wolf & Badger

Founded in 2010 by brothers Henry and George Graham, Wolf & Badger is a unique B-Corp Certified retail platform that often showcases B-Corp fashion brands. It connects over 2000 independent brands from around the globe with conscious consumers in over 100 countries. With award-winning stores in London, New York City, and Los Angeles, alongside a robust online presence, Wolf & Badger is a leading destination for ethically sourced fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products. The platform is a testament to the power of sustainable, transparent, and ethical practices in the retail industry.


Wolf & Badger’s achievements in 2023 are not just a success story for the company but a beacon for the retail industry at large. They demonstrate how businesses can flourish by prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices, offering hope and direction for a more responsible future in retail.

Visit wolfandbadger.com to explore their curated collection of independent brands and join a community that shops with purpose.

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